Gen. Mccaffrey: Biden’s Nominee For Defense Secretary Will Serve To ‘Help End The Chaos’ | Deadline

Gen. Mccaffrey: Biden’s Nominee For Defense Secretary Will Serve To ‘Help End The Chaos’ | Deadline 1


    1. Yea, but how many of these ppl will be sworn in? As long as the gop has any kind of control in government, the USA is a weak lame duck waiting to be preyed upon.

    2. Trump have not lost- everyone who is a constituent don’t leave actually. but the citizens of America is so mislead. Do you all think being a president is that easy. any president is not catering just to the American people they also have to make one major decision and that is to protect America. And other countries are starting to arm up to take power from other countries. Your governors are closing the cities and all the media talk about is ? anyway America has fallen and ????- And all of this could of been a plot. Your states are not what history say

  1. This is a great response to the racism of Loser Trump and the GOP of the last four years! Good luck to the General!

    1. @Springs & Sprockets – I am far from a trump supporter. I hate the fact that people don’t care the people in Yemen are suffering from this coalition that we are involved in. Trump vetoed ending support for that war. Were you as outraged as I was?

    2. @athena icaria I most definitely have a feeling *he & his pappy will be investigated for lying to Congress!*

    1. Me, too. A true Rainbow Coalition! I got this term from past Presidential contender and Civil Rights participant Jesse Jackson.

    1. @Robert G Burke Oh, ok. I thought it was some variant of something like a sociopath and a sycophant. A portmanteau of sorts. Either way, have a grand day!

    2. @Robert G Burke Yeah, you may as well have. What with the complexity of the English language, and all. It sounded legit enough to where I questioned its validity, rather than assume it was a typo. Ok, here it is. The “Sociophant” has now been born.

  2. Endorsements don’t get any better than this one. I hope the senate does not hesitate to give him the waiver and confirm his appointment. It’ll be good to know the Pentagon is in safe hands again. If they don’t, the senate will confirm my opinion that they’re just a bunch of dirty dogs.

    1. Agree, you know those republicans republicans. They will do everything to not confirm him just is because he is black.

  3. The Post election process continues, Biden continues to pick members for his new incoming Presidential administration while Trump still claims he won the election. On January 20, 2021 it will be settled.

    1. Officially, yes. But if you have the idea that an arrogant a$*hole like Trump, who thinks he is smart but is actually dumber than a bucket of bricks is going to shut up, think again. If Twitter blocks him it may help, but there is always Facebook.

    2. @Nancy M. Ross You are right about Trump not shutting up. He will continue to claim he won and claim voter fraud. But on January 20, 2021 there will be a change in the office of President.


    Wait a minute here…..! Did I just hear a lawmaker now suggest that we “Americans” or “Government Leader’s” should follow the NORMs and not break a long tradition of processeses with the Military or National Security!!??!! 😖😫….Hold up almost choked on my 🍺😵

  5. Who could know better than General Barry McCaffrey, stating, that Biden’s nomination of Lloyd Austin as Defense Secretary is a great and wise choice!

  6. Biden might be old, but he is surrounding himself with good, strong people. Signs of a good leader. Surrounding yourself with ppl not smarter than you and you “Donald ” aren’t smarter than a 5th grader, says ur a dumb fool. So far so good Biden. Moving forward.

    1. @None Given This won’t be like the Trump adminstration, massive turn over and indictments. How much you wanna bet?

    2. @Ijustcamehere Ijustcamehere part one . Trump lost election. Feeling pretty good. Part 2 donald in prison, joy to the world. Im fine no crying, i believe u are the one crying here.

  7. My wish is that one day, sooner than later, the news does not start with ” the first African American” to lead this job….All that is need is his name, rank and qualifications….

    1. As a POC, I wholeheartedly agree! I couldn’t care less about what someone looks like when appointed to a position. It might be important to some people, but I certainly do not care about being represented.

    2. Proof of changes are happening. Let’s keep it up. This will be part of the story soon. Those changes took so long but now it is here to stay. Going no where x

    1. @R G So you support lowlifes who regularly break Laws ie The Hatch Act?? 😳🤯
      Ridiculous you tRumpet trolls, hope ya get paid for this crap 💩

  8. Just one more reason we need those two Georgia seats. Confirmations will be so much easier without tRumpublican influence. Go Go Georgia, put Moscow Mitch out to pasture. 💙💙💙💙💙

  9. Biden picked a good solid man and former officer. He will ensure the military is ran right and help bring more troops home.

    1. Uh huh. He literally said “just find me a black general.” Not saying Austin isn’t qualified, but that’s their aim here. And it’s pathetic.

  10. in one term, trump had 3 people in that job – Jim Mattis, Mark Esper, Christopher Miller (granted, he’s only an acting secretary)…

  11. If the White General can get the waiver, then I don’t see why the Black General can’t get a waiver. But then again this is America.

  12. I get the diversity that President Biden wants in all his nominations , I get that but I also get that all the selections he is making have a very important thing in common : THEY ARE QUALIFIED HUMAN BEINGS

    1. @ryan rafanan did you even read the article? 5 of 40 are actively registered and this is the transition team not the cabinet. Don’t be so lame. Half of DC is either retired or active lobbyist- the other half are politicians.

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