'George Floyd was murdered': U.S. President Joe Biden reacts to the Derek Chauvin verdict 1

‘George Floyd was murdered’: U.S. President Joe Biden reacts to the Derek Chauvin verdict


U.S. President Joe Biden addressed the nation after ex-police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty, and he pledged to work on police reform.


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    1. Likely no one knows who you’re talking about. But I do, I’m Canadian. She should still be behind bars.

    2. @Kevin Warner she should just have the same fate given to her that she offered her sister. But it’s also an example of the inequality we have today.

    3. @Canadianvoice Yep, absolutely. Our justice system is a joke. Condolences to the French’s, Mahaffy’s and Karla’s little sister.

    4. Karla is a stain on our Canadian Justice System, no question. BUT we are talking about the VERDICT of the George Floyd trial. President Biden was spot on! Empathetic, sincere and genuine.

  1. I think we should really wait to see the actual sentence itself because because the judge could still give him a 30 year suspended sentence., , , ,,,

  2. A case that even elementary school students know how to judge is a big step towards justice. It’s a hell. They dare to give pointers to other countries in a human rights report and laugh to death.

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