Gene Sperling On Biden COVID Relief Plan: ‘This Is The Time To Go Big’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC

Gene Sperling On Biden COVID Relief Plan: ‘This Is The Time To Go Big’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1


    1. @Elderdragon7 Lokidragon3 I already spent $1200 on an oil leak fix and timing belt and water pump replacement, plus another $500 on tire replacement from a nail. If I get stimulus money, I would be more relaxed on ordering food from time to time and getting a haircut and other things. Otherwise, I would cut those and save. You see, people have different needs and situations and that’s why that money is called “stimulus”.

    2. @TravelerPat yes, but while a large amount of small businesses are down it forces loyalists who support small business to got to someone else, to trust someone else, I’m just saying, sometimes the one selling the cure is also the source of the problem… in my opinion, anyway.

    3. @Elderdragon7 Lokidragon3 The source of the problem is people gathering without masks on. That’s the cause. The effect is Covid surge and overwhelmed hospitals and business restrictions.

    4. @TravelerPat if motorcycle accident’s and suicides weren’t counted in covid deaths then i would be more inclined to believe you but till then I’m more inclined to believe the quartering and louder with crowder, their less disingenuous and more open with their numbers and references… sorry but yah know… in order to understand the motivation you look to the outcome… if everyone had covid only 1 out of 100 would die, that’s scary if they didn’t count people who are already passing… as it turns out being born increases your chances of death by about 100 percent…. sooo yah know… yeah… no offense but I don’t just do what I’m told… I act on my beliefs, I will not forsake myself carelessly /:

  1. AGREED TOTALLYno questionsasked thislunatic republicans doesn’t havemorale and understanding to workwith the country! RemoveGreene and Mitch and Lindsay Graham NOW!

    1. they are appointed politician… maybe you don’t like them but rn the democrats have all three political houses respectively… republicans havent been able to get a foot in the door and with enough pressure dems will begin rehabilitation camps… total control through political games is straight up cruel and unreasonable…

  2. The economy will recover faster with people with a place to live, buying food to eat, and those just getting by now will be able to go to restaurants and shops which also is good for the economy. People I know that got a check that they really did not need, used it for charities, helping others in need, and supporting small businesses. I agree with going big.

    1. @Bob Heck ok… but your using caps so something I’ve said is upsetting you and you haven’t clarified that yet. I’m not going to try to defend every comment I’ve made in one comment… when did you forsake yourself?

    1. Trump wanted to give $2,000 but the Democrats fought him all the way….Now Biden wants “to go big” to save face….what a bunch of bull!!!!!

  3. The more money people get, the more money will be pumped back into the economy, in addition to being able to pay bills and feed their families. Win/win/win.

    1. Like Biden’s plan to send masks to people, if he hires Americans to produce those masks, even though that may not be really necessary as most people who are willing to wear masks likely already have some, at least it creates jobs and gets cascading spending going.

    2. Never trust the Catholic Church. They had billions of dollars on hand and still received billions of dollars in forgivable PPP loans. They don’t pay any taxes and they basically steal money from the poor and middle class who do pay taxes.

    1. @Remey Momma not hating, stating the truth, and I dont need to tell the Republicans anything, I’m not a Republican or a Trump supporter, I could careless of they convict him or not. I’m just stating a fact, Joey had nothing to do with it. And to say they wont have a chance to run if they dont convict Trump is ridiculous, and just not true.

    2. @Remey Momma yes it is what? And that’s your opinion you go tell the Republicans then. Doesn’t matter what you say though, he definitely isn’t getting convicted. And even though you want him convicted so badly, that doesn’t change the fact Joey had nothing to do with this.

    1. yeah pretty much, democrats shut down small businesses’ then try to raise minimum wage. their really trying to help the economy… yeesh but yeah give everyone 1600 dollars, it will go to big businesses’ anyway… oof… tbh i dont expect this comment to last… but if i duplicate it once… it will last twice as long! lol…

  4. I don’t see how $15 an hour will slow the pandemic. More people will lose their jobs to automation and lose their insurance. No it won’t slow the pandemic a bit.

  5. Oh, he’s just upset he didn’t get a job in the Biden administration, so he wrote an oped piece to get some attention.

  6. Summers is an incompetent elitist. At times like these you go big. Biden’s 100% correct. The GOP was bypassed. Screw Mitch! Go, Joe, go!

  7. Gene Sperling is a Prince for co founding a private school for kids on the autism spectrum in Ann Arbor, MI called Ann Arbor Academy. Thank you Mr Sperling.

  8. This economy is a danger to the collective mental health of our citizens. I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to help keep my community safe and healthy. We all need to help each other for an America that we can be proud of.

  9. 1.9 trillion is not big enough really. I think we will need another package before this covid-19 pandemic is under control.

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