Gastroenteritis Outbreak Worrying | GOJ Seeks Extension of SOE | TVJ Midday News – Nov 22 2022


    1. Andrew cannot build company to provide jobs for every one in the country if you people put the guns down you would have had investors invest in the country, when you people leave jamaica and go to other countries is it the government of those countries gives all of you jobs ?it is the same local business man who build and invest in their country so that you immigrant can get a jobs , but you people in jamaica are shooting out the investors out of your country, and you people cannot afford to employ not one person let alone two, I hope you people come to your senses and stop the killing so that investors can come and invest in your country, you know what you people think that running away investors from your country is going to stop the primeminister from having food on his table, you poor people has you called your self are only making yourself poorer, you people are the ones who labeled yourself as poor people, that is why you all will stay poor, because that is how you labeled your self , when you people killed the few people who can give even one person a job and that person is no more the unemployed person join the jobless line, so you people in jamaica are only hurting yourself and your family so people please think about the situation for self and others

  1. My granny always say Fool meck mockery after sin 🀣 πŸ˜‚ and this is the country that is seeking to remove Engnd as the head of state May God the Almighty intervene in jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡², swifly going t hell.

  2. Every sector is in such a deplorable state never seen this in the history of Jamaica. These white collar criminals can’t seems to implement nothing good for the citizens of Jamaica.

  3. All I can see with pnp is just power them want not to help Jamaica and the people who feeling it .not one of u don’t come together with J LP to help flight crime just talking every day make no sense G look in to your self

  4. to reduce crime aka murder we need to enforce laws in those parishes and make work life better Andrew should build companies for persons to work after they leave high school or even college , to enforce law the government need patrol on every country in every town all the time Make it mandatory and permanent to set patrol or scout in towns and this will make ppl feel at ease and trust the law and the government, I see that Andrew is trying but ppl need to understand no one is perfect and we all need someone to take that position but Jamaicans are narrow minded and don’t see the bigger picture everything is Andrew , we are the people we should help make the country better, but we have high unemployment in this country makes everyone lazy and have lack of intelligent and this makes everyone wants to leave Jamaica.. I understand about the vape but it should be 16 plus all though its harmful or 17 plus i saw kids using them and they feel they are bigger than adults.. Andrew should focus on fixing unemployment and the road for now and the money and crime those are some major topics. I hope this reach you guys well to who wants to listen..

    1. U really think he cares as long as he is in power and look down on the poor people of Jamaica he don’t care the best thing is to vote him out

  5. Random people’s National Party should not have a problem with that because they can see the Daya situation that Jamaica is in so they can stand against security because security is what Jamaica need right now and the current party in Paul is responsible and I think they would ask Canada for help because they are the one along with the Jamaica labor party make Jamaica like this you don’t blame the United States this is the work of Canada Queen Elizabeth it seems like she did want every Jamaican dead before she leave us and her regime in Canada play the dangerous Roar by sending in the guns and the current regime in Jamaica accept everything I know things is out of control they don’t call in Canada they are calling the opposition The People’s National Party think about that I believe Canada is so ashamed I never know that someone know so now they ask skin the jlp to crack down my grandmother would say boy let me tell you something shame is not load but it breaks neck

  6. I agreed that it’s not your party put Jamaica where it is Mark golden but Jamaica is in Daya situation at the moment and something have to be done about it so if you expect to be the next prime minister of Jamaica you have to jump in and claim responsibility for Success if there is success because the Prime Minister don’t stand a chance there’s nothing under the sun he can do to change Jamaican mind anymore he have to go so you can see an opportunity and Let It Fly by you mark golden and if you don’t support it then you should never be prime minister of Jamaica this is not about Andrew holness so stop the talking and getting lying

  7. You know where your heart is on the issue I know we are my heart is when it comes to the issue Jamaica need to live they don’t need to die like a dog

  8. I agree that the shopkeeper that sell the student The Vaping are the cigarette should be arrested and charged and both fine and confine must be lever at him in other words throw the book of him

  9. The way you enforced it is both fine and confine that’s how you go about the people who are abusing the situation

  10. Thanks being to God the Father the Son of the Holy Spirit none of them lose their life so we have a lot to give thanks for look at what’s going on in Haiti and Jamaica where is Canada and the United States

  11. Not my eyes my eyes are upon the Lord that make heaven and earth help me Lord. Repent ye nations πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ“–

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