Gen. McCaffrey: Flynn's Talk About A Coup Is Very Dangerous 1

Gen. McCaffrey: Flynn’s Talk About A Coup Is Very Dangerous


Retired Four-Star U.S. Army General Barry McCaffrey reacts to Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn seeming to suggest the U.S. needs a Myanmar-style coup d'etat.
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  1. This is what you get when people who are supposed to be in jail get a dodgy pardon from a dodgy president, learn nothing.

  2. *”The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”*
    — George Orwell, “1984”

    1. @Uncanny Valley That’s pure Lyndon Larouche. Not false altogether but things are never so simple in politics : there is no good side in politics and best you can expect from a known figure is 50% good and 50% bad. What you say about Disraeli might be quite accurate but wherever his influence grew the standard of living did rise at last both in Britain and in Palestine for both Arabs and Jews. Had the same British regime endured things would have been better for everyone. Napoleonic influence there contrary to what you say was unmitigatedly catastrophic, like American influence when it came to replace the British.

    2. @Christian Heckmann Engelbrecht Yes, Jan 6 was a dress rehearsal for something else : the marchers were to be sacrificed, all initial idealists of such a movement are either delivered to the enemy or killed by more realistic henchmen to take their place, but the operation proved a fascist coup is perfectly feasible.

    1. @Judy Florida Symptoms of Paranoid personality disorder. (for legal purposes. I’ll say “allegedly”)

    2. @Judy Florida At that time, it was jealousy and ambition and arrogance reaching insubordinate actions.
      When he left, Turkey paid him while Putin groomed him.

    3. @ComaDave He’s legally competent. That’s the only standard which counts. No question of his legal competence was brought up in his trial.

    4. @C Grey Agreed. Something that will definitely act against him in any potential future legal proceedings.

  3. After 4 years of having a Russian agent in WH, we still have Rumps followers who think THEY are patriotic and everyone else is FAKE! Pretty sick country.

    1. @mustafa1name Whole Russian Collusion Hoax was made up by Killar to smear Trump. They had plans to impeach him before he even held office. 4 years and 40 million dollars later….

  4. He needs to be put back in prison immediately. He is the walking definition of treasonous and a conspiracy to cause insurrection.

    1. Send him down to Arizona and put him in one of those miserable places that Joe Arpaio ran and make sure that he gets the same treatment for the rest of his worthless life.

  5. The First Amendment is not a curtain for traitors to hide behind when planning and fomenting an action against United States Constitution.

    1. Getting sucked into the Q-Anon thing – is that a mental health issue? People choose to follow that crazy illogic.

    1. @Trent Timoy No basis of reality? The founder comes out and says they are a scam. His own words, ” They don’t care about black families.”

    2. @Artificial Intelligence He represents one chapter of BLM and it’s obvious we’ve only heard one side of that story. It’s evolving unlike your artificial intelligence.

    3. @Artificial Intelligence Getting back to the point of this clip, what do you have to say about Flynn and his obvious seditionist behavior? Flynn’s a traitor whose kissed not just the fat flabby Orange ring but Putin’s nasty killer axx. In times of war traitors are executed for their treason.

    1. McCaffrey can speak out because he’s retired. Active military are not allowed to say anything considered political.

    2. And, yet, it wasn’t that long ago, maybe a few weeks, where some strongly partisan, and I’m being nice calling them this, group of high ranking retired military sent out an open letter trying to diminish the capability of President Biden as Commander and Chief with their propaganda. Our country has now seen and is experiencing, in a dangerous way, Pandora’s box blown wide open. Sad to think that the lead orchestrator and propagandist (djt) might get off scott free.

    3. @Cheryl McNutt I researched it, and the current, active military can court-martial this off- the- rails traitor. Other legal actions can be taken against Flynn. Mueller, for all of those who said that he was non-partisan, did a disservice to our country by cutting the multiple charges down to one as part of a deal made with Flynn to get him to acknowledge his criminal actions. Flynn son is a big, active part of Qanon. Yikes!! This son has gotten away with criminal acts that would have gotten a conviction, but…scary, the money and power.

    1. @Paula Gray why say that when you really meant to say you were full of crap and can’t defend the hypocrisy?

    2. @Alex Mark Why do you ask for facts when your world view is based on rigid beliefs. Facts are just a distraction for you, “fake news” as your sect leader puts it.

    3. @Alex Mark yes you wait. good boy. as a rule of thumb I stop reading when I encounter first bs. let’s just say I could get through of extremely little of what “you said”.
      but do tell me more about this fact of yours where “blue voters aren’t as smart” as red voters – trump voters (see urban dictionary for meaning) waving around Qslogans and believeing in jewish space lasers and Biden votes smuggled into east coast Maine ports by North Korean boats…across 2 whopping oceans I suppose 😛

  6. What does Flynn care? He got away with misdeeds before. He doesn’t feel that anyone can touch him now.

  7. Is he talking about the coup that already happened in 2020 or the one he wants to advocate? I’m confused.

    1. @Artificial Intelligence
      I’ve never implied China wasn’t the origin of the COVID virus. I had a distain on how Trump was using the “theory” as a political weapon as a means of distraction from his inept leadership performance on abating the virus; and thereby jeopardize the lives of Asian Americans from fanatical racist Trump supporters. When the Ebola virus emerged, Obama didn’t denigrate the country, nor its citizens, it originated from as a means to coverup any flaws made to abate its spread. No! He approached the virus scientifically regardless of where it originated from.

    2. @larry taylor He said China Virus because left wing media was using it politically and covering up the origins. Remember it was the Democrats who called him xenophobic for shuting down air travel from the East. It was the Chinese who lied for months and isolated their incoming travel, but not outgoing air travel.

  8. Someone need to take Flynn aside and explain that the pardon only covered crimes he’d committed in the past.

    1. I think the pardon itself was part of a criminal conspiracy, and was probably a new criminal offense.

  9. The Department of Defense needs to recall Mike Flynn, court-martial, strip him of his rank, dishonorably discharge him, and take away his retirement benefits including his pension.

    1. Marc Elias has taken that plea to court; it was rejected. I think it’s going to take some JAG effort but I think the present structure doesn’t want to address it, and I haven’t seen General Austin comment on it…yet. Flynn is raising $ on this insanity and, yeah, McCaffrey is right. Flynn’s bitterness has taken him off the rails…

    2. Totally agree he needs to be court martialed for treason. Definitely loose his ample retirement and stripped of his rank

    3. @Elaine Daprano it is to the command officers or the president, jag takes over when he is back in uniform

  10. Here’s Flynn yucking it up with Putin at dinner parties and he’s calling for the overthrow of the United States?!!! Didn’t he take an Oath?

    1. He took an oath to defend this country from foreign … AND domestic enemies… I’m sorry, due to your very limited deductive capabilities, you were unable to see what is plain to those of us that have common sense and know history… the baby eating vampire cannibal pedovore cult is real.

    2. Aw, nobody takes those seriously anymore, just look and “45”,…and,… Congress,…and “44”, and “43”, “42, “41”,…you get the picture.

  11. This man is treacherous to the bone. At every turn and every opportunity, he chooses to betray the nation.

    1. @Ron Ruggieriyou are not a Democrat, you are a traitor just like Michael flynn because everyone should be alarmed by the statement that guy made and you clearly dont care. You are trying to distract from what the issue is.

    2. @xavier shark I certainly don’t trust ” liberal ” Democrats to defend ” OUR democracy ” ! They are acting under the assumption that ” OUR democracy ” has nothing to do with MAJORITY RULE .

    3. @Ron Ruggieri you care more about the word liberal that the fact that a former government official wants a military coup to install trump as president. That speaks much about you, you are a Republican and you want a coup.

    4. @xavier shark As a democratic socialist I think any COUP would be just an attempt of DEEP STATE to defend PLUTOCRATIC RULE or the rule of a very FASCIST sector of the capitalist ruling class in the United States. Presently it does seem that DEEP STATE prefers to operate in the shadow of the Democratic Party.

    5. @Ron Ruggieri you are just another person thats here to spread lies and propaganda for Republicans. You use all the buzz words Republicans use, you are not a Democrat are not even american because you think its ok to do a coup to install trump as president. You are a hypocrite.

  12. Just think of how much tax payer money went into his pockets. “We the people” funded his treason.

    1. The Turkish government paid him $500k for work while he was in the WH working for our government. Traitor!

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