George Floyd does not appear to resist arrest in new surveillance video

Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of a black man who was held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn't breathe, officials said.
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    1. I know, I was surprised too 🤣. Also in the police report, the officer didn’t include that he had his knee in his neck while he was on.the ground over 5 minutes. I think they forgot that part 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    2. @Rob Johnson What part of George Floyd was in handcuffs and had no weapons on him when that sorry evil azz officer who was pressing his knee on George’s neck and his sorry evil azz comrades murdered him? What part don’t you get? I really hope that you’re not a police officer or is thinking about becoming one because with your logic regarding this murder, you lack the humanity, mental capability, and maturity to be a police officer who would be ethical, not abuse his/her power, and truly serve and protect the people.

    3. Of course the police lied about George resisting arrest.They always say that when someone ends up dead in their custody.

    1. its because whenever a cop is under investigation for something like this, its usually conducted by other cops which of course leads to favoritism and bias

    2. Cops have special rights, if You put cuffs on someone resisting its kidnapping, the bouncer clearly (missing footage) resisted arrest and was taken down, the question for me is what were they waiting for, was someone looking for a taser in a trunk maybe they were looking for ankle cuff to dog tye him before attempting to get him in the car.. it does happen when someone wont stop kicking, cops are trained to use greater force then the people being taken into custody, you fight back at all your going to get a far bigger reaction

    3. Because they are heroes, they are above the law, and their bosses coverup their mess. Bunch of bs….

    4. @CookieDough Lol, the fact that Donny Do’tard sits in our WH tells you “racism is alive and kicking”. Just remember though, the vast majority of white people you see and meet everyday are NOT. Even people that might toss and occasional racial slur are not necessarily “racist”. They might just be trying to piss you off or upset you.

    5. @ImStealthy I don’t know about “Never”. Likely, seemingly too often they don’t get enough punishment. Society wants to believe that the people they put in place are NOT committing atrocities and that can cause an outcome in the courts for sure. Reality is, we need to have Police. If we punish police for every perceived infraction we soon won’t have anyone who will do the job without paying them extreme sums of money like mercenaries. I support bodycams. If the police are going to surveil us constantly we need to be able to have surveillance on their behavior as well. It’s not foolproof but it is a tool to help us know what occurred. In this instance, and I have not seen all the footage, it certainly seems to be excessive heavy handling and the knee on the neck for more than 15 or 20 seconds seems obvious to me that anyone would know that it could potentially be extremely dangerous and or deadly. I am horrified that this man was essentially “lynched”. I hate that word and don’t use it lightly but what happened to him is beyond human decency, I feel. They might have just as well thrown a rope over a tree and strung him just high enough to strangle that man. Just awful.

  1. YES – those police officers need to IMMEDIATELY be arrested – charged with MURDER and and BE HELD WITHOUT BAIL – RIP George Floyd & Heart goes out to the Family

    1. musefan117. We are not saying to not have cops. We are saying to have cops that doesn’t kill someone who is not resisting. The cop lied about George resisting to save himself. We just want to be equal.

    2. @musefan117 wow really, so either be ok with cops murdering people or don’t call them …ohhh ok

  2. Anyone could accidentally end up with counterfeit currency. It happens a lot in this country unknowingly and people do not get arrested and killed for it.

    1. Arrest is not the issue, an officer pressing his knee on the neck of a man lying on the ground is the issue, and he seemed to be gleeful doing it.

    2. Pj Millah Agree…even if he knowingly had counterfeit currency it is fraud not a death sentence. Shock and solidarity from the UK

  3. I really hope the cop killer gets charged with murder and the other cops get charged too!!! That’s disgusting!! I’m sick to my stomach!

    1. @Darth Vader Idk, why didn’t national media report on Joshua Kelsey, a gunman who killed three people? You only picked that instance because he is black and she was white.

    2. The 3 that stood by and ALLOWED this to happen makes them as guilty as the cop with his knee on Floyd’s neck.
      All 4 are guilty, this is No assumed innocent….IT’S ON VIDEO….

    1. jakiyaful: Since when? Who are the ones freeing and supporting killer police officers specially the ones who kill black children? Other whites specially white conservatives.

    1. Really? I can show you milion videos of USA soliders “teaching democracy” all around the World, killing in countries where nobody needed them or their “democracy”.
      Just google for 10 minutes… Start with “Vietnam”.

    1. @LUCKY who are you paying to protect you? Cops are not there to protect and serve you. They are there to protect and serve the law. They could care less about you. Once you realize this maybe you will interact with cops better. Do exactly as they say and you might live. This video proves nothing. Where is the video of the cops putting him on the ground.

  4. They murdered him and should be arrested!! Any cops allowing this to happen in front of them should be charged as accessories and accomplice’s to police crimes. Body cams always on and mandatory drug tests often for law enforcement.

    1. Racist ppl including blk racist police, SD all be fired, none of us r safe w/this type of ignorance&hate… 😈😈😈😈☠️☠️🙅🙅🙅

    2. Not just drug tested but also tested for steroids. As they are known to make one more aggressive

    3. It’s really funny that all these incidents of racism, violence and deadly brutality from the police always happens in big deep-blue Democratic cities across U.S. like L.A., N.Y.C., Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, D.C., Boston, S.F., Oakland, Seattle, St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, Minneapolis, etc. Apparently, the Demotards have proven they still are the “Party of Slavery and Lynchings.”

      In this instance, the policemen involved don’t even seem phased about being video-recorded because it’s as if they didn’t think at any time that they were doing anything wrong because they were trained to do this type of take-down on blacks by the book from the heads of their departments.

      Clearly, there was some sort of “stop and frisk” order in place from the white Demotard Mayor of the city at the top to brutalize blacks in their mostly white libitard-ruled cities, and he has installed a black police captain (i.e., a “Captain Tom”) to do his bidding and cover his own @$$ to throw the stench of racism off himself for this racist policy like white Demotards always do.

  5. They lied about that just like how they lie about him dying in the hospital. The 4 cops need knee on their necks as punishment.

    1. @Syakirin57 i know i know… my head is hung low right now… anyway, blessing to all the kind people showing love and keep all that suffer in prayer.

    1. Life in prison… Nah more like Life in PC (PROTECTIVE CUSTODY) He need life in gen pop death is too easy

    1. @Scott Cameron Exactly. According to the store owner he doesn’t believe George knew the bill was fake. He also said he watched the arrest from his store and never saw George resisting. These cops clearly overreacted and need to be arrested.

    2. @ Darth Vader Why would anyone click on your virus filled link? Even if true that guy wasn’t a cop. SIT DOWN!!!

    3. I’m sure he did something. Cops were right. Tis the season to be jolly falalalalalalalala!

    4. 77Wells. The man got killed for giving the cashiers counterfeit money. What if he didn’t know if it was forged? The cop arrested him then pot his KNEES ON GEORGE’S NECK. Stop justifying what the police did. The police needs to go to jail.

  6. *ALL FOUR OFFICERS NEED TO BE INCARCERATED ! This man was MURDERED — ARREST EVERY OFFICER PRESENT, EVEN THE ` good ones ‘ who stood by and allowed this to happen*

    1. @Andy took the words right out of my fingers lol there are NO GOOD ones there’s another line to go with it but I’ll refrain.

    2. @Rodney Boehner I see you just go from comment to comment spewing political garbage newsflash ! NOBODY cares a guy is dead put your extreme right wing bs to bed.

    3. I agree with you, but people would take you more seriously without the ALL CAPS (many trolls do that). Good case possible for 2nd-degree murder (it was not premeditated) and three cases of either conspiracy to commit murder or aiding and abetting murder. I hope justice is done.

    4. This is all done to get attention off of Coronavirus failure. Not sure if George died or if it was a Ritual killing. NOTHING IS NORMAL IN THIS CASE.. The fact that no one has been arrested yet… shows that there is higher involvement with prosecutor and Mayor’s office.

    1. @Eric Hendricks in Mexico there is a very common saying “Tanto Peca el que mata la vaca, como el que le agarra la pata” which translates to: “He who kills the cow sins just as much as he who holds the cows leg (to prevent it from moving)”

    1. Yes I didn’t learn to be racist until I moved near joggers, I was pro jogger before but afterwards never again.

  7. His words “ I’ll get in the car, I can’t get up, I can’t breathe, everything hurts” disgusting this is murder they need to be locked up

    1. Bad Bird are you serious, you can see in the video the cop kept removing his knee and then putting more pressure this went on for so long.

    2. Professor Groyper gtfo out of my reply’s if you think for a second George was in the wrong. He is dead because of that cop don’t you dare put the blame on him

  8. It was a public execution! Let’s bring out the electric chair 🪑⚡️! Justice for Mr. Floyd!

    1. @Darth Vader Yes thats a horrible crime as well, but still this one is as well and why would you post this on this video. Truely doesn’t help

    2. @Darth Vader that’s horrible but the man who did it was a criminal
      The man who killed George was a cop,you know,the people that should defend us not murder us
      Stop changing the subject

    3. Darth Vader Was the murderer a U.S. peace officer? Because unless he was, that has nothing to with anything. Go comment on FOX News’ videos you bootlicker. They’ll buy your bullshit there.

  9. I’m still waiting on why haven’t the officers been arrested and charged with murder.

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