Garrett: U.S. ‘Far From Being Out Of The Woods’ As Coronavirus Cases Surge | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. That’s right, the cats out of the bag. Don’t expect us to stay home after they got out and did what they wanted to do and damaged half the country an infected each other. We the people are not going to take it anymore.

    1. America did good. 7-25 year olds kinda max out at 2 months. She didn’t shut us down. We decided to stay in.

    1. Spothpothyia First of all they are not tyrants. Second of all, you need to know the deaths to know how deal with this.

    2. Nicholas Giuliano yeah the inflated death toll. It’s pretty bad when they’re trying to say gunshot victims that died from their wounds, died from this virus.

    3. @Nicholas Giuliano Cuomo opened up a tip line where you can rat out other NYers who aren’t social distancing, if that isn’t tyranny and fascism idk what is

  2. Wasn’t MSNBC promoting mass gatherings last week? You know, the things that cause spikes in COVID cases.

    1. @Asiimwe Balinda that’s a stupid excuse to loot and burn your own neighborhoods. But hey, who really wants businesses to flourish on their block anyway? Those stores will never come back to your community. Congratulations on less commerce and less jobs in your new found ghetto.

    2. Joe Schmoe: It caught your attention, didn’t it? The whitesupremacist killer is in custody, Trump your leader is hiding in a bunker and Congress is discussing reforms to policing. The whitesupremacist nonsense is unsustainable, it must die.

    3. Protesters and rioters are immune from Coronavirus, as long as they are protesting and rioting. Experts agree.

    4. Rich Katusov: The cause is bigger than Coronavirus. Racism and injustice are insidious and more harmful than the virus.

    5. @Asiimwe Balinda Sounds like your programming is complete, if can’t see the hypocrisy staring you in the face. Every dictatorship in history started with “the cause is bigger than”.

    1. @Maya L You’re trying extremely hard to have good English but you can’t put “-” after my name like that lol

    2. @Greybeard overly cautious is sad too, Ya’ll wear condoms all the time just in case as well? Is that why your population’s dwindling? lmao

    3. Actually she doesn’t believe masks help as much as gloves. But she says masks at least warn people to stay away

  3. Uh oh, I guess the riots are calming down, back to the Covid panic – must keep on the pressure until Nov!

    1. scoots : They should charge those four cops with starting those riots, and put the focus where it belongs?

    2. @ruth depew right’ cause cops and National guard were torching cities down. Get back to your cave now.

    3. They’re “fast tracking” 10 different vaccines for us all to go and panick buy before everybody figures out that this isn’t real.

  4. Why does everything have to be a controversy, I just want the facts and not all the confusion, the issue is not in whether we are doing all we can, but the fact that information is changing constantly, and no one knows what to believe anymore. I get that new studies come out, but can’t they wait to verify results and give us a more accurate picture rather than use whatever study fits that new outlets agenda. No one knows what to believe anymore and it’s a real tragedy.

    1. you are looking in the wrong place for facts. All of mainstream media is all bought out. You have to follow independent investigative journalists now to find the facts. But dont worry there so many amazing REAL journalists out there now due to this MSM takeover – its created a true Renaissance in the field! MSM is only good to see what are the lies & agendas being pushed.

    2. @Neil Nokes don’t tell us what’s REALLY going on in our country. You only see the t.v. screen. Btw, the next time you start a fire we’ll come and put it out for you. Again. Thanks.

    3. @Karen Byrd nah. The lefties just want to demonize him for not falling for the lies. I remember when you were all worried for Trump’s life because he refused to wear a mask. That’s funny three months later when he never got sick.

    4. Joe Schmoe I see statistics that you obviously ignore or don’t get to see. We are learning about Covid19 as we go along but getting better all the time. Covid19 doesn’t give a stuff if your left or right wing. People blind to science and common sense will get the virus and some will die needlessly.

    5. Jen Scheibner oh I know, I just am saying it’s not this source, it’s every source. I get covid is bad, but the way they’re handling it is very poor, something like this should bring the country together but it’s done nothing but tear it apart.

    1. If Dr. Fauci had politely suggested two weeks ago that crowded protests were maybe not a good idea during a pandemic, Maxine Waters would have demanded his head on a spike.

    2. No subs No content I think it seemed that way for a bit because some people thought if we don’t talk about covid anymore, it will magically disappear. Not the case. We need to be focusing on both issues but we can’t rid our country of systemic racism if we are not alive to do so. And with covid disproportionately effecting African Americans, it seems to me that systemic racism also plays a roll in covid.

    3. @stara Lake that is one of the stupidest and most racist thing being said about this “pandemic”. Please explain why you believe that it disproportionally affects blacks. I’ve already heard the explanation that “black and Asian people have a weaker immune than whites”. But, that is not only illogical, but it’s racist. Do you have a better explanation than this unintelligent and racist view?

  5. Headlines that include statements like “…far from being out of the woods” (even if it’s a quote from their interviewed fear-monger of the day) are opinion pieces filled with agenda-promoting bias. #FakeNews

  6. Apparently their correspondent never stepped out of the Wendy’s, whilst america didnt step out of the woods.

  7. Did anybody else notice that the second wave started on the same exact day that George Floyd was buried? Hmmmmm?!

    1. Only those that pay attention. Too many are sheep who believe everything the media feeds them.

  8. So predictable that the lock step media all starts reporting on the same propaganda, on the same day. We’re so being played…. constantly. Straight out of the Nazi propaganda play book!! Repeat, repeat, repeat, rinse and repeat ours brains!!

  9. Even if all this is true no turning back most people will not sacrifice
    There financial lives for this.

  10. The people are not going to be driven back into a “hole”. We learned our lesson. And who in the world thinks the police are going to enforce these governors lockdown rules now?

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