Gavin Walters React to Jahshii ER Interview | TVJ Entertainment Report - Dec 17 2021 1

Gavin Walters React to Jahshii ER Interview | TVJ Entertainment Report – Dec 17 2021


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    1. I think it was a good interview he speaks about his reality and mr Miller asked him pertinent questions to which he answered .i

  1. It’s not about someone being disloyal, it’s about a friend that’s planning to kill him and said he was going to murder them before they murder him. He’s sending a message to the ones around him in a society that’s full of friends killing friends.

  2. Nothing changed from the 80th until now At a matter a facts it even worsens ,It a civil war going on with the haven’t on our self, I am from the slums of 80th,Ghetto is life style and i don’t promote it in my music, majority musicians came out of ghetto,We promot Consciousness and awareness in the music and interviews and so should it be to bresk the cycle and reset the mind.

  3. This youth is a community builder, according to what he said. No matter how he cam e
    across with some things, maybe a little crude listen carefully ,his objective is to make everyone happy, that’s commendable at his age. I wish for him a long progressive, out a trouble life .

  4. The cries of our real Jamaicans are always shunned, to show a “irie man” Jamaica. Now is the time for us all to use this “message”, yes message, as a wake up call.

  5. Very well articulated. There are so many sociological aspects to Jahsii’s interview that it’s triggering discussions long overdue. It was that powerful

  6. The narrative has always been youths and music contributing to crimes. This time the youth and music is saying the law is also a contributing factors… the media is against whatever they want it to be.

  7. I said this last week …he was speaking from his reality. We all won’t relate but that doesn’t mean this ain’t his life.

  8. Well said bro. One issue tho. U said Jahshi said if his friend wasnt loyal what he would do. Loyal is too wide a word to use there. He said clearly that if his friend try to KILL him he would kill the friend. If ur friend rob u or supn else das a different story. If ur friend try to kill u dont TRY kill him, make sure he’s DEAD. Nothing is wrong with what the youth said. Theres a distinction between a friend being loyal and a friend try to KILL you.

  9. Friendship can be very powerful. Friends can encourage, inspire, and drive us to become better Christians. They can also provide soothing words in times of distress. If you feel you are lacking this connection with a friend, become intentional and reconnect or seek out a friend. Cultivate a relationship of trust by connecting on a regular basis.

  10. I agree with some parts but don’t describe his interview as a blunder. Jamaicans like to pretty up things, he spoke his truth and the truth of many poor people in a blunt way and y’all don’t like that. Also, how you gonna say that what he said was real but think it should be tailored? Kmt

  11. Toronto Canada AKA The 6 🇨🇦
    This was a great interview to get some deeper understanding of what the youts are going through👍 I know the artists will use this opportunity to make the best of it🔥

  12. Everybody a chat bout real and truth.the truth can hold you back especially if you are from the ghetto and the system already a pree yu…jashi is young but must also be mindful that his music and his utterances can be used to judge him and deny him better opportunities in the future…..if the truth is so good all the time why don’t we all go to the embassy and tell them we plan to run off in their country and work illegal? Yu see a noh everything good fi eat good fi talk and the truth will not always set u free but set u back….

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