1. @Reason
      I believe it’s more than being a totally loyal hack. I believe he suffers from double think. I am going to paste the definition just in case David J See’s this.
      Doublethink is a process of indoctrination whereby the subject is expected to simultaneously accept two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in contravention to one’s own memories or sense of reality.[1] Doublethink is related to, but differs from, hypocrisy.

  1. Why is twitter and FB allowing Taiban to be on social media?

    Also, they are sugar coating Biden.
    Its time we finally journal the truth. Its not political…. people, it needs to be facts.

    We withdrew without getting our guns, machinery and people out.
    Who runs a country without doing that?

    Biden needs to stop blaming previous administration or the Afghanistan people.

    1. We withdrew and left the weapons because we thought we had given the Afghani people a military to defend themselves with.
      When the French left Congo, they took everything with them. This is considered to have been a cruel and vicious action.

    2. @Delirium Tremens Im saying…not everything is the previous administration. Our president needs to start to take responsibility of this botched job. If you have immediate family that was and currently in the military Regardless…
      Of political stance, you would understand.

      Even my liberal nephew who is having to go back says it eas a botched way…. plain a d simple

    3. C’mon man! FB, Twitter are nothing but a buncha lefties, of course they will try to defend the Airhead in Chief !! Only there is no defense, none!

  2. The predominant takeaway from the “Afghanistan Papers” would be to hold as suspect any public statements from US Intel, the Military, the Pentagon, the State Department, and or the president in regards to US Interventions

    1. That’s why Biden appointed Lloyd Austin who was on the board of directors at Raytheon.

      Biden administration wants another endless war for the military industrial complex

  3. I have an idea! How about next time, we extract all the civilians and diplomats FIRST, then our troops? Or is that a bad idea?

    1. That wouldn’t of worked
      the main issue was that as soon as we started moving out the afghan army would lose all capacity to fight
      which is what happened
      In retro, The Afghan army, as a whole, was only combat capable when combined with United States

  4. Maybe. It doesn’t matter. No one in America will care about this 3 months from now. We’ll be worrying about some other problem that doesn’t matter even though it is disastrous, because disasters upon America no longer matter, and that we can’t do anything about because of self-imposed and self-defeating dysfunction.

  5. It’s one of those rare moments that Republicans can actually show their face on MSNBC because they can actually make a valid argument for once.

    1. @Sarah Jones Don’t take my word for it just have look at your heroes lining up to get some airtime on MSNBC.

  6. “Just out of curiosity do any of you intend to include the Afghan Army/Government for running away like cowards when discussing this fiasco?”
    Media and politicians: No I don’t think I will.

  7. I concur. From today forward, Afghanistan shall be known as Talibanistan.
    As for Gen. Mark Milley.
    He should have Tendered his resignation after the Trump Church PhotoOp.
    Be Retired seeking Solace for his actions & inactions.

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