1. @A A No, you conflating two different things here, those with sex chromosome disorders and transgender individuals who were born biologically male or female.

    2. @Vlad the Inhaler no I’m not I’m pointing out a simple fact, that there are people that have an XY chromosome that are not males or men. Whether they could have children or not is actually besides the point. There are people that have chromosomes that do not match the genitalia typically seen for that set of chromosomes. You can agree with that so why can’t you agree that there could be circumstances in which people are born chromosomally male, display genitalia that aligns with those chromosomes, but they are not boys or men because chromosomes are NOT the ONLY deciding factor. We also see circumstances where people have chromosomes that are typically male or female and genitalia that is opposite. Biological sex and gender are not black and white. They both exist on a spectrum

    3. @A A The issue I have with your claim is that you take a small percentage of people who suffer from disorders that can in many cases lead to other health problems, and use that to make the claim sex is on a spectrum.

    4. @Vlad the Inhaler ย  listen, a spectrum doesn’t mean that everyone is somewhere in the middle of male and female.. if you’re “fully male” fine, you’re on the far black end or the far white end of the spectrum. That’s great for you. I’m on the other end imo. I’m “fully female.” Most people are either fully male or fully female, but since we know at least one persons sex exists on a spectrum that necessarily means that biological sex is a generalization, but a generalization doesn’t encompass all people.

  1. Bigotry! Right on.
    The difference is not Democrats and Republicans
    The difference is some people have a heart and some are heartless
    Some people have empathy and some have no empathy

    1. @Sin Sincere how is it homophobic to not want boys or men playing girls or women’s sports???

  2. I grew up in a small SC town and I knew this man because he was me. i was moved to tears watching this. Such bravery and I am so glad a younger generation of gay men and women feel empowered to speak the truth.

    1. @Roguect Garbeled The only problem with that logic, is that you’re infringing on the rights of women to do so.

    2. @Stevie Wells That’s the whole point of the argument about transgender athletes competing against women.

    1. @Eric Bogar Like they really care at all about women’s sports…Or women’s existence for that matter.

    2. @Zenni Millano It’s quite obvious that you don’t. You are perfectly fine with young girls and women being allowed to compete against biological men who have a natural advantage.

  3. Dang how perfect of a situation. How he could point out the other politician’s own situation with his brother.

    1. I thought bringing up someones family member was gross. What did that have to do with the debate?
      Its just emotion, there is no actual argument being made, just meaningless shaming.

    2. @funkydanieluk it was in context and it applied. These laws are unfortunate and just a way to attack these people who are part of the community and have been part of communities for all of history.

  4. Brings tears to my eyes thinking about him and my gay friends that have hurt themselves or passed on because of societal harassment, a lack of support, or having been ostracized. Cruelty can get so normalized sometimes. Stay strong out there kids! There are people fighting for you, even if you canโ€™t always hear them.

  5. โ€ฆโ€because this is what consumes your time!โ€
    Bingo! Imagine if these racists focused their time on education, art, nature, helping humanityโ€ฆ

    1. @Derian Vandalsen i live in a region with the highest percentage of sgp voters of holland. I know about the bible belt ๐Ÿ˜…

      But seriously, conversion therapy? In holland? I’m really shocked.

      Rooting for you ๐Ÿ‘

    2. @Denne awareness is a big part; they want to do this off the radar so no one interferes. Just look for it and get the message out.

    3. @Denne not one specific church that I know of, but a whole group that influences through politics so that no measures are taken against it – all under the guise of freedom of religion. If I recall correctly, Amnesty is pushing back against them.

  6. I’m a straight married black man, what that man said touched me, he wasn’t speaking for gay people, he was speaking for people who are too afraid of being marginalized by society.

    1. @NessChaosFire You and everyone else on here announcing your race, sex, and orientation like it somehow means anything are being ridiculous. The topic is whether or not those who were born biologically male should be able to compete against biological females. The idea that this is automatically an issue of bigotry and hate is asinine.

    2. @Leftist Annihilator anything personal is a private matter,unless said person choose to make it public.

  7. My spirit soared after listening to Rep. Mackey’s speech. That took guts and a passion brought on by personal experience, shared by so many. That is someone the state of Missouri, the USA and humanity itself should be proud of.

    1. @A. Alphbond thatโ€™s why a guy just transitioned and went from #462 in the world to #1 and shattering NCAA records. Totally no advantages what so ever.

  8. Yeah, real “nice” people aren’t they? I’ve seen this kind of bullying while growing up. I’ve had many gay friends even while I was a child and saw those kind of behavior from people like Chuck. I thought we were past this kind of bigotry in this country. Unfortunately it seems to be coming back around full circle. We can thank Trump for much of this reversal. ๐Ÿ‘ Good job Trump ๐Ÿ‘

  9. There are so many of us who left where we grew up in order to find others with whom we connected. These ridiculous, legislative attempts at restricting people’s expression are so demeaning…for both sides. SMH

  10. โ€œThis is what consumes your timeโ€ heโ€™s so right. Think of the hours these people spend on these things that do nothing but take away the rights, the dignity and the joy of innocent kids that just want a safe space to grow up and be themselves.

    1. Lol. As if being gay has anything to do with trans women in sports. This guyโ€™s whole speech was basically about how bad the GOP is and not why he disagrees with the bill except that itโ€™s, quote unquote, โ€œbigotedโ€.

    2. @Real American I am NOT an hateful person. I do not HATE trans people. I dislike them. I guess that might sound harsh, and maybe my view on that would change in the future, but at present that is how I feel. I am not propelled by the same emotionally charged, uneducated sentiments that make a person racist or homophobic, I am purely looking at this rationally with zero cares about political stances on these matters. I don’t see what is hateful about what I said.

    3. @Brian Edwards I don’t understand what you mean. Are you saying you read what I wrote and came to the conclusion that I hate anybody at all?

    4. @Mystery Man Got it in one. You can’t love someone and call them evil at the same time. You are full of prejudice and confusion so that you conflate being gay with being trans. Tell me, do you “agree” with people being blonde or short because it’s the same thing.

  11. “This is what consumes your time.” A sentence that defines what’s wrong in the US. The hours and US tax dollars these types of people waste, that could have been used for legislation to improve health care, infrastructure, economy, the lives of ALL Americans, and they still get elected to waste more time and money.

    1. We get the leaders we deserve. Our taxes keep going towards things we arenโ€™t talking about because weโ€™re focused on nonsense like this.

  12. This is exactly how it should be said to our conservative friends.Powerful and you can fell the truth of it with every word.

    1. I dunno if someone started bringing up my LGBT family members to try to score points in an argument i would tell them to get lost regardless of hte point they were making.

  13. I really felt what he had to say. Been there, myself, and I’m also no longer afraid of the people writing these ridiculous laws. And I know that thinly veiled hate, bigotry, and cruelty will never win in the end. It can’t win because humans innately want to love and be loved, cheesy as that may sound.

    1. The opposition to allowing biological males to compete against biological females has nothing to do with bigotry or hate. Those who were born male and transition will still have a biological advantage and that isn’t fair to the women they are competing against.

  14. You go Representative Mackey…You said what so many children and young adults want to yell out to our law makers, not just in Missouri but all over our nation. Kudos to you for your courage and voice!

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