1. I am happy for these families but there are a lot of us without kids…living in poverty

    1. @Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael yes the place I worked for 20 years shut the doors
      This was during the 2008 crash. Eventually I was foreclosed on. I finally found a job for 9.75 an hour 32 hours a week. The local trustee paid my rent about 4 times in 5 years. I had to pay for health insurance for myself and my college student son of 125 a week . I did not qualify for food stamps because they go by your gross income. Things are better now I did finally get a job that is almost what I made in 2008. It was a really hard time. Unless you have minor kids you cant get help. One more thing I pay extra for dental insurance but cant afford the deductibles and my part. Poor people get everything for free rich get it because well, they are rich. Single over 50 making 37000 a year forget it you are barely getting by. Then you pray like crazy you don’t need tires, the car breaks down etc…

    2. @SuperGuy nope, just common sense, don’t expect me to pay for your kids. If you can’t afford them than buy condom.

    1. @Kevin D I’ve read that it’s an advance on the tax credit we get every year. I get 3,000 back for my kid, and they say this 250 per month for the months from now until December will be half of that 3,000. I’m expecting 1500 for the tax credit next year. They appear to be just breaking it up into monthly payments.

    2. No, in a typical year we would get a tax credit per child when we filed.
      It was for right around $1400 per child.
      We will still get that plus an additional $250-300 per month per child equalling around $3000-$3600 per year per child.
      Also, with the original true tax credit you had to file taxes in order to qualify. You do not with this one- for those who don’t they won’t see the true tax credit of $1400 but they will still see the monthly payments.
      This is BASIC INCOME.

    3. @Shayne Leavitt I get 3,000 back per year on the child tax credit. Altogether I got about 5,000 this year and for the past several years.

    4. I have multiple kids. I believe ours is usually around $1400 ish. The new admin raised it to $3000 plus depending on age of kids.
      You are someone who files taxes. So you and I will now see a monthly and then also the “tax credit” we are used to each year. However, filing taxes is NOT a requirement to get the monthly check so it’s is really just basic income for others who don’t pay taxes and not a “tax credit.” Does that make sense? As far as I’ve been able to find in the fine print, that’s the way I read the new changes. It’s for everyone. In other words UBI.

    5. @Shayne Leavitt You are not getting that child tax credit you are used to aswell. In 2022 taxes you will get 6 months of that normal rate. In 2023 you will get nothing as in 2022 all payments will be monthly. Its 3000 or 3600 depending on what you qualify per child paid monthly. This year it starts in July hence why in 2022 you will still get 6 months 1 time refund. In 2023 no big 1 time refund.

  2. Real message: when you vote in 24’…remember how we used you..i mean, what we did for you!

    1. What about singles and seniors living below the poverty level? The forgotten group it’s pitiful and pathetic…

    2. @R C i understand, my mom is one of them. She’s just living off of her SS. My sister and i help when we can. She still has the stimulus, but wants to hold on to it incase of an emergency.

  3. Shouldn’t the essential employees (those of us who have worked through the whole pandemic), get some sort of bonus? I know people that have been getting benefits that bring home as much, if not more than i do. Just sayin.

    1. @Silkwood Art the essential workers should come out of this with the understanding of how important they are then use this knowledge to Unionize and demand to be paid what you are worth. There is power in numbers.

    2. @Irritating Indiana
      My point is this… ALL workers are essential. I do not favor any one profession over the other.
      In other words, the medical industry is just as important as the oil industry, as is the food industry, the housing industry, etc. etc. Until all jobs are included.

      No one is SPECIAL.

    3. @Irritating Indiana
      You’re a child with a cellphone. I do not care what you think or even if you think at all. You don’t like my opinion. Big whoop! Get used to the fact that there are billions of people that also will never agree with you. And get used to the fact that all you know was taught by lackluster individuals that don’t measure up very well themselves.
      So, unless you have anything worthy to share with educated folk, you can take that silly opinion of yours and send it far up your south end until it sees light at the end of your tunnel.

    4. 😎😎😎😎
      Yup !!! The bonus for essential workers was on the HEROS Act , it was pass by Democrats in the House but the GOP led Senate didn’t supported.

      too much money for essential workers they concluded… so GOP did not presented the bill in the Senate .

  4. This could play out like the episode of “Chapelle’s Show,” Where the first round of reparations checks went out…

    1. @Twins 2, this money is money that always goes to these families, it’s just paid out differently. Instead of getting it in a lump sum, they get it monthly. This won’t cause the world to come to an end, drama queen. 👑 👸

    2. @Kc 82 didnt say world come to a end and 500 a month if thats what it is… Is 6k a year. No one gets that much child credit. Duh

    3. @Kc 82 Its a life and death situation at MSNBC. Which none of them qualify for the ctc. They all make to much $.

    4. @Twins 2 My daughter and her husband, who both work full time, get $7600 in tax refunds every year!

  5. Question is next year 2021 tax return when we file This program will decrease our tax return what we usually get or it stay the same.!!

    1. You will get 6 months payments less than normal. In 2023 you will get no big refund. You are just getting your child tax credit spread out. That’s it

  6. They shouldn’t be taxed as high as they are in the first place.. then you wouldn’t have to give it back

    1. Unfortunately there would need to be taxes raised on the rich or the corporations then. I agree with you, you can’t live in this country at this rate with these taxes.. At least a flat tax for heavens sake.

    2. Yeah a lot of these families aren’t getting taxed at all…… we are a single income family and my husband has some federal taxes taken out every paycheck but when we file our taxes every year we get tax return like 10x bigger than what we pay in…. tell me how that makes sense…

  7. Does Congress and president not understand that young adults have come home and parents are having to pay extra for groceries, lights, gas, water, etc….

  8. Child tax credit wonderful. NOW *pLEASe* have a rescue plan and tax credit for *CAREGIVERS* They also need extra SUPPORT.

  9. I’d like to opt out of the gov’t trying to help raise my children.

    I don’t need help. Never have!

  10. My kids are grown but this is important for growing families.. I’m still paying debt from my kids.. This is a great policy

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