Garland DOJ Ends Criminal Inquiry Into John Bolton’s Book 1

Garland DOJ Ends Criminal Inquiry Into John Bolton’s Book


The Garland Justice Department takes one of its most concrete steps yet to erase the previous four years of politicization of the department by ending a criminal inquiry into former national security advisor John Bolton. Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi, editor at large of The Bulwark Charlie Sykes, and New York Times Washington correspondent Michael Schmidt discuss.

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    1. @GOAB PARTY, Would you stop being a drama queen. Seriously, the reason we are seeing inflated prices is we are just getting over a world wide plague and companies have been hit because of it. How are the left fawning all over Bolton? I see them discussing what Trump tried to do to the Justice Department. He got Barr to do his bidding and that affected Bolton, duh. Delusional? Man, you take the cake on that one. Delusional? Well, you are a big drama queen.

    2. @steve jette Steve 1person 1 government 1vote United we stand divided we fall it’s already so overwhelming the calvary better hurry. This is so sad.

    3. @Catherine Hendrickson So SAD. And we have (hopefully) learned some valuable lessons. We are fragile. We need to secure things better. The methods of tyrants. But we don’t learn well.

    4. @steve jette Winston Churchill was quoted as saying, Americans will always do the right thing, when they’ve tried everything else

    5. @Catherine Hendrickson Winston did have a way with words !
      Also, ” A people get the government they deserve.”

  1. One more LOST for rtrump
    He is an all round loser
    Come on Bolton sell some Books and give some money to the homeless.

  2. Honestly, anything that makes Trump mad makes me happy. So congratulations Mr. Bolton. Go make your money.

  3. Can’t wait for the day these crooks all get locked up for their crimes based on the facts.

    1. @loose lips sink ships yeah, WAS! He didn’t mean anything to me except that now we have an ugly shxx stain on our recent history!

    2. @loose lips sink ships If, after seeing Trump throw one loyal lackey after another under the bus, you think that he has ever done or would ever do anything for anyone but himself, for you or for the country, then you are in line for a Darwin award. Poor deluded fool.

    3. @WilliamOccamensis if you think anyone in washington is going to do anything for you then you are the same.

    4. @WilliamOccamensis its honestly hilarious that you see me say something about biden then immediately assume im loyal to trump lmfao.

  4. Even though Bolton and Barr deserve each other, this is still delicious. Bill Barr should be dis-Barred.

    1. Don’t forget that Bolton wanted nothing more than war with Iran. Anothier chapter in the forevewars.

  5. The doj investigated themselves and found no wrongdoing.the American justice system is rotten to the core. Bar should be in prison and trump should be out on bond.

  6. Awsome News,thanks to both guests for your expertise,and knowledge.”As Always,Nicholes segment is Right On “

  7. Yet another tRump Barr “success”.
    Someone needs to redo “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.”

  8. Barr had better get used to being “rebuked” by the Garldand DOJ – it’s going to keep happening, a lot.

  9. Donald J Trump, the marketing genius! Doubled the sales of a book he actually wanted cancelled..

    1. @Victor Basta trump lives in my head wearing an orange jumpsuit and housed in a prison cell. He’s not charged any rent for that.

    1. He could of wet all the way! The weong way.
      Of course he stayed the course like they all do until the tangerine tyrant throws them under the bus for coughing too loud during a news interview answer. If that 40 seconds dosent concern you then your lost.
      Trump had LOTS of support until he got drunk with power.
      He has been fired!
      Your welcome.

    2. I agree mostly Bolton is cut from the same cloth as Trump I wish I never paid for his book cause it is a waste of money. I could only take a few pages of his “I am a F****king Genius”…. “Nobody knows more than me.” His book is crap. Worst Egomanical Manifesto ever written.

  10. These actors that keep wanting to sweep the facts under the rug , should loose there jobs and be prosecuted by the laws that there breaking !

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