1. A green “G F I “ garbage truck?
    Anyone in Toronto knows it GFL…you can also read it on the video….what’s up with these ‘journalists’?

    1. Pure laziness…… just like cops who don’t want to go out on calls for stolen motorcycles and domestic fights. They just want to sit on their arses in empty mall parking lots.

  2. The Home owners will be stuck with the cost of a new Car as their ‘insurance’ will only cover the cost of the car! My husband got hit from behind in Toronto while waiting for a stoplight, the driver hit him at 60 mph it was not her Car either, she totaled our Car, thankfully he walked away from that but because he was not hurt we could not sue. We had to buy a new Used Car and we are seniors. I feel bad for those family’s.

    1. That’s how insurance works. Pays for the cost of the property lost. There’s nothing else to cover/replace so why would they expect an extra payout?
      If someone was hurt, then that coverage would kick in, but luckily that didn’t happen.

    2. GFL insurance will have to pay…. The cars were parked no one was in them…. If the home owners sued I don’t believe it could be contested….

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