Garland speaks on armed man arrested outside Brett Kavanaugh’s home | USA TODAY


    1. it’s a driving force – i’d kill for beer sometimes and that man likes to drink………………

  1. But you’ll tolerate the Senate majority leader threatening the same justice what’s up with that, you need to do you’re damn job!

  2. But let’s give out their addresses so they can illegally protest in front of a Supreme Court Judge’s house

    1. Yeah that part doesn’t make much sense. if this had happened to any judge who leaned left had this happen you would hear about it nonstop.

  3. Poor people won’t be able to pay for legal protection like the rich will, therefore the target of unarming will definitely be in the poor areas (first)… Remember, the whole angle is to unarm (Americans) for some very strange reason or another!!

  4. America is slowly falling apart. God show mercy on us even though so many choose to abandon you.

  5. He would have gotten away with it but some recognized his uber driver named Hilary………..

  6. The FED has lost it and the sad fact is it’s pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation.i think stores better have tight security because when people can’t afford to feed their families, things might get ugly

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  7. The problem isn’t just the government or just a certain more evil person, No, the problem is literally the entire human species. EVERYONE is evil and yes some more than others but a lesser evil doesn’t make anyone better than the next. Ego arrogance and pride just makes a person think they are but in real reality nobody is better than anyone else. Compassion empathy care love is what’s gone in this world and what’s coming upon this world soon is going to make billions parish.

    1. Because Nicholas John Roske is the hero of the left. The Democrat party is HAPPY he did this. See also, Stephen Lewis on this comment thread, who is literally advocating for someone else to emulate him and YouTube is allowing it.

  8. Protection no No need for protection no reason for you to need armed security maybe you should just buy a shotgun Joe’s words not mine hope they have their reduced magazines

  9. @Stephen Lewis is going to emulate Nicholas John Roske. Report him to the police.

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  11. That’s the very definition of domestic terrorism, ie. using the threat of violence and assassination to achieve political outcomes.

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