Garrett: Republicans Are ‘Holding Up Checks To Keep Americans Alive And Well’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Garrett: Republicans Are ‘Holding Up Checks To Keep Americans Alive And Well’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1


    1. At least you’re being figurative. Better than the US troops burning the crops in Syria so letting the children go hungry!

    2. If Trump had won, they would have passed something he could put his name on again, even though the money comes from the taxpayers.

    3. But other than Bernie & the squad, where are the democrats fighting for direct payments that once were a given. Now the Dems are all suspiciously silent on the matter, happily stalling time while we are planning out our desperate measures to survive. I hope I am wrong but considering the way that one time measly $1200 (for 9 months now) was distributed before (veterans & disabled people last), it looks like this is the U.S.’s version of austerity & culling the heard.

  1. They’re trying to make things very difficult for Biden. Mitch, doesn’t care about the people. His wealth is over $35 million on a $190K salary.

    1. Yep. Sabotaging Biden is their best bet at winning again in 2024. They don’t care about the average citizen. Only regaining their power.

    2. Biden is making it difficult for Biden, you do know he is suffering from dementia….if not, visit grandparents in a nursing home and watch and listen.

    3. @Sondra L Pence is their guy, too. Do you know the Koch family business got big by working for Stalin & Hitler!

  2. Biden has nothing to do with the shape this country is in . Trump should have cleaned up his mess before he leaves

    1. @Hard Rocker And he gained respect. Listen to Republican comments about him. They are complimentary. Trump belongs in an insane asylum.

    2. Perhaps, but Biden been in govt. service for 47 years compared to Pres. Trump’s almost 4 years……so how many more years will you close your eyes for Biden?

    3. TRUMP in denial ! He don’t care about anybody but himself ! He’s not a very good person or human being !!!

  3. Mean while Canada has been paying it’s unemployed citizens $2,000.00 a month and have been since March !

    1. Hey at least the stock market is doing well thanks to the Trillions of our money that was given to them by this useless administration.

      One $1,200 check at the beginning of this year doesn’t do jack for any of us.

    2. Did Canada really pay the unemployed $2000 a month since March. That adds up to be more than our unemployment payments + the first $600 enhancement + The 3-week Trump enhancement of $200 or $300 a week for 3 weeks. Other than that, it’s basic eligibility as less than $2000 monthly by far

    3. @lisa Blodgett My daughter has received it. It’s called the CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit). And many others. She only started to work again three weeks ago, and we are not sure if it’s going to last. -Concerned Canadian.

  4. The Republicans do not want a recovery so that they can say the dems destroyed everything. But they did it. The repubs are evil

    1. @Don Carleno just like democrats said nothing about barry running up the deficit, but screamed about it while Trump is president.

    2. @Sheila Davidson Actually, the bills for funding has to come from Congress so if you took govt. in school, you must have flunked it..right?

    3. @Sondra L well I have to disagree with that. If that were true there would only be 1 or 2 repugs left inall of congress.

  5. No stimulus for the American people then No package for Corporations. Every member should be made to declare how they voted.

    1. I voted for Trump!… It’s the drinker of the house Nancy Pelosi she isn’t worried about the American people just like most Democrats because she has a freezer full of ice cream and a cabinet filled with vodka

  6. Dear Georgians, in your hands lies the decision to strip do nothing McConnel of his power to continue to obstruct progress. Need stimulus? Vote accordingly!

    1. Vote Blue Georgia! With your votes, you remove the GOP from all chairs of the Senate Committee. It’s time we start charging people with crimes against America!!

    2. I have not hope….

      Most Americans care more about. FEAR LIES….than….FACTS…and RESPONSIBILITY….

      hope…. Georgians can prove me WRONG and VOTE FOR America / DEMOCRATS….

      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF mich mcconnell…

    1. Trump needs to do good on behalf of his master. Putin is going to want his money back soon. Don Jr. said it, we have all the money we want out of Russia.

    2. @Michel Jean , democrats gave Putin the Crimea, Syria, uranium and stood by and did nothing knowing Russia was interfering in the election.
      Trump gave Putin nothing you do the math.
      Putin is smart enough to know that by doing a little bit of interfering on trumps behalf would be a great way to get rid of someone who gave him nothing , and replaced with someone who will give him anything he wants , however democrat voters are to stupid to get that , and Putin knew that and you are proof positive of that.

    1. @Toya Johnson You are correct. We have not had a President or a Senate for the last four years. If the common man or woman in America did not perform their job they would be fired. The GOP has done little to nothing for so long with no consequences that they are proud and smug of the fact that they have not gotten anything accomplished for the people.

  7. No wonder Americans have lost faith in their government.
    A government that happily lets people die of covid or starvation.
    Are Americans finally seeing that the rest of the civilised world treats their people better and with dignity?

  8. yes they are setting Biden up for failure, very cruel upon the people of America they don’t deserve to be used, abused like this when they are suffering

    1. But people voted cowards and trash like McConnell back in. There comes a time when we have to hold voters accountable for what’s happening.

    2. I hope Biden gets an intangible streak of something to blow the lid off this and come out of as the man that saved all decent Americans .I’m pulling him for just cause so many aren’t. Fk um come on job and jam you all got this cause rump didnt have it

  9. I’m living on Germany
    They are strict about the virus. NO ONE will end up homeless or go hungry. Makes it easier to deal with all the restrictions.

  10. We need more stimulus checks!!!!! Moscow Mitch McConnell and his Republican thugs only care for the wealthy and big corporations!!!!!!

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