1. It shouldn’t surprise anybody that this guy was messing around with a minor the only shock should be that it was a female

    1. You so right! He’s not straight! He was showing pictures of women for sale, not women he’s slept with.

  2. When someone is digging his own grave, why fight them for the shovel. If I had to guess, he’s banned from Fox news even

    1. @Johnathan Leonardo John, why don’t you go to San Francisco, eat an unwrapped snickers bar off the sidewalk then you will know what liberalism is.

    2. @THE TRUTH HURTS YOU! Who had toliet paper on his shoe walking up Air Force one? Who left an umbrella outside air force one? 😂 I gotta go back and watch that one. I forgot all about it.

  3. Did y’all hear that ,goes back three generations in Congress, that’s old money lol but then they tell you that you got to pull ure self up by the boot’s

    1. Its impossible to pull yourself up by your own boots. This phrase was coined to make fun of Republicans but they’re too stupid to realize when they’re being insulted

    2. Typical Republican. Individuality, competition… small government, except when there is income redistribution from the working class to them as tax cuts

    1. @Lilly Anderson
      No, the FBI’s investigation has nothing to do with this anonymous report. They admitted as much. The FBI does not deal in rumors.

    1. Oh yea, these pictures on the house floor will be taken by the FBI and we will all see them leaked. Hahahaha all that proof he left on the house floor.

    1. @A A I recall many democrats coming forward from New York saying Cuomo should resign. I haven’t heard any Republican stand up and say Gaetz should resign.

    1. What creepy is when Gaetz goes to jail, drops the soap, something comes from behind, and butty bursted him. 🤣😂😭

    2. And what does Kamala Harris look like???? Someone who “sucked” her way to the white house???? With a side of “riding the race card”????

    1. @THE TRUTH HURTS YOU! That’s why he has to go on national TV and throw the freakin’ News Reporter under the bus, his dad under the bus…

    2. @john smith 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻 Complete Troll, 3 years and only 2 subscribers 🤣🤣🤣

    1. They reported a “Secret son”??? Sheesh! What other secrets does this moron have?? Something definitely smells fishy.

    2. @Guy Matsu
      This brings into question …… Exactly who is the “boy” who has been living with Gaetz for the past 7 years.? At various times Matt has referred to him as
      “local student”, “house page”, his helper and most recently (June 2020) called him his “son”. Matt’s sister tweeted Gaetz adopted the boy when he was 11.
      Yet Gaetz has always listed his status as single with NO CHILDREN on all government documents.

    3. well there is that if he was taking a young girl, some you boys look quite girlish. oh and i wouldnt put it past him that he was involved in th blackmail.

    4. @Favour Bridgette They say pedofiles dont concern themselves much with the gender of their victim.

  4. If true… just imagine what hasn’t came out because they could pay the bribe. This is a prime example of what dark money does to politics.

  5. The only member to vote against the human trafficking Bill and calling 17 year old girls women is a serious red flag. Daddy can’t buy or make this one go away.

  6. These are the kind of people in government ? What has happened to America ? this is sad 😞

    1. @R W those guys have the power and money to hide what they do, and they get a way, but not from God

    2. @Anthony Cusumano Republicans have been spewing that crap for years hoping people like you would believe it! They prey on the weak and prejudice. Stop watching Fox News and drinking the koolaid!!!

    3. @Carrie Fox whenever something bad happens in America and it hurts the credibility of a liberal movement or a democratic politician…..
      “Well, of course this happened, it must have been Trump’s fault, Trump’s taxes, Trump’s tweets, racism, oppression, voter suppression, white supremecy, Washington Redskins, Dr. Seuss, global warming, carbon footprints, fascism, white privilege, glass ceiling, insurrections, incitement of insurrections, #metoo (unless it’s a democrat being accused), kids in cages (unless it’s a democrat on charge), bigotry, conspiracy theorists, Pepe Le pew, systemic racism, or grounds for impeachment………I’m sure I missed about 50 of them in the past four years,. It seriously, I’ve never in my.life witnessed years of “victim mentality” training like this. If Democrats are talking, they are bitching about how someone has slighted them. How about this? Just for a day. Get over yourselves and shut the F up.

    4. @R W lol, like I said angry Republican and apparently a proud card carrying member of the The Fox News fan club, where news goes to die.

  7. Gaetz and Jim Jordan are not the “swamp” that congress has often been referred to, instead they represent the sludge that remains when you drain a swamp.

    1. Worse than just sludge, they are large groups of deadly stinking bacteria, infecting everything that comes in contact with them.

    1. @THE TRUTH HURTS YOU! Real men don’t kiss and tell, high school boys do. According to media, Idiot Gaetz bragged to members of Congress about his conquest with women, and showed nude pictures of women to law enforcement officers. How stupid can he be he thinks he can say and do whatever he wants because he has a rich daddy, daddy can’t help him on this one.

    2. @Matt Cobretti As far as I know, Cuomo isn’t into underage girls, but whatever he’s been accused of, I hope it’s properly investigated, and he gets whatever is coming to him. I assume you wish the same for Gaetz?

    3. @Jerry McClure hahaha nope, all men kiss and tell in their 20’s and 30’s, especially if they aren’t married. Let me guess, you think true beauty is on the inside right? Yup, something ugly people say…….

  8. People have been walking past him for years saying to their colleagues “what was that foul smell”? Answer: It was That piece of human waste Named Matt Gaetz!

    1. We can’t be like them, we must win with grace to win more hearts and minds. No enemy is so thoroughly defeated as one you can call a friend.

    2. @Junksaint I agree and well said- unfortunately not everyone believes that “Evil will never extinguish Evil”. Thus it will continue to be doled out by both sides only for much much longer.

    3. @Junksaint I agree. This is when the southern colloquialism comes handy
      “Bless his heart”

    4. @Junksaint I admire your noble sentiment, but i’m more than willing to get dirty protecting democracy if i have to. ^^

  9. Doesn’t matter if the videos and pics are related. He is NOT being paid to show porn on the house floor

  10. Gaetz looks like the guy that was in school that was that little jerk, dweeb, and maybe a bully. The kind of guy that a guy like me back in school would see how well he could defend himself. I was the guy who fought the bullies. Funny thing I was the one always getting into trouble for protecting other kids mainly girls.

  11. Look at Matt Gaetz’s face and tell me you can’t see how sinister he looks? Sometimes people are so evil, it shows up in their facial features.

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