Gen. McCaffrey: A Coup Led By Trump Against The Constitution | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Gen. McCaffrey: A Coup Led By Trump Against The Constitution | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Retired Four-Star U.S. Army General Barry McCaffrey characterizes Wednesday's violence at the U.S. Capitol a 'coup led by the President of The United States against the Constitution.' Gen. McCaffrey also says Congress must act. Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Gen. McCaffrey: A Coup Led By Trump Against The Constitution | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I live in Vancouver, Canada. In 2010, after a loss in the Stanley Cup Final, we had a riot. It was the saddest and most embarrasing day in our city’s history. When the fires had been extinguished and the broken glass swept up, the residents of the city demanded justice. Soon after, video kiosks were set up around the city where people could view pictures and video of the most aggregious offenders and identify them anonymously. More than 300 were charged, some more than 2 years after their offense. We DEMANDED justice for what had been done and we were determined to never let this happen again. I expect nothing less in D.C.

    1. frasertones,, Before the run offs in GA. I’d laugh, but yeah maybe now? I visited Vancouver couple years ago, you rock maple leaf! Hey I’d live up on the North shore in tarp tent, just to get away from the stupidity down here! Please don’t build a wall yet! STAY SAFE!

    2. @Randy Couch Looters and rioters always take advantage of protest marching. In Austin, the marches were peaceful – except for the police firing on (and killing one) the marchers. Also, a right-wing army sergeant going on a hunting trip downtown, killing a marcher. The 40 looters turned out to be local high school kids and we’re all arrested and sent to juvenile hall. When the police stop hunting down and executing black people, the marching and looting will stop.

    3. Must be a lot of hooligans in jail.. That happens after each soccer match loss around the world. Frankly ; I don’t understand the game or its world fanaticism.

    4. @Verruca It just occurred to me that the selfies that the cops took with the rioters can actually be used to identify the rioters. Were the cops using a strategy, or just enjoying the block party?

    1. @RedWave ComingAgain2021 You don’t even realize how small, petty, and pathetic you sound at this moment.

    2. @Shaun Brown No you and your trash friends are the thugs. Replacing the flag of the United States of America with a filthy Trump rag. That sums it up right there. Trump vs. America, America wins and Trump loses. You and your hero, the failed businessman, failed president, one term wonder, two time national popular vote loser Donald J. Trump lost. Good riddance.

    3. The FBI and DOJ should wait 13 days before identifying and charging the people who participated. Because Trump may very well issue them a pardon.

    4. @Shaun Brown black lives matter, and your life is miserable, that’s why you big mad. Trump is Done, and so is the republican party.

    5. @fuego wavy
      The life of a black person matters, absolutely. The organization of blm does NOT and is pure garbage!

      I actually agree that the Republican party is over, it’s been replaced by the MAGA party. Just as the democratic party Is dead, replaced by the LEFTIST/progressive party.

      Both the Democrats and Republicans don’t understand this yet!

  2. And don’t forget Don Juniors role in this , ! He also called on people through social media, To storm Washington on the 6th, ! And many Others ,! Round them all Up ,!

    1. @R G well his old man can get him off the hook, but looks like bullet proof jacket is about to be burnt

    2. @Lorne Myers All my life from what I have witnessed, Every time a Republican is in Power , There is Trouble and Debt ,! And all your Gum Flapping to me is Useless, ! I have been studying world Polaticts for most of my life ,! And you are so far off the mark ,! But because you are an Un Educated Retumplican, I will let you Suffer in Peace ,! One day you might be fit enough in the Head ,,,, to rejoin Society, !

    3. @Brian Dunn , I get what you mean, however it would be much better to vet all future applicants stringently, by law, if they should decide to run for office. Up to and including a psyc test.
      A known bombastic arrogant sexual predator, racist and 6 x bankrupt business man with known russian connections was elected.. if that isnt asking for trouble, then the voters are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    1. Here’s a silver lining into Trump’s seditious and treasonous brainwashing in inciting his mob to commit insurrection: highlighting the lax security around the Capitol and causing Congress to be angry enough to demand that the 25th amendment be invoked. Good luck with that because Pence won’t be the one to initiate that and Congress won’t be convening until January 20th.

    1. Here’s a silver lining into Trump’s seditious and treasonous brainwashing in inciting his mob to commit insurrection: highlighting the lax security around the Capitol and causing Congress to be angry enough to demand that the 25th amendment be invoked. Good luck with that because Pence won’t be the one to initiate that and Congress won’t be convening until January 20th.

    2. TERESA be very careful who you call a fool, it could come around to bit you in your end! You, obviously don’t do much homework, and you don’t know who I support, you just assume!

    1. Lord of our lives and sovereign of our beloved nation, we deplore the desecration of the United States Capitol building, the shedding of innocent blood, the loss of life, and the quagmire of dysfunction that threaten our democracy. These tragedies have reminded us that words matter and that the power of life and death is in the tongue. We have been warned that eternal vigilance continues to be freedom’s price.Lord, you have helped us remember that we need to see in each other a common humanity that reflects your image.You have strengthened our resolve to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies domestic as well as foreign.Use us to bring healing and unity to our hurting and divided nation and world. Thank you for what you have blessed our lawmakers to accomplish in spite of threats to liberty.Bless and keep us. Drive far from us all wrong desires, incline our hearts to do your will and guide our feet on the path of peace. And God bless America. We pray in your sovereign name, amen.

    2. From the chaplain of the United States Congress: “These tragedies have reminded us that words matter and that the power of life and death is in the tongue. We have been warned that eternal vigilance continues to be freedom’s price.”

    3. Lol, constitution. Obviously professional looters are using everyones withheld estate or bonds of equity to hurt children and make homeless for profit WORLDWIDE. Cestui que vie 1666, commonly known as strawman.

    1. You Americans are beacon of modern democracy, equality, and freedom. Why did it happen like this…? I strongly believe that this presidential election is controlled by someone. Shame shame shame. Can the American spirit and American values be thrown into the trash……? today HONGKONG tomorrow USA
      I am 62 years old.
      你們美國人,是現代民主、平等、自由的燈塔,為什麼會搞成這樣子呢…? 我極相信,這次總統選舉,是有人在操控中 … …。 羞恥 羞恥 羞恥 …。 美國精神和美國價值,是可以全部丟進垃圾桶嗎 …? 今日香港,明日美國。 激氣發洩吓,點解咁無天理。我已六十二歲。

    2. @Neo Dawn Please don’t give Trump that kind of credit! He’s a mere Babylonian prince and apostate.

  3. Time for everyone to stop making excuses for the freak show cult members that attacked the peoples house. Not patriots, just thugs and weirdos.

    1. But that’s exactly what most of the Hong Kong people think of the mobsters that ransacked and terrorized the entire city in 2019 and yet the west cheered the mob and looked the other way… Shouldn’t there be one consistent standard to judge riots?

    2. @濺笑讀稿嬤,你還ㄟ呷賴久?? In Hong Kong, the locals are standing up against Communist Chinese intervention. Also, the police are beating up the people. Yours is an apples and oranges comparison – not valid!

    3. So what do ya call the cult members who have been destroying and burning down city blocks for 7 months? Are those still protestors? If you call one a peaceful protest and the other sedition or a coup attempt then you are part of the problem.

  4. This truly began when McConnell & friends let Trump off the hook with the Impeachment. Co-conspirators with Sedition. Charge & remove all.

    1. @Ava Parker really? Obama hasn’t been President for four years now. I didn’t see Obama telling people to march to the Capital building yesterday. I haven’t heard Obama once spreading disinformation about election fraud for the past year. You Trump supporters are so far gone and brainwashed that all you can do is blame everyone but the person who’s really responsible, Trump. What’s the matter with you? Our Government and Democracy was attacked by domestic terrorists yesterday and you still can’t see how damaging a person like Trump is to our way of life. Everything to you is “fake” if it doesn’t go Trump’s way. Fake news, election fraud, the courts are corrupt blah blah blah…
      What happened yesterday was shameful and Trump and his supporters own it. Nobody else! Those were Trump supporters invading our Capital building and Trump supporters trying to take down the American flag to hang a Trump flag at our Capital. Do you not see how UnAmerican those actions are? It’s beyond the pale and there is no excuse to justify the domestic terrorism that happened in our nation’s capital yesterday. And no one, and I mean, Democrats, Republicans, Fox News or any sane Americans are seeing as anything except as an embarrassment to our country except Trump and his supporters. The election is OVER! Certified by Congress last night. Biden is our next president and there’s nothing (legal) you can do to change that. Move on. Find a new- saner candidate for 2024 like Americans always do. If I were a Trump supporter I’d be embarrassed by the actions taken yesterday. It was sedition, plane and simple. The worst of America acting selfish and ignorant over just a man. Country First!!

    2. @Ava Parker I miss understood. I thought you were blaming Obama. I’ve been seeing a lot of that bs. Yes McConnell has a lot to answer for.

  5. 25th amendment so he can’t pardon himself or anyone else! Do it now! Then he needs to be impeached with the condition he can never run for a public office again!
    Trump Jr. And Giuliani Giuliani should be arrested for seditious conspiracy inciting a riot!

    1. @Gabriel Chambers Supporting your police, schools, the garbage man is socialism. Wallow in your own funk if you like.

    2. @Gabriel Chambers Biden believes in Democracy. He’s a light Republican. Doubt if he’ll allow any Progressive policies to pass. Too bad. The rest of developed countries have higher standards of living because they look after their people by providing healthcare and education for all, not just the wealthy few.

    3. @Gabriel Chambers You wouldn’t know a “socialist” if one crawled up your pants leg and bit you.

  6. When Hillary Clinton referred to these traitorous scum as “deplorables,” it was a huge understatement.

    1. @Randy Couch Apples and oranges comparison. Looting happens during marches and after hurricanes, too. Same whackadoos. Our Capitol building is a symbol of democracy and freedom – not a liquor store…

    2. @Delilah Alex What do babies have to do with cops hunting down black people and executing them? Stop doing that, and the marching and looting will stop.

    1. @RK Matt: It must be nice to be insane like you, not having to have any sense of reality, just typing away to see yourself typing about the lives and deaths of other people as if you don’t care at all. You need to be arrested for inciting arrest against lawful demonstrators.

    2. @John Watt you and yours need to be arrested for the election fraud. Your reality stinks just like your beloved China Joe

    1. @Baruch Ben-David Pence can invoke the 25th and complete it today. SInce there’s less than 21 days left, trump cannot do anything about it

    1. @Pam McCumbers No one ever held him down on the playground, and warned him not to lift girls skirts and pull their hair.

    1. In fairness it was the MAGAs taking selfies with the cops, not the other way around.
      Officers were simply holding their ground.

    2. @Lyn W Actually Lyn, it’s exactly what I’ve seen in the several pictures that have been produced along with claims that the cops were taking selfies. I’m quite prepared to accept the opposite but simply haven’t yet seen the evidence to support it.

    1. @Roman Ward
      By all means, why don’t you go and apply to live in North Korea

      You haven’t got a clue
      If you think that trump was ever an actual president…
      He hasn’t done a positive thing in 4 yrs.
      his many fingers in many pies..ripping off America
      Biggest con artist ever
      Making money hand over fistall these yrs…and not smart enough.. which he knew…and never cared about …to deal with the genuine concerns and now level of crisis he has left in his wake

      mocking and attacking ??????
      He, trump has been the one doing that his whole so called presidency
      If you cannot recognize any of this then you are too far gone
      Just send him donation
      This is what he looks like
      This is his other face
      You have to know…you have been royally conned if you believe a single thing you have written

    1. Start with everyone who started rioting and burning buildings 7 months ago. Get all of them, I don’t care who’s side people are on. Enough of this crap already.

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