Gang demands $1M ransom for Canadian missionary abducted in Haiti

Former Ambassador of Canada to Haiti Gilles Rivard explains on if ransom payment is a possibility to free the kidnapped Canadian.

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  1. Don’t negotiate with Terrorists or Criminals, otherwise this will start happening all over the world. The upside is that the missionaries will now be promoted to martyrs.

  2. Remember a while back in the Philippines the Canadian oil workers the where held for ransom and trudeau did nothing and ended up being beheaded. Expect no to be surprised the same reoccurs

  3. remember when michael jackson used to sing “we are the world” as a fund raiser for these guys after a specific calamity?

    yea now they want more charity.

  4. I have a list of Countries that I will never travel to because I don’t trust their government police judges etc.

  5. Canadian missionary in Haiti !? That’s some kind of special ! There’s work like that to be done in Canada !! Why travel there on the Churches dime !? Fools !! Leave them there !!!

  6. _don’t be a missionary going and shoving your religion down other peoples throats_
    *make the church cough up the money*

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