Garneau faces questions over travel to G7 meeting in U.K. 1

Garneau faces questions over travel to G7 meeting in U.K.


Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau says it was necessary to travel to the U.K. for a G7 meeting despite travel restrictions.


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  1. See no consequences they waist time and money but I’m not able to cross bridge to Ontario lol

  2. I can’t believe this guy – like really – what a waste of time and an empty excuse for travel – VERY POOR LEADER of anything !!!!!!

  3. Free trip, difficult using Zoom……..learn to use the technology fool! Which covid hotel will he be in upon his return? Don’t vote for this guy in the next election…….what a poor excuse for unnecessary travel. Perhaps he should be ticketed under the Ontario Covid laws upon his return……..disgrace of a politician.

  4. They also talk about potential military threats at G7 meetings and how the G7 countries might respond. Given that Zoom calls could be hacked by adversaries it is essential that they meet in person.

  5. If I were the Minister I would have told this Anchor/Host? Newscaster.. whichever his job title is that I went for a vacation actually; I have been inside for over a year now and I needed an escape. END OF DISCUSSION.

  6. Perhaps he can learn from the brits how to order vaccines properly. On the bright side he’s not as embarrassing on the world stage as Trudeau.

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