Gaetz Sex Trafficking Investigation Looking At Bahamas Trip: Sources | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Gaetz Sex Trafficking Investigation Looking At Bahamas Trip: Sources | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on updates in the sex trafficking investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz including a trip Gaetz took to the Bahamas with women and specifically whether those women were paid to travel for sex. Aired on 04/08/2021.
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Gaetz Sex Trafficking Investigation Looking At Bahamas Trip: Sources | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. No one talks to his daddy. He wears a wire . . . . . . Are we talking about the same guy? Not his biological father, Donny, right?

    2. @Jason Scott : I’m way too stoned to care about Cuomo. Anyhoo, back to Baby Gaetz. What’s he done now

    3. @EL CHUPRA NEIBRE : Ma’am? People would have to, “know,” about and/or GIVE a sh*t about, “Hunter ByeDon,” in order to be, “hypocrites,” about it!

    1. After did not see it sheple..the GOP has to go…
      1 party..hello TRUE COMMUNISM is here wake up brain dead fyck as country is taken over…
      Just keep. Being controlled the establishment corporate owned media of propaganda and disinformation

    2. @Wingardium Leviosa : Donny ran the sweetie store back then. They’re seeing what an Albatross he is already. No more sweeties to give out. Gaetz never offered any of them so much as a lick of his lollipop. They hate him anyway. Even Gym Jordan’s shut up since last week? Must be, “wrestling,” with his conscience?

  1. I wonder if this was the reason behind _John Boehner_ all the sudden, out of nowhere, *step out from the curtains to speak about a hot-potato event*

    1. @tj hill Trump was not charged with that…Biden spent every penny raised by using his dead son as a marketing tool. ya go you, hypocracy

    2. @Thomas Sanders Ya it matters not Republican or Dem, Politicians are not bright. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Shiff, AOC, By-Dunce, Omar are real word smith’s, just like there counterparts on the other side.

    3. @identity7782 well Pelosi, Schumer, and others are definitely brighter than you are. You cannot stand for nothing or you will fall for anything. Look at the gQp? Progress is inevitable. The left does have its own extremists. However, I agree with the extreme, I can understand that. I cannot understand people who would support someone like Citrus Caligula, except that they are full of hate. Biden wasn’t my first choice, but at least he is not a rabid dog!

    4. @identity7782 I’m sorry to dissapoint you. He was charged with 2 mio in 2019 by the state court of New York. Go and inform yourself, man! It was in every global Newspaper you may think of. Gosh, it’s really hard to deal with such reality deniers like you.
      Someone told you it was Biden. Maybe Q told you that. As everything else it is wrong. This is nothing but deflection, only idiots deny the real world.

    5. @tj hill He did not start a charity and spend all of the money for himself, no that did not happen. That is what you said, and it is incorrect. Biden’s charity spent every cent on themselves. while using his dead son to gather up donations.
      Trump can start a new charity, That prosecution office has had it out for Trump for years, Going after Trump while letting people who they share the same political beliefs go and do what Biden did. If you dont like what Trump did then great, personally I don’t like him.
      But if you dont have the same outrage at By-dumb for doing what he did you are a hypocrite. If you think Trump was bad for “putting kids in cages” Then what’s By-dumb? Trump did a better job then what This admin has done so far. Now Biden after saying he wasn’t going to put up 1 more foot of fence is putting up fence at the border. There are other things he is doing quietly that he had stopped because Trump was doing it. Now starting back up.
      Trump is better at running things then Biden. Biden didn’t even have enough people in the districts he won to give him the win.
      I also have only heard of “Q” from liberals. To be honest I’m not even sure what that is about. Do they have a websight?
      And you Saying it was in every major news source is hilarious. So wasn’t the Steel dossier. Some even gave awards for reporting he Steel dossier was in every

  2. About the only thing he can do is take a polygraph to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is innocent

    1. @mrkwells4 its best not to project yourself onto others. It only reveals your own insecurities

    2. @free markets The most horrible gift is when you get your wish, I’d pity you leftists but I’m stuck here with you.

    3. @Howard more red scare propaganda I see taking its toll on the authoritarian fascist . So easily mislead into drinking kool aid. Typical.

    4. @free markets oh how the fascists loved to point at the bad orange man, it’s easy to spot the real tyrants now that they have taken power

  3. He’s story will not be getting old any time soon. The feds just got started in the Bahamas.

    1. @identity7782 : “The most secure election in America’s history.” The GOP’s conclusions, not mine. Oh, and the FBI. Oh, and the NSA. Oh, and 60+ American Courts. Oh, and the Freedom Caucus. Oh, and the Election Officials of 50 separate states. Oh, and the American people . . . Oh, and GOD ALMIGHTY! No wonder science has proved that Jesus HATES trump? That’s science, beeyotch

    2. @free markets lol… the cases of voter fraud were real but the chief justice didn’t have the balls to rule on it.

    3. @And OneMore oh? Voter fraud? You mean all the Republican attempts at it? . Here is the reason for that: it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the election either way . Facts don’t care about your feelings. Cope harder

  4. Mr. Greenberg now facing 1000 years in prison— is sure to flip! Many more days of entertainment folks!

  5. The Bahama trip paid for by the doctor could be ‘pay for play’ Gaetz did push for him to become Florida Surgeon General and when this failed he got a place on the Board of Orlando airport

    1. @tommyboy were you planting seeds when Trump conned people to repeating payment during 2016 and 2020 ??

    2. @TRON Gov. Cuomo in New York, as well as several other Democrat Governors sent Seniors to their deaths in nursing homes. Rachel won’t be reporting that. You never have to be worried about hearing Democrats did something bad…MSNBC has got your back! No begging necessary!

    3. @tommyboyThe only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing (Edmund Burke)

    4. @Glen Forde Disregarding the falsity of your claim, what is the point? That the media is biased?
      I’m sure there’s no ulterior motive here, right?

  6. Something tells me that Joel Greenberg is about to start singing like a bird!!

    1. “…ABOUT TO START???” Methinks he has been singing since the date of his arrest over a year ago. Don’t forget, this case against Gaetz was presented to AG Barr 6 months before he left office and, rather than squash it like he did so many other Trump supporters’ investigations, he handed it off to the Biden Administration. Methinks, as well, that the worst is yet to come, and will be coming within the next 30 days.

    2. @semigeniusreally Agreed. But Greenberg is about to hit the high notes and close the show!! He’s looking at some big numbers in federal prison if he doesn’t flip on Gaetz. He was just warming up before…He’s about to sing his best song for the wrap up!!

    3. It is highly ironic and phony that the same news media approving people in congress, in the White House and in the judicial branch of government to put men in the bathroom of women and young girls are the same one attacking Goetz for something denied against him happening two years ago.

  7. *Matty apparently never learned what hubris meant. I’ve got a feeling he’ll become much more familiar with the definition of hubris… soon!*

    1. @Wang Ortiz not angry at all, Just refuse to be pulled into a debate with a crass poltroon who has no facts just Fox skits to talk about. Not to mention debating a fake poster with a made up name. Good day.

    2. It is highly ironic and phony that the same news media approving people in congress, in the White House and in the judicial branch of government to put men in the bathroom of women and young girls are the same one attacking Goetz for something denied against him happening two years ago.

  8. “Look, look shiny object” ANYTHING but don’t look at us. Eventually they will eat there own. CLOWN

  9. Grab bag, more like the best film script for a comedy of the year….. oh this just gets better and better

  10. Yes, I’ll have the Steak and Lobster, and the lil lady will have a plain hotdog and appey juice..

    1. Waiter: “Little lady? Sir, are you talking about the little boy in a dress?”
      Gaetz: “THAT’S MY SON”
      Waiter: “But…. he’s black”
      Gaetz: “WE’RE NOT RELATED”
      Waiter: “Oh so you adopted good for you”
      Waiter: “Hello? 911?”

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