Garland indicts Russian oligarch, vows accountability for ‘war crimes’ | USA TODAY

Garland indicts Russian oligarch, vows accountability for 'war crimes' | USA TODAY 1


    1. Konstantinos Malofeyev just had millions confiscated from his surreptitious accounts for 2014 sanctions violations. You should really try to pay closer attention to the actual report.

    1. @MrBlokeSmunts ->Um… the USA. The USA is not too well known for honoring treaties looking at history. Just ask the American Indian.

    2. @MrBlokeSmunts why? I’m a proud citizen…. That doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes or do the wrong things but then again your a democrat… So everything is some one else’s fault right ?

  1. Wow what a waste of time. Indicted a person that could care less. Why don’t you indict alf and mickey mouse while your at it

    1. @What’s Good My Guy Your comment shows you haven’t got a clue. You really should pay closer attention.
      “The Treasury Department previously identified Malofeyev as one of the main sources of financing for Russians promoting separatism in Crimea, and for providing material support for the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic.

      “After being sanctioned by the United States, Malofeyev attempted to evade the sanctions by using co-conspirators to surreptitiously acquire and run media outlets across Europe,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a Justice briefing. Garland announced the seizure of millions of dollars from an account at a U.S. financial institution, which the indictment alleges constitutes proceeds traceable to Malofeyev’s sanctions violations.”

  2. Just to be safe I’m going to learn Chinese and Russian. English certainly is not going to be the language of our nation in the future

  3. USA Today, tell your viewer, how those that escaped Zelensky, have free housing, food, healthcare, money, or show us the migrants camps

  4. How about this kind of enthusiasm for for the domestic criminal working hand in hand with Russia to divide our country? He wants to run this country the way Putin runs Russia, and facing no consequences for past crimes, he may just get one more chance to do that

    1. He’s got the Hells Angels recipe for meth in there, which is a tweaked version of Hitlers original 1942 special white crystal cruise sniff sauce.

  5. And take this message very seriously Oligarchs! Any money or gold you have in any of our banks, belongs to us now! And it will take for you a lifetime to get it back! If you can get it back! But, guys where we can find cheap oil and gas and other earth minerals if we are hard on them?

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