1. Taliban had 20 years to. Help and work with their government . How more years do they need to make good decisions for their own nation?

    1. Good. Now be aware that the Taliban the orange traitor made illgeal deals with were terrorists. And he surrendered to them without involving the Afghan government. And then released 5000 of their soldiers, including their new president, which served to legitimize their claim.

      The Taliban Biden’s administration has to deal with might be evil, but they are now the official government of Afghanistan.

      It’s no different than America dealing with Russia or China. Might be distasteful but you have to deal with whoever is in power. That’s how the world works.

    2. @Adam Taylor yes, we know that you know that we know that you have no principles. You lie, lie, lie. We understand you now, you know, that we know.

    1. @78Terp there was over 40 people killed when you people were burning and looting our country to the sum of 3 billion dollars in Damages all while protesting police brutality and 70% of the businesses that were burned were black owned LOL hypocrite much

  2. Poor Journalism. Anyone with a brain knows Milley isn’t addressing the American people. He’s speaking to the Taliban through the press.

  3. “America does not have permanent friends or permanent enemies just, permanent interests.” – Henry Kissinger.

  4. When Milley says “in war you do what have to do”, he’ll say the same when they gather up political opposition.

  5. We’ve fought wars against almost all our present day allies.Britain, Germany, Italy , Japan .
    We never went to war against Russia or China.
    Diplomacy is necessary.

  6. if u are gonna be spokespersons for the government then go get a job with obama/biden admin. instead of macerating as journalists

  7. Omg Chuck is a dolt. The Taliban is a 6th century barbarian like entity that makes the Nazis literally look kind. Are you mad?

  8. Hearing milly vanilly say that is kind of like hearing general benedict arnold saying coordinating with the red coats is ‘possible’.

  9. General milley is a disgrace he’s too busy talking about white rage to do his job. While he talks about working with the Taliban the Afghan Freedom Fighters are trying to save their country I don’t see him talking about working with them

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