Gas prices could be to blame for rising costs in services and goods | USA TODAY

As Americans continue to experience rising gas prices, they're wondering if it could affect other items or services we buy.

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Uber customers can expect to pay a surcharge on their rides and delivery orders in the coming weeks to help ease the pain at the pump for drivers.

The surcharge costs are based on the average trip distance and increase in gas price in each state.

Besides the gas station, where the impact of $4 per gallon gas has been immediately noticeable, the other place consumers could see price increases in the short term is at the grocery store.

Russia and Ukraine combined account for 25% of global wheat exports and the invasion has sent wheat prices soaring to historic highs. Ukraine recently announced it was banning exports of wheat, oat and other food staples.

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  1. Well, sadly, gas prices will likely just keep rising for the foreseeable future. Many of us here in the United States pay a “fear premium” for crude oil without even realizing it. I actually have a video on this very topic that would help you out.

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