Gated Communities: False Sense of Security? | TVJ News – Mar 8 2022

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    1. Police can’t patrol a gated communities, but they can go on personal properties, kick off residents doors???? Very interesting!!!!!!

  1. Let’s say they get access, criminals are gonna do their illegal actives on the front lawn? Or they gonna profile random people and search them and their property illegally

    1. Trust me, they will do their thing on the front lawn, as they don’t have a clue abt keeping a low profile….they LOOOVE the limelight. I am in Harbour View…not gated…..but a usually quiet little town, it used to be joked abt our local cops not having a thing to do, the most we had was car stealing and ppl driving thru occasionally and commit various acts, now I’m watching it just slowly breaking bad. It started with the tenement style rentals, houses turning into shops/stalls, then chairs on the sidewalks at nite, with domino tables, sound systems and jerk pans following up….not to mention the myriads of bikes and strange faces appearing overnight…..and don’t think the little illegal sales not going on. Calling the police is a dead end, they promise to circle and never show. The Citizens Association approaches are totally rebuffed and one on one encounters results in u being labelled. The police who are willing to work, needs a little more ‘length’ to carry out their jobs. Time we realise, criminals nah play with us here in JA, so we can’t keep mollycoddling and making excuses for them. As for ppl in gated communities…the good haffi guh suffah fi di bad or next time is on YOUR doorstep the crime a reach

  2. The residents have to start policing the communities..since the developers cant stop the sale to an New York City..the Board of the Coop woukd have to screen the buyers….before sales..

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