1. @Joe Dementia Fingers Give me a break. The true criminals/terrorists are right here in America (Home grown). We saw that on 1/6/20. Get off Trumps bandwagon with the broken wheel. Its over. Get used to it..

    1. @o me that’s kind of a weird take away from that but sure. My butt hurts very much from being labeled a Nazi and a White Supremacist just because I oppose the Democrats disasterous agenda. I’m not even Republican, but the second you say anything against the liberal narrative you’re instantly labeled a Trumper. That’s how they divide and conqour, it’s been done many times before throughout human history. The side willing to categorize, label and censor everyone is the tolerant side? No sir… Learn your history or be doomed to repeat it.

    2. @Nick Dionne I don’t think we can get any more dangerous than Trump’s republican agenda, though. Look at what a violent disaster 2016 to 2020 was. Then the capitol insurrection.

      You see, to you, “dangerous” is petty things like PC culture and sensitivity which ultimately are just a phase.

      But really you should be concerned about the insane wealth disparity in America. But I’m sure you’d also agree we need to regulate and break up the health industry in our nation.

    3. @The Truth Is Out 777 you better look yourself in the mirror you didn’t speak out when Trump separated children at the border

  1. This man officially is the voice of the United States of America, breathing an unbelievable sigh of relief now that the Cancer has been excised from its heart.

    1. There are over 75 million people who disagree with you….there is a new party now, the MAGA party. Retribution is coming….Biden and Harris, are out in 2024.

    2. @Jason Boyd wth is this with you people, abortion? Seems to have taken over you. Very sick. Prove that more Democrats get abortions than Republicans .. we are all waiting.

  2. Cult: “Fire Fauci! Fire Fauci! Fire Fauci!”
    Trump: “Don’t tell anybody but let me wait until a little bit after the election.”
    Fauci pushes open WH door: “Hello…? Anybody here? Pres. Biden! Thank God it’s you!”

    1. Fauci is a phony standing maskless behind Lying Trump saying nothing.. to keep his job…now suddenly latching onto Biden

  3. When he said let’s sing this together as one… United… it actually brought a tear to my eye.. during the last 4 years that kinda messaging was lost.. looking forward to see what these next 4 years bring under our new POTUS!

    1. @OverlandMD B That might well be the case. I did like Andrew Yang a lot. Also Bernie Sanders but the question was not who is the better man/woman but WHO CAN BEAT TRUMP. I live in Europe and Bernie Sanders would be seen here as very much middle of the road. But in your country he is still the ‘far left socialist’ and I’m afraid America is not ready for that yet. A number of people seem to think that free healthcare is something sinister. Smh. They have to move on from that and maybe Andrew Yang will be president one day. But Biden pulled it off as I think he would (sigh of relief). Now build on this from here. Good luck you guys.

  4. Absolutely Beautiful! Symbolism in removing his cowboy hat? Would leaving it on signal the ideological divide that permeates this country, or would leaving it on encourage unity, we are ALL HERE TOGETHER!

    1. You are right, absolutely beautiful. Definitely no symbolism though, any performer of the national anthem/amazing grace that is wearing a hat takes it off when performing. Common sign of respect.

    1. I love how he interpreted the song. He wanted to speak each word and put special emphasis on them. This was a very special inauguration

    1. @Grant Anderson It is funny to hear how the leftist fight for the right things while the right extremists fight for a man that has been sent to the left , to the left . Most left men are geniuses like Davinci, Einstein , Marie Curie, Tesla, Bill Gates , Obama . They are all leftist so I rather be too.

    2. @Grant Anderson With people like you the world can never progress , you are too negative and subjective . So I’ll say to you : right handed Donald Trump is responsible for the death of 400.000 Americans in the space of 8 months , he is responsible for losing 1005 children’s parents . I mean they are brown and I guess just because of that you don’t care but I do. Just try and see the two sides , I mean I don’t hate anybody , because if I ever need a kidney or heart transplant , I wouldn’t mind if the donor is a right winged person , Ill take it and be grateful. I am an organ donor for left and right .

    1. @xlr8r2010 Religion has nothing to do with politics. There are plenty of religious people who vote Democratic. Biden is even catholic.

      When you die, God doesn’t ask you if you were a Republican or Democrat. He’ll ask you if you accepted Christ as your Lord

    2. @The Truth Is Out 777 So the California fires killed more than any protests…peaceful or otherwise yet you still accuse. Seriously..more than 10,500 buildings were burned in the CA fires and you are choosing false equivalency. If by the darkest period you mean equal and fair justice for all, then have at it. But your comment history indicates your bias and ignorance. Just sayin’

    1. @OverlandMD B As far as I know, hitler called his party National Socialist because he thought it sounded better and would be more electable. There was nothing socialist about the Nazis. It is as simple as that.

    2. @T What we truly need in this country is to get rid of political party’s all it does is create radicals on both sides

    3. Well, there are probably many like Garth here. This nation has had some horrific times in the past, and it’s decent people rising up against the horror that carries the day. Never assume someone’s a racist just because of their accent.

  5. I’m not from your country but I’m tearing up at the beginning of the restoration of decency.

  6. I love that they had so many old standards. It is fitting that this song was written by the captain of a slave ship who found God and repudiated slavery and all it stood for.

      President Trump was the best President in our history!! He accomplished more positives than any other president. Unfortunately many people that are crazy, and lazy, and selfish, crossed his path these past 4 years!! MSNBC,CNN and CBS are evil by attacking the president daily!! They created TREASON! Treason=RIOTS!!
      If the democrats do not start acting as true moral patriots and stop supporting…Abortion, gay marriage,
      Transgender lifestyles, Wicked planned parenthood, etc. which all of these mock “GOD” as creator of male and female, and marriage only between a man and a woman, as GOD had made…This Nation Will Suffer!
      Expect more disagreements and possible violence. President Putin of Russia has better morals than these people!

    2. Indeed your words are true. Many simply recite the words and understand not the meaning. May those who are still lost someday see. Soli Deo Gloria

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