1. The ignorance of people knows no bounds. Labeling a dog and using this as justification to mistreat and murder him is a disgrace! Thanks to the rescuers and the adoptive parents.

  2. How does one know a dog is gay? I thought that was dominated trait it shows to all sexes is what a dog trainer once said 🤔

    1. Yeah this “smells fishy” indeed and reeks of propaganda and social engineering.

  3. so glad he has a forever home I have three male dogs and it is not just male dogs my female dog would mount Cosmo even after he mated with her. I notice it is always the alpha beta because Dior son mounts the younger red nose who is way bigger than the yorkiepoo.

  4. I’m very glad this dog went to a great family. Good for you guys!!! 👍 These people that wanted to euthanize their dog because they believed the animal is “gay;” shouldn’t be allowed to own another animal. They’re, obviously, not playing with a full deck.

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