Gang War in Bull Bay Jamaica | Protest on Crime | Vaz Visa Wrongfully Revoked 1

Gang War in Bull Bay Jamaica | Protest on Crime | Vaz Visa Wrongfully Revoked


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    1. @Alrick Simpson Jamaica has the most churches and Christians but God is still missing, they may have to give him a pay raise or fire him.

    2. @Haydran Wynter The prayer-God thing is obviously not working, the lazy none productive government need to apply pressure to put the criminal elements away permanently but some politicians may have a problem doing so because they are criminals themselves.

    3. Gun Man If you love Jamaica and your people. Please stop the killing and give up your guns. Robbing and killing your own people is not the answer.

    1. And for like a country like Jamaica where the military will never fight another country for war they should be controlling the high crime in Jamaica

    1. They need to protest all over the island right in the square in mobay and Kingston with the security forces watching over these protest majority of these citizens will protest they want this gang war to stop and the senseless killings these criminals and murders has to b stop u north watching our beautiful country going downhill

    1. Other than babies a dead less start be real mother’s and father’s to kids an less of being friends,….kids love and grow and live life they are exposed to….as a father I have a had job with my kids because they live with me and sometimes their mom we are from 2 different world…..I’m educated and have a future she likes party men an women no care for the future this is bad for my twins and any other family that have problems getting the present ready for the future

    1. Why didn’t the lord stop this ? This is a baby? Look you peoples need to stop this religious foolishness and tell the police who’s firing the guns!! I’m sure some of these criminals are hiding in the churches!!


    1. @donna squire every day there is a new conspiracy about Vaz, time people stop it. Half of them nuh mek sense

  1. Just like how they are serious with COVID-19 they need to take the same measures with crime and violence

    1. Why would they crime pays you people have to realize that for the people at the top to keep getting richer and richer they must created a system for the poor to get poorer

    2. @PURGE and that’s why it’s imperative that whatever they design to create division amongst ourselves we have to reject, educate ourselves and create our own pathway to create a better future for ourselves and youngsters.

  2. The Police need to engage the churches for information from their members. Its their family members that’s involved in the killings

  3. The whole world is watching and in grief of what it happening in Jamaica. Such a Barbaric behaviour .gunmen killing baby’s .children. Women’s this is worst than that civil war that was in Serra Leone. A few years ago. This is the time for the Opposition Leader to step up. Someone Have to take charge.

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