Gender Based Violence Against Women | TVJ All Angles - March 31 2021 1

Gender Based Violence Against Women | TVJ All Angles – March 31 2021


Khanice's death has reignited the conversation on the cycle of gender-based violence in Jamaica and the killing of our women there's also been a call for women to be able to arm and protect themselves against violence.

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  1. See that the laws on the books are enforced and that the Prime Minister live up to his promise so that we can all “sleep with our doors open.” Let them get of “Plea deals.”

  2. Long time this nastiness a gwaan in Jamaica. I can identify and I am angry. I am a grown woman . Sometimes people would mock and scorn other women as nd young girl when you try to speak out. Listen a whole heap a pervert a hide under cloak. I am so angry!

  3. I wonder in this world of so called equality why they are not also speaking about violence against men as well seems as if they select whatever suits their agenda, the outcry should be about violence against all people and stop the division while claiming “equality “

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