1. Even tho I don’t know you, I pray that you all have a blessed life and a happy one 💯💓

  2. Those rings cannot gaurd them , they just let them die before their time because they are harbouring evil around them, those are evil desires, God is the only person who can gaurd people, those are the devil work, God is my guide, if God is for us who can be against us, the devil is a liar.

  3. I cant take that lady in red serious with those glasses & grumpy face 😂😂😂😂

  4. Gaurd is around longtime because even the tape measure they say u tie around your waist and it protects you from evil spirits..

  5. I have a personal experience wearing those mystical looking rings. I saw a lady selling alot them downtown and I fell compelled to purchased one which I did for $1500JMD due to the look of it, however after about four months of wearing the ring, one day I was at a vaccination site and a elderly man came to me and ask if I was “BROTHER WOOD” and I told him no, he said that he saw the ring and was making signs and I was not responding, I was shocked because I thought it’s just a ring and fashion not knowing the true meaning behind it, I even curiously asked what was the consequences for not being apart of ” BROTHER HOOD” a wearing the ring,he gave me a very strange answer and from that day I never ever wore that ring again. Alot of people are wearing these ring for fashion and other persons have ulterior motives so I think for the school children it just fashion.

    1. @CountryYouth RecordsI really don’t know but I’ve done some research and what I’m getting is some dark sh*t bro.

    2. @OLDSCHOOLRECORDS U affi firm fi study on freemasonry an also believed ina the real god up above else u ago stray

  6. Guard rings began at Scotland yard , since i was a child I heard and saw popular people wearing guard rings they would say to us kids that these people are in lodge and the ring gave them power. Just as the man who was interviewed. Their necks could not turned backwards to look they have to turn their whole body. Itgives them certain powers to acheive wealth and the demons which possesses their bodies communicate thru these ring.
    For today world theirs this teaching about wealth and protection but if only they know the consequences they will have to pay .I saw some older people suffer before they die. The word of God declares: Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God And His Righteousness And. All Things shall Be Added Unto You.

  7. I never knew or call something I love to wear as a guard, as a child I called it was a good lucky item.

  8. Look wah Jamaica gaan to! Once practiced under the cover of darkness, now brazen as brass in broad daylight. May God have mercy on Jamaica as prayed in our National Anthem.

    1. Spiritualism to things in the last days spiritualism is one of the greatest deception to be in the last days

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