1. @Scott H Hey extremely stupid, the cases were dismissed because the judges didn’t want to hear them. There have been no evidentiary hearings yet.

    1. @Lando Beats They are all playing a game, they’re nothing but over paid actors of the political stage.

    2. @Darren Benson I split up with MN y boyfriend because he believed all the lies trump told. He couldn’t stay neutral and not Always talk about trump and convince me, so I left. I am glad I did.

    1. @peachion2 unfortunately now more than ever. People are lumped into one of two categories these days. You a are either a Lefty Socialist or an Alt Right Nationalist. No grey area anymore.

  1. Everything he’s saying is going against his wife, even though he’s speaking truth, he might not be married by the end of 2020 lol shame on his wife for supporting the unnamed 💙🇺🇸

    1. @Gloria Ryan i mean, she married a very wealthy man who became president with no political background so, kinda impressive really.

  2. Why is it the only “fraud” occurred in the close states? Amazing how the states that weren’t even close seemed to have no discernable “fraud.”

    1. There has been loads of election fraud in every election ever, but it’s really difficult and expensive to prove in the court of law so the close states are the only ones that are not a waste of time and money to pursue litigation on.

    1. I wish. Republicans will figure out how to perfect this so that next time they will succeed at overturning the election.

    2. @Richard Grier really? Is that the best your little brain can come up with? Trump didn’t need to prefect anything to turn this election. Biden did. The evidence is all over the place. You only look for it at places like cnn and fb lol wow the ignorance is astronomical 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. To accuse Trump of being “anti-science” is to accuse Trump of being intelligent – here’s why:

      Since the unintelligent fake science gods are programmed with a fake timeline for our Earth’s continents, oceans, mountains, cataclysms, etc., since the fake experts are programmed to rely on a fake paradigm of chemistry, since these low IQ lunatics also fail to understand physics, naturally their climate forecasts will be wrong – which is exactly what we get from the IPCC, from Harvard’s Michael Mann who was exposed as a fraud in court, as well as the “Professor Emeritus” Guy McPherson whose forecasts have also been proven to be wrong – numerous times – add the forecasts from Al Gore’s idiotic experts and gradually the evidence becomes undeniable: geologists, glaciologists, climate scientists, ecologists, etc., are low IQ lunatics that graduated from low level institutions with minimal entrance requirements.

      Since their low IQ’s are uploaded – online – by Psychologists, no one with intelligence would put the “Earth Scientists” up on a pedestal.

      Those who see the conspicuous contradictions to their theories – which expose the unintelligent fake science gods as disinfo agents – have already packed, relocated, stocked up and prepared for several months of hell on Earth – we expect very few survivors because the true timeline for our Earth’s continents, oceans, mountains, cataclysms, etc., tells us the horror that’s coming.

      When you know when and how the tectonic plates were broken and subducted, when you know when and how the ocean trenches and archipelago islands were formed, when you know when and how the Grand Canyon was formed, when you know when and how the Siberian and Deccan Traps were formed, when you know when and how the cataclysms known as Nuuanu and Eltanin occurred, when you have the true timeline for Vesuvius and Santorini, when you know the timeline for the Himalayas, Andes, Rockies, Aleutians, Alps, the Antarctic and Greenland mountains, etc., then you’ll know the true timeline for the glaciers and ice shelves and you’ll have a better chance at a more accurate forecast for the Earth Changes…

      When you have the facts – instead of a long list of idiotic theories – you’ll know the greatest threat to the survival of humankind isn’t CO2, sea level rise, WW3, climate collapse, starvation or any of the other “threats” from the low IQ fake science gods on parade – who are disinfo agents, programmed and propped up by the billionaires – to keep the public ignorant, confused and easy to manipulate and exploit.

      If you want the truth about our Earth, stop asking low IQ “professors” and “scientists” from low level institutions – if you’re unaware that the IQ’s of the fake experts are uploaded online, you should look at those uploads and realize that a brilliant scientist has an IQ over 170 while those with IQ’s below 120 – which is the vast majority of them – have the cognitive functions of a child.

      The unintelligent pat themselves on the back for being “scientific” while failing to realize “Earth Scientists” like geologists, glaciologists, volcanologists, seismologists, etc., are not brilliant scientists.

      Since MOST geologists graduate with a C’s in Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Calculus, etc., since MOST geologists graduate from low level institutions with minimal entrance requirements, since MOST geologists have an IQ of 85 to 115 which is, at best, the intellectual equivalent of the smart kids in fifth and sixth grades, and since MOST geologists teach “geology” at one of the thousands and thousands of low level institutions across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the thousands of islands, and/or since they work for public agencies and/or publishing houses that disseminate intentional disinfo, since a very small percentage of geologists graduate from highly-selective universities and then earn 6-figure salaries in the mining, gas and oil industries, to trust the work of MOST geologists is comparable to trusting children to tell us the history of our Earth.

      Since geologists who work for colleges and universities, public agencies and publishing houses typically graduated from low level institutions that include “state schools”, and the numerous low level colleges, universities and institutions in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, California, etc., where students in the Earth Sciences – of geology, seismology, volcanology, glaciology, ecology, etc. – are taught to believe in a big fat pack of lies and lunacy about the history of our Earth, which includes the history of volcanism, idiotic theories of continental drift, continental collision, the fake timeline for our continents, oceans, mountains, cataclysms, volcanic eruptions, the theories about the ice ages -which are fiction – the timeline from ice cores which is more fiction, and the other nonsense including the Cenozoic, Quaternary, Tertiary, Holocene, Pleistocene, Pliocene Miocene, Oligocene, Eocene, Paleocene – Mesozoic, Cretaceous ( Later or Upper, Early or Lower ) Jurassic ( Late or Upper, Middle, Early or Lower ), Triassic ( Late or Upper, Middle, Early or Lower ), Permian ( Late or Upper, Early or Lower ), Paleozoic – the Late or Upper, Early, Lower or Middle Permian, Carboniferous, Pennsylvanian, Mississippian, Devonian, Silurian, Ordovician, Cambrian, and Precambrian …

      Since the idiotic insanity of MOST geologists has been exposed as preposterous nonsense by hundreds and hundreds of our ancestors who documented the history of our continents, oceans, mountains, cataclysms, etc. – in old records, spanning several centuries – since people who lived in different centuries and in different parts of our Earth, and who spoke different languages, corroborate one another and since their timeline is corroborated by thousands of other independent sources from all across our Earth, those that prefer “theories” of “millions of years ago” are free to be so detached from reality as to be rendered insane – but since the history of our Earth – documented by our ancestors – includes when and how the tectonic plates were broken, when and how the ocean trenches and archipelago islands were formed, when and how the mountains, glaciers and ice shelves were formed, when and how the Siberian and Deccan Traps were formed, when and how the Grand Canyon was formed, when and how the boot of Italy was formed, when and how the Arabian and Iberian Peninsulas were formed, when and how the Yucatan and Olympic Peninsulas were formed and so on.

      Since the timeline from our ancestors is corroborated by the geological evidence, the insane imbeciles of the world are exposed as a pack of idiotic frauds.

      As for the Calculus, Physics and programming courses that geologists are required to study, since when does passing a Calculus course with a grade of C- prove the “scientist” is brilliant?

      Since when does a C in Physics transform an imbecile to a genius?

      Since when does a C in computer programming create an exalted status of “expert”?

      Pause to realize how the public is deceived.

      This deception is intentional – the billionaires that control our world do not want the masses to realize their timeline lies cloak the true timeline for our Earth and our human history.

      Assumptions about the exalted status of geologists, volcanologists, seismologists, glaciologists, ecologists, etc., are based on inadequate life experience and inadequate intelligence – to continue to cling to the programming when the evidence is laid out before them is to watch them cheat themselves out of the truth of our world.

      To overlook THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of independent sources, written in over a dozen languages from all across our Earth, that tell us the true geological timeline while geologists pontificate their insane programming is to expose one’s lack of intelligence.

      Since these thousands of independent sources include hundreds and hundreds of documents from our ancestors, those that prefer to believe the lies about our Earth are exposing their ignorance and insanity while those who want the truth of our Earth can study the voluminous evidence as I have done.

      Since Vesuvius didn’t decimate Pompeii and Herculaneum thousands of years ago, since that destruction was in 1631 – and since almost all their other dates, prior to 1800 are also seriously delusional, the public can believe the lies or they can study the actual evidence – instead of believing in low IQ idiots that are programmed with preposterous nonsense.

      That’s a brief intro to explain why accusing Trump of being anti-science is accusing Trump of being intelligent – since the general public has very little intelligence, they fail to understand that they’ve been deceived all their lives by low IQ “scientists” in the fake science magazines, in the schoolbooks and college textbooks, in the “bestsellers on the cutting edge of science”, etc.

      The unintelligent enjoy imagining that the billionaires that control our world want the masses to have the true science – the ignorant ones think no one would ever lie to them about our Earth, about politics, about economics, about “science” … this is the world we live in … where very few care about the truth because it’s more fun for them to be delusional.

    2. Bringing (or trying) in concepts that may aid to get through this with more understanding and less barriers. But conway cares what you think too, well maybe. Law and facts matter, right?

    3. @Whirled Publishing nothing you said made sense. That being said , I totally get why you are a trump supporter.

    4. ​@William Jackson Thank you for exposing yourself as delusional

      Those who want the truth can watch the videos of the suitcases and plastic containers, filled with fake ballots, hidden under the tables, etc., that were brought out after the camera crews and observers were told everything had been counted.

      Here’s videos of Biden admitting to bribing foreign officials with u.s. taxpayer dollars so that he could get a colossal kickback of millions of dollars instead of going to prison where he belongs:


      On and on and on the evidence goes again Biden and his son Hunter – those who are afraid of evil will cheer it on while those with a conscience expose the evil.

  3. Maga’s please keep donating. Look how much trump has has to spend as a result of your donations. Look how much is left?

  4. This is the first time I’ve listened to Conway–he’s feisty, haha–he must really enjoy trampling Trump politically & legally after all the years listening to Kellyanne defend him.

    1. I wonder what his wife thinks of her old boss now. I am almost certain that a few months away cleared her head a bit. I hop-e at least..

    2. Really, look again. Imagine Conway eating then ask yourself if it is possible for him to have “had enough”. It’s like blue cities and voter fraud or liberals loving child molestors.

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