General’s response to Matt Gaetz leaves him shaking his head

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, says he wants to know what caused the January 6th insurrection and fired back at Rep. Matt Gaetz's (R-FL) question about critical race theory.
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  1. MG is trying to act like he is a serious politician. Not even Fox News will have this guy on anymore. Tic-toc Gaetz…justice is coming for ya!

    1. If your a politician and your being accused of being a pedophile and the only member of your own party that came forward to help you was Marjorie Tayler Green, that’s somehow worse than having no one supporting you . Why does he even show up.

    2. @2 A you’re simply going to be erased from America sooner then later. We win, you lose fascist. I’ll laughter as your world falls.

  2. I find it offensive that a man like General Milley even is subjected to questioning from a person like Gaetz.

    1. @William Bowers You tagging random people, so I’d doubt you’d keep any of your BS to yourself.

    2. @Lazy I Ranch I remember that was in Jasper around the same time the gay kids was killed in Wyoming. I’m in DFW.

    1. A military sets Mao, Marx & Lenin is a forearmed military. But bet you he’s watched Buffalo Soldiers, Jarhead, and Apocalypse Now.

  3. So funny to see Matt Gaetz’s shaking his head. He would be nodding his head in agreement if anyone on the panel brought on their young daughter for approval lol

    1. I still beleive Americans are like this just right now many have been lead astray by trump and americans on both sides are to polarized right now but well make out way back from here

  4. Disgusting how a person facing CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING CHARGES is allowed to breathe in the same room as the honorable General Milley.

    1. @Stephen Anderson what parent wouldn’t rather be safe than sorry. Victims have come forward, but if they are still minors it remains anonymous. plus whatever happened to supporting the victim and not the predator?

    2. @Justin Fraioli this was literally a taped deposition. Where was the CNN opinion given here? Stop being so obtuse and stick to reality.

    3. @Leeanne Millard typical MAGA voter lets bring a democrat Cuomo example in to nullify your the republican guilt. DOJ is working on Gaetz his time will come evidence being compiled for a water tight case

    4. Disgusting to watch he is disgusting please take him off he does not need to be getting pay by every American taxes that pay taxes

    5. @The Family Most of them earned it. Russian hoax, Impeachment for Ukraine, Stormy Daniel’s and Michael Avenatti. The list goes on and on. They’ve been wrong about everything.

    1. @UCSKOJOgzbTjr0bje_tsx17Q haha you only say that cause he’s not saying what you like. That’s how you trump occultist are now it’s pathetic

    2. The idiot shaking his head. How about showing respect for the General. Go home , better yet go to jail and help Americans protect our children.

    3. @T lag He’s shaking his head like a guy trying to act tough, then a real tough guy puts him in is place. Oh wait.. that’s what happened.

  5. And here we are, in the part of the history that wearing the American flag as a bikini which is against the national flag code considered patriotism but the army generals being questioned by a child trafficker is considered patriotism. I can keep going with examples of backward patriotism for hours.

    1. Write a book of them all—like a little coffee table piece, for house wives to buy at Barnes and Noble.

    1. Part of what made the general’s answer a wise one, was his admission that he doesn’t know everything, but wants to learn as much as possible.

    1. @Xanthippe_26 yup. Gaetz never shuts up so if he isn’t talking you’ve got him on the ropes.

  6. This general is a really swell guy, & it makes me so happy that he cares deeply about this country & ALL of her people! 🙂

  7. Well said “General Miley Sir” and this is coming from an Army Officer who served well over 20 years defending this nation. #Salute

    1. My first round with a MAGAt, I ID’d myself as a a disabled vet who misses running very much but would do it all over again, and his response was, “Oh, well, lots of people get hurt. No big deal.” This was just another round. The noncombatants Gaetz puts in harm’s way are still worth those years of our lives. Stay well.

  8. DAMN… When he speaks, you really feel every word. Hes a deadly serious human, and is not going to be played with. Great Respect from here.

  9. Shaking his head whilst laughing? On par with his inherent disrespect and ignorance of all authority. MG is vile.

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