Gen. Colin Powell: This Was A 'National Disgrace,' But We'll Get Through It | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Gen. Colin Powell: This Was A ‘National Disgrace,’ But We’ll Get Through It | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says Wednesday was a 'national disgrace, but we'll come through it.' Secy. Powell questions the lack of organized security at the U.S. Capitol and he says that Congress must be ready to step in should Trump attempt something similar before he leaves office. Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Gen. Colin Powell: This Was A 'National Disgrace,' But We'll Get Through It | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Republicans, 90% of the have walked along his side, congressmen aiding and abetting by not impeaching, all are to blame.

    1. @Atheism Kills I meant “Inciting an insurrection for one thing. That’s a crime, don’t you know.”

    2. @Robert Shaver Lying about an insurrection doesn’t make a protest an insurrection. Nobody overthrew the government or tried. Of course you people are accustomed to lying in your deranged hysteria.

    3. @Richard Barry They were armed. Have you not seen the video footage showing the bombs and the articles and photos stating and showing they used chemical agents to break in and bypass officers? Quit trying to protect the problem and justify dangerous behavior.

    4. @Dominique Brasseur Well put. The post you answered too also included false information. These non-patriots did have weapons them. They broke into the the Capitol windows, brought in chemical agents, and bombs have been found on the premises. In addition, several deaths occurred and an officer ended up hospitalized and on a ventilator. Sounds like real winners to me, not.

  2. Trump: “This represents the end of the greatest 1st term in history”
    The World: “This represents the end of America’s No. 1 Superpower Status”

    1. @Warren Parker enough of your lies. Pelosi ripped up trumps speech, because it was filled with lies. You need help.

    2. @Warren Parker you have no moral ground to stand on. When did Nancy Pelosi tear up the constitution? Next after what I saw yesterday and for the past few years, I find it hard to believe you traitors shouldn’t be subjected to the same violence that you traitors have put on Americans.

    3. @David Armstrong The reality is you don’t know you are being played. I am always in a position to give my opinion. The problem for you is you don’t have one until someone else gives it to you.

    4. @Jack alan Your alliance is to China. All you jack boot ANTIFA girls have been trying to pull the U.S. down. Now you want to pretend that you love this country. Did i say girls? Sorry you probably don’t know what you are.

    1. Not only that, it was the logical foreseeable outcome of Neoconservatism, the politics and policies of both Bushes, and especially *Bush V. Gore,* where Colin Powell’s boss went to judges appointed by his father, they refused to recuse themselves, and they ordered the state of Florida to stop counting the votes from Democratic counties. The only reason they expect to win, even after they lose, is because that is what they have done before. And Colin Powell was part of it.

    2. And now the line is “the courts have no role.” These people have no ideas. They have no principles. They have no values. They have no thoughts. They make noise, but it isn’t speech. Fascists are not humans as we define them. They are a virus attached to our DNA.

  3. Not “Congress” psutting up with treason and insurrection – all blame belongs to Mitch McConnel and his republican mob.

  4. Well, When you put a lunatic who’s a known naricisstic criminally insane individual in power, You can look for the nation to be turned upside down and round and round !

    1. That boat sail over 20 years ago.
      Do not underestimate the disrespect most of the world feels against America.
      America has much work to do there.

    2. With respect, the USA has not had that right to lecture about democracy for a very very long time. The deficiencies in this democracy are so numerous and so large, it would take an hour to go through them all.

    1. remember when blm and antifa barricaded police in thier building and tried to set it on fire?.. i hope you were as passionate to call out terrorists then…

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Had this been an even slightly left protest, the National Guard would have been called in immediately. My question is whether or not Trump specifically told them to stand down through the DOD. I’m betting he did. Trump should be prosecuted for treason on those counts alone.

    2. It’s obvious. Trump Played A major role in the Federal Response. They Were Instructed To Stand Down, while Senators and Congressmen and women ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE, could have been killed. He Had It In For Pence, and he HATES Pelosi. He Should Go To Jail

    3. Wheres the fbi? All these terrorists MAGA SCUM should be in prison today with their leader. 1/6/2021 should have thousands of arrest for treason and insurrection.

    1. They opened barricades, took selfies with them…
      We need to have a conversation about the white privilege thing and how it permeates every vital facet of American life here.

  5. Everyone involved with this “coup” should go to prison for their treasonous acts, especially trump.

    1. So, we should be a Stalinist country. Even in the Ukraine and Georgia when people stormed congress police did not fire shots. During the Kavanaugh confirmation people were inside congress, way more protestors than the ones that entered congress yesterday.

  6. This breaks my heart. The Republicans have tried to destroy our democracy, they aided and abetted a fascist tyrant

    1. @snakey973 I was an oil worker, and I worked in Pennsylvania and Texas and I don`t think I know anyone who would vote for Biden

    2. @iamdemocratic1 you just said you’re an OIL WORKER. Thats self explanatory dude why that would be lol. I’m a biologist and I dont know anyone professionally who would admit to voting Trump. Look, I’m sorry you lost your job to covid. A lot of people suffering right now but Trump has not helped alleviate that in any way. He certainly hasn’t done jacksht for the average middle class American worker- he DID pass a big fat tax cut for the wealthy.
      Trump did not win the election, he lost bigly, and his cult members can’t accept that, therefore they have to invent a reason he lost that involves fraud. Its weak and sad really. A strong person can admit a defeat and moves forward. Trump is as weak an individual as I have ever seen- constant lies, constantly needs his ego stroked. It makes perfect sense that his shriveled little ego could never admit he lost. Many Republicans however won. People clearly didn’t vote Trump, but voted for other Republicans down ballot.
      I hope you get another job and have a better coming year, truly

    3. @snakey973 I was doing pretty well until 8 months ago, Biden did specifically say that my job would be gone forever and I believed him so it does not matter what I thought of Trump I would vote for the one who would look out for me and not the one who would destroy a whole industry because a few lunatics think its dirty

    4. @iamdemocratic1 I understand where you are coming from but I dont think Biden is going to snap his fingers and make the oil industry vanish….he couldn’t do that even if he wanted.. I also hope he will bring new jobs online, as he has stated he wants to do.. But I do understand what you’re saying. I wish you well and hope you find a new job thats as good or better

    5. @snakey973 The entire party is against core industries , they are now the party of billionaire bankers and big tech. Those Trump supporters that you hate so much are the truck drivers , carpenters, farmers and mechanics, the very people who keep everyone fed and the water coming out of the taps. With the rhetoric coming from the dem politicians and the media I doubt they will ever be convinced to unify.

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