Gaetz Braces As Reporter Reads Confession Letter In Sex Crime Probe 1

Gaetz Braces As Reporter Reads Confession Letter In Sex Crime Probe


The feds are closing in on Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz as the deadline for his associate Joel Greenberg to accept a plea deal approaches. Greenberg allegedly wrote a bombshell confession letter implicating Gaetz, according to the Daily Beast, and reporters from the outlet are now reading the letter with new salacious details. NBC News has not seen or verified the letter. Gaetz denies all allegations. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Gaetz is a very good representative of the modern GOP. Grift, guilt and greed, the modern Republikan party under their Master, Putin through Trump.

    1. Obamaistoast2012 That screen name is 9 years old and President Obama was reelected. Unlike donald trump a one term twice impeached loser.

  2. Yet they canceled Liz Cheney said the party that cries about canceled culture, but Gaetz is still there.

    1. @Grateful Fredly Hey there Chester McPedo, aren’t you banned from social media. Stop trolling for victims.

    2. @Grateful Fredly They say they don’t have the letter so can’t comment on it plus admit Gaetz hasn’t been charged and point out that Greenburg has until Saturday to commit to a plea deal.That’s pretty much public knowledge,where’s the hate?

    3. @TheBarkinFrog She has the truth on her side and I too think she will come out of this looking even stronger.That secret vote is further proof of the snake pit she by which she is surrounded.Go Liz!

  3. Can we please request that the FBI arrest Gaetz in public with handcuffs on full display? Pretty please?

    1. @sorry. That would be nice and please let the top donors be in the crowd, so those weasels of men can poo their pants a little having to make eye contact as Gaetz is hauled off and they will be praying he doesn’t now flip on them.

    2. @USMC Sounds like you don’t hold the same energy though towards left leaning individuals though…

    3. @sorry. Ikr, the left does hold their own accountable and that is a huge problem with the right. They will always be quick to point a finger at the left when they do something wrong even when it is at a lesser degree to the right wing lawmen. Than they claim where’s the evidence I am a civil person and don’t like to throw out accusations, but weren’t they just doing that to someone on the left not waiting for the investigation to be finished?!

    4. @Ronny DiSalvo Yet another one that will throw out accusations to people on the left, but your hommies on the right have far worse things that they need to be held accountable for, but I don’t see you all capsing their names! If you want to throw Biden in there than Trump should be underneath it!

    1. Greenberg’s confession was not, it was manipulation 101, trying to wiggle out of the mountain of crimes he did.

    2. @Kris Hannam
      I heard the some of Geatz’s girlfriends are still wearing disposal Nappies!

    1. Liz is too much of a straight shooter for the corrupt QOP Criminal Organization! They support Trump and Gaetz because they are the types of crooks that the QOP members are made of!

    2. Because she only stopped at birtherism and didn’t go full on autocracy.
      Good ol’ boy GOP isn’t extreme enough for the party these days.

  4. I read that the officer who gave Gaetz his DUI got fired. If true, I bet he’s doing a happy dance.


    1. Florida is more corrupt than any 3rd world country I ever worked in, that includes Mexico and Iraq. It’s not just bribery it’s the vicious retaliation by American right wingers that makes them such a clear and present danger to america.

  5. “My go-to pick up line is do you come here often or does your mom just drop you off in the morning?” Matt Gaetz – /s

    1. “that’s how we got those voter laws passed to start a race war in America that semion mogilevich and Putin wanted. You don’t wanna end up like franky boy do ya”

    2. I’m starting to think that he’s the one that got “To Catch A Predator” canceled.

  6. Contents of greenberg letter to young victims: “look, I know my friend from Congress looks like a fat Ace ventura, but he can help you with your car payments if you just pretend to find him slightly not so grotesque.”

    1. I’ve been trying to place the actor for Months!!! Thank you!
      I kept thinking Vince Vaughn, but it didn’t fit

  7. How is it that Liz Cheney can be removed from her leadership position in the blink of an eye, but we have to keep hearing the same old details about Matt Gaetz over and over again forever, yet nothing is happening with him?

  8. She said, that Gaetz was a “ lawyers” nightmare, I’m sorry he is “America’s” nightmare!

    1. Not if Republican voters can help it. They hate pedophiles unless it’s one of their own. They hate abortions unless it’s one of their own who pays women to have abortions. They hate socialism unless they benefit from it. They hate cancel culture unless it’s Liz Cheney. Republicans are full of hate.

    2. @jmg544 Agreed, well said! They are the biggest hypocrites and lairs. Everything that they say that the Dems do, that they hate, they are doing 10 fold.

      They are like that uncle, who’s a serial killer, but the family thinks he’s a nice family man.

    1. They have a Trump card; 70 million violent, ignorant and brainwashed people with guns who have ingested decades of Radio Rwanda level hate-mongering from Fox.

    2. It’s funny that you say that the republicans are hate mongers, when all the democrats did during the Trump administration was throw hate at him and his party

    3. @Doom Slayer B/c he’d lied, name-called, cheated on taxes and insulted anyone in his path. THAT’s why he got that heat, and for very good reasons.

  9. That selfie!!! Looks like a pack of predators, smiling, hiding their fangs. This is what our girls are up against.

    1. If a repuglikan offers to babysit your pre school children, lock them up to save their virginity!

    2. They _are_ a pack of predators, and wolves in dork’s clothing. No wonder women in their 20’s and 30’s weren’t interested in these choades.

  10. Fathers be there in your daughters lives. Tell them about guys like these. A girl with a good self esteem, that is valued at home will be less likely to fall for creeps like this.

    1. @Geo78 wow, I’m honored that I hit the nail on the head, – from my experience as a young woman.

    2. Yeah…? How bout we raise our boys with a bit more discipline, restraint, and self respect?

  11. “you couldn’t tell these girls were under eighteen because they had fake ID”. That’s a fact because I made them. O’ dear.

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