Gaetz Sex Crime Probe Expands With Witness Talking To Feds

Feds are now eyeing possible obstruction of justice charges in the criminal probe into GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz. Gaetz denies all allegations against him. At the same time, Gaetz's associate Joel Greenberg is also cooperating and talking to the feds. MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the updates in the case. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Matt is feeling the pressure, if homie is obstructing justice……..then it’s pretty clear he’s guilty as heck!!

    1. @Matt Myers but debunked it was, so point to me. Also and this is a genuine question, if the audits come back and Biden still has won will it change your mind. Because I know if they revealed that trump won, I’ll be reinvesting my time with Qanon and calling for blood. And so would everyone else I know. I’m asking this because the cyber ninjas had a interview in which they seemed to be saying that they were busting the many myths around the ballots/counting etc. so that we could all feel assured that yes indeed it was a fair and safe election and that Biden did win. It was an interview with the local news btw. So how will you react?

    2. @FFS no if trump really won. Great. If Biden really won. Great. Now we know for sure what happened so if anything shady did happen we can learn from it an prevent it from happening next time? I mean am I speaking foreign tongues to you?

    3. @Matt Myers if something shandy happened on a level that could have changed the outcome then things will get bloody quickly. Although I have been a conservative voter this time I couldn’t vote for trump. However I’ll be damned if I’d sit back and allow that kind of dumbfuckery to stand. So I think despite disagreeing on the current state of the election we’re good.

    4. @FFS no glad you’ve come to an understanding and have some sight from my perspective and where I’m coming from.

  2. I bet Gaetz has all his valuables packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Belarus is nice this time of year.

  3. There should be a law against being seen with M.T. Greene a stage with a the rage….”.

  4. To make sure America comes first, Matt Gaetz needs to be brought to justice and pay for all the crimes he has [allegedly] committed against the US Constitution — the very basis of America’s laws.

  5. “When the food came to him, they really came for us,” says Matt Gaetz. No, they are coming to you

    1. No, he is ‘schmuck.’
      That thing, that part, that is cut off, thrown away, and forgotten as if in service to a contract with god.

  6. So where is Shouty-Mc-Big Hair through all of this? Hiding under a rock? Where he belongs???

  7. Obstruction of Justice.
    Hmm, I wonder where he learned that marvelous maneuver.
    He should stop listening to Dementia Don.

  8. Another toasted and well done roasted Gaetz will come out yellow like his loser devil’s master. DOJ, please well done, thank you.

  9. Man, I can’t believe how much Gaetz looks like Beavis. It’s uncanny. Or is it butthead I always get the two confused. What I want to see is him and Eric Trump standing next to each other. Dan g it I missed the video because I was typing this comment.

  10. *LOL I love how High school Matt Gaetz acts, by having a friend patch-in his ex-girlfriend, onto a 3-way call.*

  11. You can be sure Gaetz believes all this will go away because he is sure of three things:
    1) the rules don’t apply to him, and
    2) he is above the law
    3) he is untouchable

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