1. Matt’s starting to realize his ‘minor’ crime has major repercussions…

    Open the Prison Gaetz!

    1. Wonder if Gaetz is gonna use the insanity plea.

      New headline:

      ” Gaetz goes to teh Gym pondering the insanity plea.”

  2. Gym Jordan would have been lil’ Matt’s wingman if little boys were on the trafficking menu.

    1. oh thats good very very good , hes managed to get away scot free need a in depth investigation into that accusation 235 responses looks like im not the only one who doent like the existing situation regarding jordan

  3. Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, but I never imagined he was talking about his own Administration and Associates! Lock him up lock him up

  4. When Kevin McCarthy was asked why Matt Gaetz was the only Rep to vote against the human trafficking bill , Kevin McCarthy said I don’t know why anyone would vote against that ! Hey Kevin — we know why !

    1. I didn’t give her any money I swear. No money ever changed hands.
      All I did is pay her tuition and traffic tickets, got her a first class ticket to stay at a 5 star resort with me, and bought her a Van Cleef and Arpels necklace to go with that Hermes handbag I got her last year.

    2. @S McDonald – I gave up materialism 7 years ago and live an incredibly simple life – Van Cleef and Arpels creations are the ONLY things that still filled me with desire…

      Specifically their watches and their Automations…

    3. @TheBase1aransas lol what were in the d drive files? Did you look at were the name of the files above and below it

    4. @TheBase1aransas  @2 Thessalonians 2:7   @Danielle Hartnell  lol here’s what jack seller said “I believe the 2020 elections were run with integrity. Maricopa County conducted two extensive and independent audits of the 2020 General Election in February. They showed no evidence of equipment malfunction or foul play.”  @2 Thessalonians 2:7  there have been multiple recounts and audits in other states like in Georgia and Michigan, but hey keep crying.  @2 Thessalonians 2:7  “election fraud”? Rudy said in COURT it’s NOT about voter fraud and powell said that nobody in their right mind would have taken her seriously so…..

  5. Haha, “naughty favors” consists of Two criminal acts.. He might as well call “murder” an “whoopsie boo boo”

    1. @D.A. Oh He tends to also imply that “they’re not coming after ME. They’re coming after US!” Gaetz did the same thing.

    2. Just waiting to see if we can scrounge up an “oopsie-Daisy”(embezzlement scheme) or a “sheesh-Louise” (tax evasion). 😶

    3. I didn’t know minors who took money from fsetx are giving naughty favors. He’s like trp and his cronies of criminals.

  6. It’s time for him to face the music .
    It’s time for to grow something that he never had… a set.

    1. He ain’t gonna need em where he’s going. They’ll be plenty of balls. “Meat sandwich from Big Bob!?”

    2. Ratt 🍕🐁Gaetz is like Carlo in the
      movie the Godfather…
      “Time to pay for Santino”
      Enjoy your last hours of freedom MO FO

    3. @Alaina Buchholtz If I didn’t learn anything else from Uncle Sam… I learned to have a thick hide.

  7. Gaetz will blame Venmo for his crimes. He’ll say he heard that it was used for minor purchases.

    1. Ohh… I was just thinking that matt could do promotions for Venmo and earn some money for the prison commissary…

  8. I heard he’s trying to take a plea deal to do his time in juvi 😂
    Can’t spell HATRED without RED HAT

    1. The Red Hat ~ Hat Red = HatRed
      Was coined by Cash Peters when explaining the constant use of objects, images, slogans and subliminal messages used as brainwashing methods. Much like the N @zi propaganda promoted through books, radio, airborne leaflets and pushing the term “Lying Press” _(fake news)_

    1. If Matt Gaetz is not in an orange jumpsuit by the end of the year, the justice system is DEAD.

  9. Matt be like: “I’m being FALSELY ACCUSED of PAYING the minors i was clearly sleeping with.”

    1. @Roy Mercer You know what’s more funny: That this jerk is still walking around without being questioned by the justice department yet. In any other Westren country, the feds would have already been knocking at his door and interrogating him, especially after such accussations. He, Gaetz, is just showing the world how retarted your justice system is.

    1. Well… True!! But IDK man!! There are some stone cold freaks out here that will do some strange things though.🤣🤣🤣 and won’t charge you a penny!! Not me but man I’ve met a lot of women who are just freaks that like to just get off.

  10. He’s actually being falsely accused of having a real brain instead of a mushy little cauliflower within his skull. 🤣🤣🤣 No offense is meant towards cauliflowers because I like cauliflower 🤓🤓

  11. Gaetz at his next rally with Marjorie will notice what he thinks is enhanced security 🙄 but it will actually be agents there to read him his rights. 🔐

    1. @Cynthia Brent With Chris Hansen opening a car door, telling Matt to “have a seat.” That would be epic.

  12. “Naughty favors?” Omg I’ve never wanted him to rupture a testicle more than now.

  13. “My Venmo account was clearly hacked” – Next defense statement from Gaetz, guaranteed.

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