Gaetz Associate Greenberg Requests Sentencing Delay To Keep Cooperating

Former Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg has asked for a 90-day sentencing delay to continue cooperating with federal prosecutors. NBC News' Pete Williams reports.

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Gaetz Associate Greenberg Requests Sentencing Delay To Keep Cooperating


  1. I suspect that he is still in jail after violating his probation conditions and being reincarcerated, so there should be no problem with the sentencing delay.

    1. @Deloris M Threet he went MILES across the state (where he wasn’t supposed to be) to his in-laws house where his wife had been hiding from him. He was stalking her. Neither she or her parents wanted him there at all. There’s videos about it here on YouTube.

    1. I’ve noticed Gaetz has been having that same “I’m a loser” look on his face that Trump has had lately.

    1. He had pardon powers but didn’t extend them to Matty. Oh well🤷‍♂️ it is what it is

    1. Matt Gaetz must have misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    2. The cell door slams behind matty. A voice in the darkness; “get them panties off”

    3. I know you forfeited your answer because you made a mistake and had to re-edit

    1. @hopeless True. It’s vile under any circumstance. Shame on the posts suggesting otherwise through obnoxious posts. No one deserves Sexual assault. I’m baffled that people feel the opposite regarding ” Deserved ” sexual assault while incarcerated. America is still a democracy, and prisoners are still human beings with legal rights – one of them being not suffering Sexual assault in prison. If only the Department of Corrections would eradicate this scourge. I see little progress by US Department of Corrections in protecting prisoners from unnecessary harm while incarcerated – and WE’RE SUPPOSEDLY THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD ?!?!? Are we to accept our accolade without doing the work to ensure that’s an EARNED honor ?

  2. Gaetz was probably showing the pictures to the guys in congress who were also hiring the women thru Greenberg. “Check this one out, she’s available next Thursday.”

    1. AND all of those guys who viewed any illegal footage on their phones can also be charged. It’s a win win.

    2. I so hope that DeSantis is wrapped up in this too…and possibly Carlson. A girl can wish!

  3. Gaetz really looks like a dude that would have to pay for… uh…”ice cream” if you know what I’m saying. 😉

    1. He only appeals to teenage girls who’re on drugs that need their parking tickets paid. I’m not impressed.

    2. @peremptory expression I wouldn’t even give him that he “appeals” to them. They are just the ones willing to use him.

    1. Joely loves MAtty babe and will take him where ever he goes maybe they will get the same cell……SWEET

    2. Roger Stone told Joel that Matt had abandoned him and so he wasn’t able to buy a pardon for $200,000. I bet he really wants to take Gaetz down with him.

  4. If delaying Greenberg’s sentence for 90 days will result in him providing the evidence that prosecutors need to charge, try, convict and lock up Matt Gaetz, then I’m all for it.

    1. It would be hilarious if out of nowhere there were multiple indictments… All of those (cough) wonderful freshmen republicans get nabbed.

  5. “I’m so angry! It turns out the woman is 15, but she told me she was 12!”
    – Pizza Gaetz

  6. Why does anyone vote republican ? They are so not Americans .Everything is about what they want not what the American people want.

    1. Most of them are tricked, some think they can gain more under the leadership of a republicant, some votes as a tradition, party of Lincoln and all, etc.

    2. Republicans gutted the Voter Rights Act making it legal for them to engage in voter suppression. That and extreme gerrymandering ensures that they stay in power even when the vast majority of people hate them

    1. @DaisyL I know I know just like all that evidence of the Russia Russia Russia collusion that shift had right. Talk about naive I can’t stop laughing 🤣😂

    2. How can you tell when Matt Gaetzes girlfriend is over at the house???
      Her big wheel will be parked out front..

    3. @John Bradley yours was really funny to,I just thought I’d share that one with you…

  7. At this point, there needs to be a man-hunt to be find a Republican who is not indicted, under investigation, took part in the insurrection, or banned from all social media platforms.

    1. Roger Stone told Greenberg that Gaetz had abandoned him. I don’t think they’re friends anymore.

  8. A delay is just that, a delay. He will still be going to jail. But if he can still provide more evidence against Gaetz I’m all for it.

    1. B-b-b-but I thought Gaetz was protected by Trump and the Aliens that are working with the Space Force to make Evangelical Christianity Earths required religion? Folks, I did not make up a bit of that, lifted it right from a MAGA YouTuber.

    1. What’s sad is that this seems like a pretty typical thing in politics these days. In this story – bang 8 year olds with your best friend, then when the gig is up, race to bury each other to win the favor of Lord Trump.

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