1. Imagine being the person who sees this video and leaves a hate comment!
    It’s sad to see people leaving their homes for such reasons. We hope wherever they’ll go, they will find a welcoming place with nice people.

    1. @Faith Boothman Look at the statistics for those who grow up in single parent homes without a father.

    2. @Vlad the Inhaler I’m not living in a world where every thing is fake news that I don’t agree with. I know it doesn’t matter who raises a kid just as long as they cared for and loved. You get some reality.

  2. My sad story? I was raised in the church. Baptized twice and didn’t view the gay community as human beings. I had lost friends AND relationships over my bigoted point of view. How sickening is it that it took for my life being on the line in afghan before I changed. Why? Because I was twice saved by someone whom I previously had no respect. I’m not religious anymore but if there is a entity anywhere in the cosmos who cares about what’s going on on the speck of dust. I humbly ask for their forgiveness as I have the entire LBGT community. Existence will be much easier on all of us if we learned to truly love and respect one another’s differences

    1. @Lisa Anderson Leviticus 18:22

      22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    2. @STIIIZY JONES K, and? It’s also a sin to wear clothing of mixed fabrics according to Leviticus. In Exodus 16:49 it says you can sell your Daughter as a sex slave. The Bible also condones polygamy unless you are an Elder, do you allow people to do that?

    3. @Lisa Anderson only if shes in her 20s and shes a non-monogamous democrat. we need to start encouraging younger women to harlem for older men. the 1-1 relationship is wrong according to you guys. so lets just all have fun.

    4. ​@STIIIZY JONES Im not doing that, I’m going off the same logic you do since you are quoting some verses. You just skirted from that again with jokes out of context. I’ve heard an honest Pastor claim that there are lots of things in the Bible they don’t follow any longer. So which human has or had the authority to stop sexual slavery but go back to the old Leviticus laws?

    1. It’s very dangerous for them to stay in a place full of intolerant and hatred against people like them the chance of suffering some kind of violence and not having support from the state is huge. It would be good for them to move to a more open and free state with differences.

    2. @john bower Did you (conservative) get hurt because I told you the truth? That’s good, it means I’m on the right path.

  3. Beautiful loving FAMILY! 🤗🏳️‍🌈

    Imagine if the LGBTQ+ community decided to BOYCOTT Florida for the months of July and August?!! 🤔

    No airline flights

    No hotel reservations

    No shopping (including outlet malls)

    No Disneyworld/Epcot Center/ Universal Studios

    No Miami Beach/Fort Lauderdale

    No Key West

    No Caribbean Cruises

    The economic loss to the tourism business will be HUGE! And the thousands of Floridians who depend on their livelihood due to the LGBTQ+ community, would feel it within a few short hours! Now see how it goes after 2 months?

    Guess Governor DeSanASS wouldn’t care and be willing to take that risk?

    Then if enough citizens both gay and straight realized what that BOYCOTT could do, they might start to move to another state that didn’t discriminate based on sexuality!

    Oh, like Disney has always said…
    “It’s A Small World After All!” 😉🤗

    1. @Jimmy Taylor the opposite of the star trek episode mark of gideon where the overpopulated planet kidnaps kirk !

    2. @mam564 I am the father of 3 straight children and refuse to visit California….see how that works?

  4. I grew up on Indian Rocks Beach, and I couldn’t imagine living there now. It’s insane!

    1. @j Rowdy GI problem is you have to get drunk with them. Florida is great for a visit but i much prefer Washington State.

  5. My heart and soul! Love is as love does. Children are far more knowledgeable, more open, less hateful, forgiving and generous with their love than the despicable, intolerant fascist creep, Deathsentence. Come on Floridians, remove the hateful dictator!

    1. No, the greatest love is laying down your life for your friends. Not depriving a boy from a mother.

  6. I don’t blame these parents, next they’ll come for their child . All for the safety of their child who seems happy and delightful. Peace y’all

    1. @David C 👈 lies for 💰 💴

      I know your options are slim. Fake protester or lying in comment sections isn’t a way to live.

  7. I really hope people dont leave, leaving will make it harder to vote politicians who are against LGBTQ rights out of office. If you still leave, I understand why that decision was made. Time will come when this could be done on a federal level or if the supreme court overturns same sex marriage

  8. They look like a wonderful family I would be Happy to have them as neighbors.
    So what now does this mean that the state is going to Break up their family?

    1. ill tell you what it means! the state is going to break up their family – you got it exactly right! they will place them into a hospital where doctors will perform the Ludovico technique!

  9. How is this possible in today’s world?
    Families can came in different models, colours, sizes and ways.
    Family is ❤️

    1. people can live wherever they want – how dare you tell them they cant move out of florida – live and let live !

  10. I’m 70 and straight, with little association with the gay community. Look, I don’t know what the solution is, because the whole thing is contentious, visceral and emotional. So what I do is go from truth to truth to map out my own position – for me. Here are my facts on which I comfortably rely. They have been tried and tested in my mind. I really don’t care about anyone else’s opinion at this point because I need reality to cling to, not a shifting argument.

    1. No one would choose to adopt a way of life often connected with discrimation, ostracism, battery and murder. Therefore it is, by and large, not a choice.
    2. Treating non-binary orientation or dysphoria as an aberration to be eliminated encourages extreme and dehumanizing solutions. This is neither congruent with intelligent behaviour or advanced civilization. It is a medieval and barbaric knee-jerk reaction produced by our baser nature.
    3. Treating non-binary orientation or dyphoria as a biological ailment has limited merit. It would have to be at the genetic level and the verdict is still out on that. Even if the correlations were proven it could hardly be described as anything other than an alternative manifestation of life.
    4. Treating non-binary orientation or dysphoria as a psychological disorder is useless, as therapies has been notoriously unsuccesful in “reversing the gay”. In fact they have caused further trauma.
    5. Treating non-binary orientation or dysphoria as demons is not just regressive, but there has been no truly successful “praying the gay away”. In fact this has caused further trauma.
    6. My own discomfort with the flaunting an celebratory aspects is much less now, simply because in my mind they can be accounted for as expressions of self-validation, joy, relief, release and euphoric community spirit. I have reservations about the orgies, but then again I have reservations about hetero orgies too.
    7. I was nearly 10 when I first found out about rainbow sexuality, and that what was then known as “sex-change” existed. I was traumatized for 2 weeks, but my overwhelming reaction was a sense of betrayal that no-one had told me this before. Children can understand all this quite earlier. Don’t think it would influence their sexuality, but it would certainly prevent future trauma and increase their empathy. Sensitive and positive reference to the LGBTQ situation as part of a child’s upbringing might also cathartically explain a lot that a child may have already experienced, either as onlookers or within themselves. I *do not know* whether it should be done in schools or left to parents.
    8. My present position so far makes me inclined to accept same sex parenting. I accept that it likely will not influence the orientation if the child(ren). I *do not know* what other consequences there may be, but am not overly concerned.
    9. I know that I can express the foregoing thoughts comfortably in the company of like-minded individuals.
    10. I *do not know* if I can defend the LGBTQ community in the company of antagonistic homicidal bay-hounds or fundamentalist fanatics. I may choose to shut up.
    11. I can never kill, harm, jeopardise the livelyhood of, or belittle a member of the LGBTQ community.
    12. I can laugh at something said about them, provided it was truly funny and not just offensive.

    This is the state of my evolution. Figured it out by myself. No-one can knock me off those 12 pillars, but there may be room for more in my future, such as it is.

  11. Kudos to that couple, their son looks happy, smart and he is growing secure. Please guys don’t let other morons change your life.

    1. I feel sorry for that child. He has almost no chance at a normal life.

      Someone should look at the statistics of how many children raised by gay parents end up gay. My guess is that it is a far larger percentage than when children are raised by straight parents.

      We have had legal gay marriage long enough that the data should be available by now. It would put the whole nature vs nurture debate to rest either way.

  12. I can’t imagine a day in the life of Desantis. He starts every day with a pledge to hate someone. I don’t know for sure but I would guess he claims to be Christian. He is not.

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