Gen. Barry Mccaffrey: 'Rogue' Trump Must Be Removed From Office | MSNBC 1

Gen. Barry Mccaffrey: ‘Rogue’ Trump Must Be Removed From Office | MSNBC


Retired Four-Star U.S. Army General and MSNBC Military Analyst Gen. Barry McCaffrey reacts to Trump's role in the violent mob that stormed Capitol Hill on Wednesday, saying Congress needs to remove Trump from office now. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Gen. Barry Mccaffrey: 'Rogue' Trump Must Be Removed From Office | MSNBC


    1. @Montana West Girl – No, what happened on January 6 was a consequence of the failure to accept defeat on Election Day. Mitt Romney was right

    2. Danrion,
      Refresh my memory. In what speech did the President incite violence? I listened to his remarks and I don’t recall hearing anything like that.

    1. I believe that those people who ‘broke’ in were encouraged to do that! Set up and staged and made to look like they bust in to make Trump look bad! Look at the footage again and you will see security urging them to come in before they provoked them’ You all better open your eyes and see what’s really going on here!!!!!

    2. @Edward Wright Or all of the DemoNcRatic women were at the abortion clinics today. 500 forms of birth control, yet they STILL haven’t figured out how to protect themselves. It’s astonishing! Birth control doesn’t protect you against HIV.

    1. I remember when he was elected back in 2016 they talked about how he was obsessed with dictators and had a book of Hitler on his bedside table. We saw this coming four years ago.

    1. @Chad Sanislo The “dictator” conspiracy theorists cannot even understand their votes just condemned millions in Taiwan possibly the Phillipines, and all the South China Sea basin to suffer under an ACTUAL dictator. If deplorables are stupid , progressives are absolutely braindead.

    2. @Aracely Sotoj Trump is a very competent president fundamentally, he’s just a horrible American politician. He needled and needled with no finesse. Enough people finally tired of it, they are willing to overlook fraud just to be rid of his attitude. It’s the “safe-space” attitude that has been embraced by members of academia, media, and the subsidized classes. That will come back to bite the whole world, except the elites. They are truly safe.

  1. This more than anything has sealed Trump’s legacy. A traitor to the American people and our Constitution. Amongst all the other stuff he’s done.

    1. The people aren’t trailers ..
      They are sick of democrats trashing everything they touch. Even electing the most corrupt MOB family in history.

    2. @Jay Manz sure ok, there wasn’t a threat of a plane flying into the capital building yesterday lol sure whatever lol

  2. Can u imagine if Obama had done Something like this? They would’ve lynched him and his supporters on Washington Mall for that kinda gall.

    1. @Doug Ohaver That’s the way I see it, and it’s a shameful thing for our country, These people must pay, lock them up.

    2. @staszewa Except that BLM would never have done it. They only have a bad rap because of bad actors, unrelated and unsupportive of BLM’s stance, took it upon themselves to manipulate the situation.

    1. He has been a compromised since being sworn in. This is what happens when you put a failed real estate agent in the White House! !!!!!! The whole world is laughing at us, and he can care less. America! !!!

    1. Flip flop Mitt – tomorrow he’ll be voting for another Trump attack against our safety and health, voting against health care, removing all restrictions and regulations for clean breathable air, clean water (Flint Michigan) and most importantly climate change! I don’t trust Mitt.

    2. @Stevia Liver Mitt is 100% conservative, and I do not agree with many of his stances, but he has never been a petty or vindictive person. He has integrity, and he knows when someone has none.

  3. The lunatic is having a complete and total breakdown, never so much as since he was a child most likely. Oh wait! He still IS a child!

  4. Trump gets an A+ from Putin! The goal was to “Make Russia Great Again” by destabilizing democracy! Job well done!

    1. @Clifford Roebuck Can you tell me? Well, so tell us-give us arguments, and we will look at them and express our opinion.

    2. @inerit Why would he? Putin has been a great President. He is the most astute and well grounded president on earth at the moment.

    3. @Андрей Михайлов You know well that it does: By weakening the United States the balance within Europe is changing and the Soviet…sorry, Russia may seek oportunities in expanding further. I agree to you that the effect of Trump is also to strengthen China on their way to become the worlds leading power.

    4. @Андрей Михайлов What’s happening now in the US is helping russia AND china!!!! Theses countries want to destabilize the western democracies – and thanks to treacherous trump they almost achieved their goal. The real damage cannot be seen yet – both – russia and china – will try to take advantage of our weakness – we just don’t know yet when and in what form. The Biden Administration has a lot to do to not only stop the virus but also to stop russia AND china.

  5. What’s truly sad and disgraceful is that those people were all acting on lies told over and over again over the last four years.

  6. The federal security officers who enabled, aided and abetted the insurrectionists must be identified and removed, tried and jailed if convicted.

    1. That was so disgusting. They might as well have offered them milk and cookies! Imagine if that was a group of blacks breaking windows and taking selfies inside! And I say this as a white woman, because we all know it’s truth!

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