George Conway on Trump’s lawyers: This is the best he can do?

George Conway on Trump's lawyers: This is the best he can do? 1


    1. Time for an obligatory *”Facts of the Left”* post:

      _1. The Left Can’t Meme_
      _2. The Left Always Projects_
      _3. The Left’s Only Standards are Double Standards_

      _Pass it on!_

    1. Trump told people to riot at the Capitol by saying they should protest! Earth is flat! Professional wrestling is real!

    2. @peoplebeforeprofit Is Putin in the room with you now? lmao. You’re as insane as Q anon with a less interesting less believable story. LOL

    3. @peoplebeforeprofit What does he have?
      Do you honestly believe the WH is scared of another capital insurrection, justifying troops and barriers around DC?

    1. Nah, Cohen wants nothing to do with him. Remember, Cohen was one of only TWO people to speak out against Trump following the Mueller investigation, which arrested numerous officials involved in the 2016 campaign, but only two of them actually admitted the truth of their crimes, and Cohen was one of them. It’s why Trump didn’t pardon him during his December Pardoning Spree when he pardoned all of the other scumbags who worked for him, like Roger Stone.

  1. Castor would likely have made more sense if he was talking in his sleep, or while inebriated, or stoned on drugs.

  2. I got a yellow legal pad from the dollar store and have been practicing drinking water from a bottle, I’m on deck!

  3. Castor scratched his blue folder of prepared typed opening and wrote on the yellow pad on the fly because of the opening of the house. He admitted it . Raskin killed everything Caster was going to say.

  4. They could have put a clown with a dog jumping through a hoop as part Trump’s defense team and the Senate would still have voted the same way.

  5. “I surround myself with the best people “ “I know how to make deals”. NOT… no one wants to work for this guy.

    1. Always thought that statement was like a rapist saying all the ladies love him or a pedophile saying they’re good with children. 🙄😒

  6. “Ill-preparation”. This is the same sentiment Trump’s older sister conveyed to describe Trump’s presidency during the secretly taped call with his niece. 🗽

  7. It absolutely boggles my mind that I have not heard the phrase “peacefully and patriotically” mentioned once today.

    1. It seems like this is all a game, almost like Trump doesn’t even want to defend himself… it’s ridiculous

    1. He is Jewish. Usually he has his hat on so when he drinks he holds it so it doesn’t fall off. Most of the hats have a clip to attach to hair so it doesn’t fall off but he’s obviously balding so

  8. 44 Repugnant “Senators” want Trump to be our Nation’s Dictator-in-Chief and then re-write the Constitution in his image.

  9. Such a waste of time since Republicans will never change, it’s time for Biden and the Democrats to get rid of the electoral college for good!!! Do that and fill the Supreme Court ASAP

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