Geoff Canada: We Need Community Reinvestment So Kids ‘Have A Fair Shot’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

To achieve racial justice, we have to focus on education. President of the Harlem Children’s Zone, Geoff Canada, joins Stephanie Ruhle to explain the solutions we can implement to close the wealth gap. Aired on 06/11/2020.
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Geoff Canada: We Need Community Reinvestment So Kids ‘Have A Fair Shot’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. The Definition of a Law Enforcement Officer:
    “A Drunken Wife Beating Terrorist”. 😕

  2. Whenever you see MSNBCannibals using children to peddle a narrative .. be wary of those poor kids being trafficked and eaten .. Anything MSNBC is peddling serves evil , there is nothing good that comes from them .. NOTHING .. Always evil ,All the time

    1. FAKE NEWS!!! Babies taste the best! Thank you President Trump for keeping meat packing plants open during the LIBERAL “coronavirus” TRUMP 2020!!!!

    1. Oprah can’t even run a media empire without going bankrupt!! President Trump needs to lock-her-up! Trump not Oprah 2020!!!!

  3. If Joe Biden believes in systemic racism, then why did he author a bill that disproportionately sent millions of Black Americans to jail for decades over non-violent offences?

    1. How about stop killing black men for a start. George Floyd was a father. A lot of black men being killed unarmed are fathers, if you care so much tell s your conservatives friends who always want to talk down to people about lack of father. The police make things worse by killing unarmed fathers.

    2. @Terrestial Seven that only happenes once in a while. Stop hiding behind whats convenient! Face real issues

    3. @Rob Ceriani That is a real issue, police killings should be the last means of force. That is why you use a stungun not a gun.

    4. @Terrestial Seven snowflake! George Floyd was a lifelong loser! How about black on black crime? Is that cops fault? You are a disgusting person

  4. I’ve been pitching an Internet cafe that caters to school-age children (free of charge like after school extra-curricular) in my small SoCal city….

  5. Disparity in funding for schools is what hurts education most in this country.
    Some schools seem to have unlimited funds, while others do not have enough money to buy books for every child.
    If local states will not fund schools, there needs to be federal funding to make up the difference.

  6. **kids? What about the last 2 generations choked by debt and an awful job market?**

    1. 100% correct question! But no one in the establishment media is going anywhere near that issue.

      Police brutality is a function of how poverty is not a bug but a feature of the system, and the system is capitalism and capitalism is organized crime. The cops will never change until the system is changed.

      To create safe communities requires that we embrace FDRs Four Freedoms and recognize that food, healthcare, education and housing, are not commodities but human rights.

      That requires the end of capitalism as it is currently structured.

      And the people who run the crooked casino of America are not about to put themselves out of business.

      Which means, they will reshuffle the budget and then in a few years when nothing has really changed the reactionaries on the right will repeat their tough on crime neo fascist racist mantras and steal another election

  7. We need to take money out of the talks it always the bottom line our lives is the bottom line

  8. We should end ALL taxpayer funded welfare and racist rules like Affirmative Action. That would be the best community investment imaginable.

  9. He needs to get Black Lives Matter to work on that project. BLM need to organize in the black ghettos. Then Black Lives will matter. BLM only come around will the police is involved.

  10. When the police are involved. , then BLM come around. BLM , how about dealing with black youth before police do.

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