Gaetz Investigation Includes Receipts For Money Paid To Women: NYT | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Gaetz Investigation Includes Receipts For Money Paid To Women: NYT | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. He’s denying having a relationship with an underaged person?
    That’s funny. A couple of nights ago he was rehashing one with Tucker Carlson.

    1. Fox wants no part of it. Tucker especially, it seems? They’re QUITE LITERALLY going, “but, Hunter Biden’s lap top!” 🤦‍♂️ Honestly! 🤷‍♂️ More Flailure from Fox and Freaks 🤣✌️

    2. Doesn’t that now make Tucker a witness?? Smh, karma, when you least expect it. Baahaaha! And the shi@&$ show continues. Deny, lie, and falsify.

    3. @Jennifer Turner Si necesitas un enlace para encontrar la entrevista entre Tucker Carlson y Matt Gaetz no entenderás lo que están diciendo de todos modos.

    1. Perhaps he can get the same judge, prosecutor and defense counsel that Epstein had. Whatever happened to that unscrupulous bunch of white men?

    1. The televangelist of politics – plastic hair & plastic grin, all as fake as his sincerity and ethics.

    1. @Ash Roskell I very much get what you are saying. I have close friends and family that much like me, would like not to be consumed with the craziness of tRump and his cult of MAGAT’S. However in all fairness to those of us that have tried to live by the proper order of the day, it does have an affect on us when looking at such a vile and sinister individual that purposefully does so much wrong to hurt so many people, violate laws as easy as it is to chew bubble gum and with the pleasure as if it were candy and not be held accountable for any of it. As I previously noted, there is nothing wrong with you. The country is angry and divided without really realizing that tRump’s appetite for chaos over the past four years has everyone edgy in one way or another.

  2. He bought a 12-year-old boy from Cuba. He got that boy a job. He paid for that boy’s clothes, home, food, education. A single young male with an arrest record and a drug user “adopts” a child out of Cuba? Where is the investigation of this?

    1. @psrpippy : Check out the CNN and MSNBC coverage on Gaetz’s history? It’s all there. He adopted him, I think? Probably put a bow on him when he gave to Jim Jordan for the weekends . . .

    2. @Jessica Hebin Matt Gaetz should have a DUI conviction….but his daddy arranged for that arrest to go away. But his mug shot is still up 👍😊

    1. @Ann van de Kew self employed, been nonstop. Scamdemic had increased business. It’s sad to watch the compliant sheep give up with out a fight

    2. @Danny Oakenford There is the undeniable hypocrisy of Evangelical Christians, people who once made moral character, and especially sexual fidelity, central to their political calculus and who now embrace a man of boundless corruptions. Don’t forget: Trump was essentially named an unindicted co-conspirator in a scheme to make hush-money payments to a pornstar who he had an affair while Trump was married to his third wife, who had to just given birth to their son.

    1. ​@John Galt009 lol…are you kidding? So Mueller investigation couldn’t find anything but Nance can? I don’t need an author to tell me who’s my enemy…and it’s not Russia alone, china is on top of the list yet democrats keep sending them our $$$ industries.

    2. @Mrs M Well, my dear, yes you do. Indeed, you do. For if you’re so stubborn, so sure, so set in your mind, that you won’t pick up the blurb, and get that tiniest speck of doubt… than what’s the point? A product of the illustrious Educational system? In the cult? or … a bot.
      Or if this is too difficult, WATCH his interview @ USC w the other AA.
      Or don’t. I care not.

    3. @John Galt009 I have seen too many times unnamed sources and liars being touted by democRATS, I will not wast my time with histrionic delusional hypocrites…Look what’s going on under Biden…No serious questions can be asked. Now Hunter is saying the computer might be his…he can’t say if it is or not.I remember when we were told not to even ask the question…Don’t you remember? Nice democracy under the real fascistic government .

    4. @Mrs M Sorry love, binary thinking on your part + The KellyAnn flip+ the color-key-coded responses. DON’T watch the USC lecture, or others. If you can’t discern who’s telling the truth from that, then stay in the bubble, happy & warm. PS: am neither a GQP NOR a Demo (Oops). But: Good luck to you.

  3. Gaetz: I shouldn’t have paid them cash… should have just stuck with paying for their braces.

    1. @Studbolt Slickrock Your grasping at straws and making connections with no evidence. You simply make a random statement and let it feed your idea of what should be, facts aside.

    2. @Studbolt Slickrock Personal insults belittle your argument. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    1. Maybe he will eventually be forced to “resign” that is seen the same as any “normal” person doing 10 years in Prison.

    2. Geoffrey Cass
      It is definitely not the same but that’s what passes for justice in this oligarchy.

  4. Finally a truly BI-PARTISAN CAUSE. No matter your political affiliation, Matt Gaetz looks like the guy ANYONE would like to bludgeon!

    1. @Ash Roskell you people spent decades profiting off the lives and livelihoods of your own citizens with stuff like preexisting conditions and unregulated sales of militaristic firearms all while bragging about how great you are and ignoring all constructive criticism so you can parrot feel good propaganda to yourselves. the proof is already in the pudding. Trump isn’t the only one obsessed with needing praise; all of America does the same.

    2. @Ash Roskell you would like to think so but Weston W has a point .
      Perhaps with the corrupt Trump presidency and the outing and convicting of Gaetz, America has reached a cathartic moment.
      The time has come for a national reckoning if as you say, “there’s hope for America,” the outcome of the Chauvin trial will tell a lot.
      Less American exceptionalism and a bit more economic, social and racial equality would go a long way.

    3. @estella very stable genius : I refuse to be painted with such a wide brush. I don’t see any, “point,” to dismissive, complacent, “holier than thou,” stuff. We all live in country’s with issues. Some of us try to fix them, some don’t. You can’t judge people by their country, any more than you can preside in judgement over a whole nation, without just blowing smoke. Weston W has no point I can see?

    4. @Ash Roskell I’m not attacking you personally, I was simply reacting to you noting Weston W’s comment as cynical.
      You are throwing around a lot of “dismissive, holier than thou ” allegations yourself.
      Yes he does have legitimate points about medicare, gun control and American exceptionalism.
      I’m not judging anyone as you put it, I’m simply pointing out very obvious failings in this country.
      I’m looking at America as a country, it is the people who make America what it is.
      I’m not presiding in judgement either, simply pointing out flaws and problems, that is a far better pursuit than pretending they don’t exist.
      If you wish I can be far more specific than a wide brush approach.
      The point to what you term, “dismissive, complacent, holier than thou,” comments is to highlight problems that require remedial action not to sit in judgement.
      Problems like ,Covid, Depression level economy, Police brutality and murders, Food pantry/kitchen lines, frequent mass shootings, an Electoral system not fit for purpose, a system of governance in Congress that is outdated and broken, a judiciary packed with ideological zealots and political cronies rather than impartial people with proper legal credentials, efforts to supress a democratic vote, rolling back women’s reproductive rights, far from “blowing smoke” , when these problems are tackled and solved then I will really believe you when you say , “There’s hope for America yet”.

    1. He’s been quiet since they took his twitter away. Trump was reduced to crashing a wedding at mar a lago to grab a microphone.

  5. DUDE !? Come on man. These guys could have just gone to Vegas and had all the fun they wanted with 18+ year olds, but nope. They want children. If these guys have any sense, they’ll commit seppuku. There is NO WAY they will survive in prison.

    1. That’s the exact reason why people like him MUST go to prison. To pay for an unforgivable crime.

    2. People that go into prison for abusing kids in that way have a death sentence from all other prisoners. That’s the one thing everyone knows. If he gets sent to prison, I give him a month.

    1. Exactly. Fox News is already complaining about the coverage bias. Like hunter news is as juicy as this 🥩 is. Lol

  6. Didn’t Rachel said just a few days ago, something like “they wouldn’t be stupid enough to keep the receipts”… well…

    1. @estella very stable genius I love that Rachel used the name of the app, Apple Pay. Everyone else just reported that he used a “cash app”. She’s awesome.

    1. not “christian”…. just devil calling themself “Christian”… Like Trump…. “il trompe” in french

    2. @Felix Lafleurie I still don’t see Christian standing up and say stop for Trump and Gaetz way of behaving! I only see Christian people cheer their lungs out for Trump waving their bible

    3. don’t match up with my Christian values that oddly enough don’t include my politics or have anything to do with anyone but me and how I am towards others…
      What did Jesus say? Why are you worried about the speck in my eye when there is a plank in yours?

    4. @JamesAllmond if Christian people stand by idle and do nothing they are complicit.
      I don’t see Christian stand up in rage and say stop say and do this in the name of Christianity

    1. We are blanketed in that callous irony and cruel Gaetz mentality. Enough already! Please CALL CONGRESS 202-224-3121. TY!

    2. Most of the alt right rhetoric is projection. Every thing they accuse the “radical liberals” of doing they seem to be guilty of.

    3. More hypocrisy than irony. Given that irony necessitates the opposite of that which is expected, it can be safely ruled out; from gaetz, I expect nothing less than precisely this type of utter moral depravity, projection and theatrics.

    1. So true…. Look at how many Republicans are jumping to the defence of Matt Gaetz right now !!

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