Gaetz Vote Against Anti-Human Trafficking Bill Seen In New Light Against Probe Revelation 1

Gaetz Vote Against Anti-Human Trafficking Bill Seen In New Light Against Probe Revelation


Rachel Maddow recaps the New York Times reporting on the federal investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz, and notes that Gaetz, in 2017, was the only member of Congress to vote against an anti-human trafficking bill. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Gaetz Vote Against Anti-Human Trafficking Bill Seen In New Light Against Probe Revelation


  1. That should have been the moment when the FBI started watching him closely with his adopted Cuban teen and with any other poor kid.

    1. ​@Weazel 615 ohhh you clever weazel you. Nice orwellian half-truth twist on facts.

      The Confederate Dems who founded the KKK are all Republicans now. They switched to where they saw their new home. Here are some ex-Dems who ran to the Republican embrace of the Nixon “southern strategy”: super segregationist Strom Thurmond (SC), super as***** Jesse Helms (NC), Newt Gingrich (GA), Trent Lott (Miss.), Sen.Richard Shelby (AL), Mike Pence (hahaha), 100s more etcetcetc and…… drum roll please…… KKK Grand Wizard David Duke switched from Dem to Repub in 1988.

      Ohhhh @Weazel 615….. they’re all like you.

    2. @xjaskix remember Raegan? When he ran as a Republican his polices didn’t fit the party meaning there was a shift as Raegan was popular with the souther regions and the Dixiecrats. Remember if you look at how the votes worked out you can see there was a party flip. Meaning that Republicans where voting democrat and Democrats where voting Republican. You can literally track how people voted slavers voted with the Democratic-Republicans, they then voted Democrat during Jim-crow and the civil rights era, then they voted Republican when President Reagan ran. Abolitionists voted for the Federalist Party, voted Republican during the Jim-Crow and civil rights era, and voted Democrat when President Reagan ran its all there in any up to date us history book

    3. @xjaskix So why is it always Republicans going to jail then? I see the right accusing Dems of everything, yet after four years of trump in power, not one Dem was charged with anything, yet several Repubs went to jail. Guess you aren’t woke yet, as you folks say.

    4. @Weazel 615 At the time the Dems and the KKK were aligned, both parties had White supremacist. But at a certain point, the Republiclones took it over.

    1. @Sagi Lyonheart And your ignorant reply about some other event which is meaningless to the current post only proves my statement TRUE. Denial or deflection. Thank you!!!

    2. @redwingdog22 Where are trump’s griefter kids. He put them all in the whitehouse in jobs they had no business in. No experience, No qualifications just because their daddy was president. Now there’s corruption for you. But cult members like you will never see that.

  2. The louder they scream about “family values”, the farther away I keep them from my family. It’s really that simple.

    1. @Jean Knitter how’s the weather in Moscow, Leningrad, Beijing, Tehran, North Korea … or yer basement bedroom

  3. So, the rumour was that Gaetz was thinking of giving up politics to work for Newsmax and we all went . . . huh?
    Now he’s accused of Epstein level behaviour, and went Oh, right . . .

    1. Ah… is this why the GQP keeps talking about child pedolove? They can’t stop thinking about it caz they’re doing it all the time?

  4. Plot?…maybe ugo chevez is trying to get him fired…my friends the guy has lost the plot….that white powder is slowly killing those few brain cells he has

  5. I’m starting to be embarrassed to be an American…this isn’t a country it’s a free for all straight to the dirt. The United state of pigapes.

    1. Welcome to the reality CERTAIN people have suffered for the last few generations!
      I’d give a Matrix reference but sexists.

    2. Sorry but I have to agree wiv you. Ive just sed the same thing on another video.. It’s so Embarrassing seeing your country in that light. Social media has shown how your country behaves and it’s not a great look..!!
      Politicians like gaetz should have been Removed from office once he woz being investigated..!! One of your party’s has no standards.. Period..!!

    1. @avitard1 To you, everything is fake news except Trump’s news? Do you ever heard “there is a fire, there is smoke.”

    2. @Lolem Tee-Hon To you everything that the MSM tells you is gospel. Do you mean ‘where there is smoke, there is fire??? So because Cuomo and Biden both had women accuse them of sexual misconduct, they are both guilty? I am sure that is different tho, right?

    3. @Chris Davis Oh so you only care about women getting abused if they are alleged victims of republicans.. got it.

  6. That interview he did with Carlson was a spectacular nine minute train wreck. He really is Trump’s protege.

    Comments have been turned off, naturally.

    1. I watched the whole thing, they had a live chat, and Tucker Carlson looked like he was going to crap his pants more than just a few times. Not sure Matt’s going to be on his show any time soon. I think it’s the one rare time where Tucker actually felt violated

  7. What is very sad is they will probably get away with this despicable crime!!! These type like to point fingers at others, but they will LIE their way out of anything pertaining to them!!

    1. @Lee Smith and FOX, OAN, and Newsmax have argued the same way about their entire networks in court. In particular, Tucker Carlson has repeatedly been forced to argue in court that anything said in his show is not fact and no reasonable person would interpret it as such.

    2. @The Nutlord yeah, I don’t blindly trust any MSM. It is all biased, I like to see both sides of the story, and I believe in due process.

    3. @Lee Smith Her words are not facts that is why Rachel site references. Watching the Rachel Maddow show is like reading research papers. She brings up a topic sites her references and findings. This is why MSNBC is not part of the Billion dollar lawsuit like OAN, Newsmax, and Fox News.

  8. I always thought there was something really gross about him, like just about everything.

  9. I’d expect NOTHING less from Naughty Matt. Word on the street…His previous ghyrlphren was 4 years younger than his last one.

  10. Gaetz has gotta be taken off his appointment on the Judiciary Committee, period. Until this investigation has come to a conclusion he should not be able to take part in overseeing the judiciary.

    1. Why? Slawell is still on the security committee even tho he is known to have accepted money from a CCP spy and even had her raising campaign funds to get him elected. CCPs base of operation has long been centered in San Fransico. Why else do u think all the SF and LA politicians have such soft stances on China!! Pelosi herself is a puppet of the CCP. I mean seriously, I don’t care how screwed up liberals are!! No way they voted for that crazy bat over and over again!!

    2. @Terra Nova ;;;STFU already…… probably still have a confederate flag hanging in your basement.

    3. @Terra Nova ;; enlighten us and tell us EXACTLY where we are supposed to get all the true facts from that you get. WHERE? NEWSMAXX, Faux Noise, Grunge, The Onion? Who owns the sources that you get your facts from? ind you, everything you say will need to be able to stand up in court without perjuring yourself? C’mon, educate us or STFU

    4. @Linda Davis you have no idea who I am.. and the fact that your already labeling me shows how low your IQ is and that your prob a coward and an authoritarian.. you prob need your safe space and want the government to pay your welfare and to keep you safe from free thinkers like me….you prob love this lockdown and all the censorship… cut that purple hair off and get a job bum..

  11. His defence is it is a blackmail scheme, except wouldn’t that make the story true? Hard to blackmail someone for something that never ever happened.

  12. The odd detail for me is the inclusion of his dad wearing a wire in the story. Would dad back him up? Is dad in on it? Or is he just some rich brat who spits up daddy’s name any time he faces heat? I’d like to see dad interviewed.

  13. He should have probably thought his story through and run it by some people before making this so much worse. His response is what is making this story so newsworthy

  14. If she was traveling with him at 17 , his relationship with her most likely started when she was 16 , if not sooner !!!

    1. Someone has to pick up where Epstein left off…
      All these old pervs gotta get their fantasies filled somehow.

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