1. Not only did they Not Listen – THEY DON’T CARE. Period.
    They have their own agendas and that’s all the matters.

    1. @m Sir.. I have a Masters in history.. show me ONE thing in the Constitution Trump did that was impeachable. You see.. telling people to meet him at the Capitol is neither trying to take over the government or even inciting a riot. He did nothing LEGALLY wrong. Those that attacked the Capitol are completely responsible for their own behavior… and I think they should all be treat the same as BLM or Antifa that attacked the White house last Year and set DC on fire.. they should be treated the SAME

    2. @Scott Robinson yes. He literally told people to go to the Capitol and fight. He lied to his supporters for months to get them angry enough to preform a terror attack on the Capitol. He cheered them on when they threaten to kill the only person keeping him from being president and installing a dictatorship

    3. @369 432 absolutely no democrats supported the riots. Kamala only bailed out one person. And BLM and antifascists were not responsible for any of the rioting, looting, or property destruction.

      There is little evidence that rioters or looters are affiliated with any party – they are simply apolitical anarchists and criminals.


      In fact it’s often right-wing provocateurs tried to incite violence:

      Nazi’s Caught Dressing As BLM Protestors To Instigate Riots https://bipartisanreport.com/2020/07/27/nazis-caught-dressing-as-blm-protestors-to-instigate-riots/

      White supremacists pose as Antifa online and instigate violence https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/george-floyd-protests-antifa-twitter-white-supremacists-far-right-racist-a9544276.html

      Right-wingers continue to be arrested for violence against Biden supporters and at BLM protests https://kevinjshay44.medium.com/right-wing-provocateurs-likely-inflaming-protest-violence-bcf1c48e1d40

      Gov Walz: Organized Groups Now Using Protests to ‘Break the Back of Civil Society’ https://heavy.com/news/2020/05/gov-walz-organized-groups-now-using-protests-to-break-the-back-of-civil-society/

      Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matterhttps: //www.wsls.com/news/virginia/2020/07/27/police-richmond-riots-instigated-by-white-supremacists-disguised-as-black-lives-matter/

      Mystery ‘Umbrella Man’ Vandal From Minnesota: Police Say He’s A White Supremacist Instigator https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattperez/2020/07/28/mystery-umbrella-man-vandal-from-minnesota-police-say-hes-a-white-supremacist-instigator/#1b39787f48ee

      Trump’s words show that yes, he has encouraged violence https://www.ajc.com/news/national-govt–politics/trump-words-show-that-yes-has-encouraged-violence/7sIekwrBayVArwRRmZf6HI/

      ‘No Blame?’ ABC News finds 54 cases invoking ‘Trump’ in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/blame-abc-news-finds-17-cases-invoking-trump/story?id=58912889

      Were white supremacists following Trump’s advice about dealing with protesters? https://www.newsweek.com/trump-told-white-supremacists-attack-protesters-so-they-did-650622

      White supremacists staring the fire that burned a Minneapolis police building. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/23/texas-boogaloo-boi-minneapolis-police-building-george-floyd

      It seems in most cases, the violence at the BLM protests were orchestrated way more often than not by white supremacists and Boogaloo boys trying to make the BLM movement look bad.















      And here is a report on how federal, state, and local authorities worked together to try to make the protestors look bad and purposefully turn a blind eye to the right wingers causing problems.


      If words are too hard, here are some videos:












      Additionally, the vast majority of domestic terror attacks in the US in recent years have all been perpetrated by the violent right:


      Right-wing extremists are turning cars into weapons, with reports of at least 50 vehicle-ramming incidents since protests against police violence erupted nationwide in late May.


      White supremacists and other rightwing extremists have been responsible for 67% of domestic terror attacks and plots so far this year, with at least half of that violence targeting protesters, according to a new analysis from a centrist thinktank.

      Rightoid terrorists using ISIS terror tactics to suppress the freedom to protest.

    4. @Dark Sayings you do realize that there was a party switch in the 1940s Robert Bird was a republican, the KKK has been controlled by republicans for more than 80 years now.

    5. @President Biden republicans didn’t uphold the constitution. They actually violated the constitution by violating there oath of office by acquitting someone that committed a high crime against the United States

    1. @RISERPRODUCTIONS the only reason why he didn’t get convicted was because they were to Gutless and Pathetic to do anything. They support someone who doesn’t care if they live or die as long as he gets what he wants. They gave a 🖕🖕 to Officer Sicknick who died and Officer Goodman and the other Officer’s who protected them that day. Today those Republican Senators proved without a doubt that they are an embarrassment to America and the World

    2. @Rob Maynard he didn’t get convicted because it was against the constitution and they had no real evidence..

  2. ” It’s my way and my way is the only right way’ — that kind of stark dichotomization is the real problem,” the Rev. Strawn said.

    1. No, he is hinting that the Democrats should do the Republicans dirty work for them. Then when Trump is charged (as most of them so fervently wish for) they can still play up to Trump’s thuggish base by whining that the Democrats are on a witchhunt.

  3. Mitch McConnell is one funny Dude. How can you vote NOT GUILTY then turn around and say he’s responsible for everything 😭🤣💀

    1. Mitch is a coward he won’t have a back bone and do the right thing, but you refuse to allow Obama the right to do his job as president and now you are doing the same think with Biden all of you that helped trump will answer for it on how you used your power to hurt the American people who needed your help.

    2. @Kevin Reagan how does the invasion of the Capitol building that led to the unfortunate death of 1 not comparable to the destruction of minority populated cities by 2 terrorist organizations, BLM and Antifa?

      Seems pretty comparable to me. Sounds to me like you cant come up with a counter argument.

      Here’s the facts: The capitol invasion was bad.

      Not as bad as letting BLM and Antifa, 2 terrorist organizations, burn and loot businesses/homes owned by minorites, and also letting them kill the very same minorities and the innocent law enforcement officers in these areas.

    3. He said former president Trump is morally and practically caused the riot but what he voted for is that you can’t remove from office someone who’s not in office, the constitution said, impeached, convicted and removed which means removal can only be done if he holds an office not for future offices.

  4. Master Mind’s are generally hard to get to…poor followers will be held accountable in courts and they have no way out of this..

    1. Those “poor followers” are terrorists who attacked police officers with the intend of over throwing our Democracy and installing an evil moronic dictator. Other than that, yeah.

    2. @Rest in Pog you really need to give it a rest. You can’t even compare the two. One is trying to get equal rights, the other is trying to overthrow a government. You know I always wanted to try and give Trump supporters the benefit of the doubt, but you guys really are exactly what your leader says you are, uneducated.

    1. Despite all of the evidence showing the media altering Trump’s words and even Twitter using Trump’s account and altering his words ” despite all of the evidence showing this in court you blind bats still can’t see infront of you. The truth is you have been completely manipulated by your media and still don’t even know it.

  5. The ” Grand old party ” is anything but grand… Maybe grotesque would be more fitting. Or call them ” The TOP ” The tRump old party!?

    1. @kaiss-kc kc hahaha. No, no we won’t. We won. You lost. He’s still impeached . And everyone knows he left his own veep and members of congress to be dealt with by his mob, and they’re still afraid to stand up to him! It’s not the Dems that are afraid. And seriously…what is wrong with you that you think a riot that left 7 people dead (2 by suicide) and over 130 police officers with injuries after being brutally assaulted by your fellow sycophants is something to laugh about? I feel sorry for your mother; she either did a terrible job teaching you about dignity and compassion, or you just refused to learn. So sad.

    2. @LESLEY COUGHLIN every stat you spewed is from tv… then u attack someone’s mother cause u think your sooo smart.. 13 people charged with misdemeanor trespassing and remain.. one person faces assault on Leo because he used a hockey stick.. in the capitol videos not one fkn drop of blood…soooo stop it.. research the facts, not msnbc’s facts.. the 130 police that had to be treated for riot injuries is the blm riot stat lol… dems are being super baby on this, I have seen worse at a Walmart Black Friday event… can’t we debate and troll without being soooo vicious on personal attacks?

    1. @Tony Smith No, McConnell (like pretty much everyone in the Senate) is under the mistaken belief that impeachment is entirely political and thus unimportant. It isn’t. It’s an administrative process/punishment. More along the lines of a regulatory body revoking someone’s medical license for malpractice. It was intended to weed out those who abused or misused their power and should be taken much more seriously than it currently is.

    2. Pontius pilate was impartial- Mitch McConnell acknowledged that trump committed a crime , his wife quit I can tell that he’s mad at trump and despites trump just like any democrat cuz trump low-key stole the GOP from him but at the end he has to play politics

  6. I remember the time when America was regarded as a bastion of democracy. Now America is regarded as a joke.

    1. @Big Daddy Kane People who’s ideas of reality are bass ackwards is what is really the laughingstock. It’s turning into a fairly big club Big Daddy.

    1. @Adam Podlinski You’re in a cult. Ten warning signs of a potentially unsafe group/leader of a cult. This article was written about cult leaders, shocking how much it applies to Trump and his followers who worship him.

      1. Absolute authoritarianism without meaningful accountability.

      2. No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry.

      3. No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget, expenses such as an independently audited financial statement.

      4. Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies and persecutions.

      5. There is no legitimate reason to leave, former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil.

      6. Former members often relate the same stories of abuse and reflect a similar pattern of grievances.

      7. There are records, books, news articles, or television programs that document the abuses of the group/leader.

      8. Followers feel they can never be “good enough”.

      9. The group/leader is always right.

      10. The group/leader is the exclusive means of knowing “truth” or receiving validation, no other process of discovery is really acceptable or credible.

    2. @Loraldin P No I’m not lol. If he wanna act like a democrat, he should openly admit he’s one, I have no issue with that

    3. @Adam Podlinski proud of it and you are a tapeworm trying to tunnel out of society’s backside. A talking bobble head of trumpy rhetoric and conspiracy nonsense.

  7. All I can think is “What happens next time when it’s a foreign country’s operatives storming a federal building?”

  8. Translation: “Remember, this isn’t over. SOMEONE… not us, but SOMEONE will hold him accountable. We’re sure. Now quit asking.”

    1. The SDNY, for one. Stormy Daniels, the State of New York, B. Jean Carroll, the State of Georgia… the list goes on.

  9. “The moment any truth is passed on, it starts turning into fiction. The problem is, fiction inspires people more than facts.”
    -Ocelot, Metal Gear V

  10. It could be said that this seven are ‘The New Magnificent Seven’ and the rest should hang their heads in shame.

  11. I would not put ANY value on mcconnells empty words, he is just doing his usual rope a dope. Mcconnell is as self centered as Trump, his concern is his leadership position.

  12. These 43 GOPs ruin America today just to keep their jobs………….
    The world is laughing at us now…..
    America is officially a joke…

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