1. If you intend voting Red in the mid-terms, at least have the decency to make sure all your children have funeral plans.

    1. @Elmosweed Democrat bill “Women’s health protection act” voted on in the Senate on May 11, 2022.

  2. Tax all Churches and Houses of Worship especially Evangelical, Catholic and Falun Dafa because they don’t respect the Separation between Church & State nor Roe vs Wade!

    1. Only above a certain pay grade. Has no effect on the rich or powerful. Everything is for sale rights included.

    2. @Pro America Taking away a womans privacy about how she decides to treat reproductive health isn’t a right either.

  3. Please vote BLUE THIS NOVEMBER!!! I’m a Republican trying to save our democracy!!! …

  4. American should re-examine themselves before talking about something else, every other countries has several doors to their schools they’re not an exemption, every other countries has mental health problems, American is not an exemptions to that, every other countries have covid, they are not an exemption, every other country have Internet, they are not an exemption. The only thing that makes them different is the proliferation of guns, so they should be sincere to themselves and work on their gun problems period.

    1. Did they ask the firefighters? That’s just one of dozens of reasons only a complete lunatic would suggest it.

  5. To stop a rape or incest victim from getting an abortion but yet letting the children that are born and have lives get shot and killed or starved or frozen it beaten is just sick.

    1. ​​@caligreenclean Who would want to be born when the product of rape or incest? The biggest victim of all!! How about some compassion and empathy for the woman who in most cases is a child themselves? ✌️💕

    2. @caligreenclean you also notice the like to comment ratio, imagine if the dislikes were still public 💀

  6. I’ve been told abortion isn’t my business, so if I go along with that, other issues will decide it.

    1. @Kat Thomas moreso at the mèdìa. Tyt vs iw. Cnn vs fox. Sorry, my mid 90’s punk rawk is showing!🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. This will get out the vote for Democrats who are known for not voting, for that reason it does help democrats!

  8. We protect our children at an age to buy cigarettes and beer, which is 21 now,
    But we allow 18 years old children buy weapons of mass destruction. We all have the right to bear arms, but we also have the right for our community’s to be safe.

  9. It’s not “both sides”, there are 3. On the right and center, what you refer to as the right and left, yes, it is. On the real left, no. We AREN’T for guns, and we AREN’T for baby murder.

  10. Educated voters know inflation is worldwide right now.. as is oil, supply chain problems etc etc We also know that no right granted has ever been retracted

  11. I don’t know about any of you but this “single door entry” nonsense is insane to me. Every school I attended had multiple buildings where a single door wouldn’t have helped

  12. Dems don’t need a vote on these issues. We already know who’s the problem with change. Everybody vote the same way every time. It will be the same on future votes. Get rid of all the ppl that’s against common sense changes here in the U.S

    1. It’s cool, as of now we’re all entitled to an opinion. Maybe one day we wont be able to Express an opinion. Maybe then we might find something in common. I love controlling my life, how about you?

  13. Inflation and gas prices are the least of my worries. I know those things ebb and flow through a life cycle.

  14. A lot of old people who tend to vote right have died from covid. Think about all the people leaving the Republican party because of trumpism. They never talk about that.

  15. If anybody thinks short term inflation, gas prices, and baby formula shortage is more important than long term Gun Safety and Female Rights then get a life!! ✌️💙

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