George Floyd's brother reacts to Chauvin guilty verdict 1

George Floyd’s brother reacts to Chauvin guilty verdict


Speaking to CNN's Don Lemon, Philonise Floyd, brother of George Floyd, and Ben Crump, attorney for the Floyd family, react to the guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

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  1. It’s funny how the family didn’t give a damn about him, before he died. It’s amazing how caring they are now. It’s more like show me the money. Just my opinion

    1. @David Singleton You don’t get it do you David, people can have different views on a situation. I swear you will be ok. It’s ok to differ on somethings that is called debate. But you got to keep throwing the race card in there, because you don’t like what people say. Maybe you need to seek help, you got some issues.

    2. @Kathy you don’t have to think me. Alot of people are unable to see truth. It’s the sheep mentality and the millennial mentality. Who owes me even though I didn’t earn it or deserve it. David called George Floyd an African american, that is in face being a racist cause he stereotyped him as someone who came from Africa, obviously just based it off the color of his skin. In fact George is a man, a brother in Christ as we all are brothers and sisters. Whether they want to see truth or not. Chauvin, Floyd and us all are just a bunch of God’s children. Morons like David just see skin color. Base everything off that. I’m Jewish where’s my justice for what the Nazis did to my ancestors? Idiots like David just run mouths, not enough attention at home.

  2. I believe the pregnant woman who was held at gun point via her stomach should get some of that money

    1. You know it’s actually kind of sad how happy they are because they have to actually know their brother was an addict and what criminal things he did

    1. @Lucas Walker Its true though. You really want a 6’6 drug addict and robber running around the city with a gun?

    2. Nice suits, they spend more on their suits than I pay for groceries, health insurance, rent, auto insurance, and utilities in a month!!!!

    3. They did they got 27 mil for a criminal that was worth 20 bucks, well ok my bad that 20 was fake!!

  3. His brother? You mean one of the people who left him homeless for a decade and now only cares cause he got a fat payday?

    1. @Drew Ridley great….. let them appeal it…… and so? They’re still getting paid… ALL of those on the RIGHT side of the law!! Doing the happy dance!

    2. @BLAHBLAHPOCALYSPE? $27M does buy 90,000 speedballs. That’s one speedball per day every day for 246 years. Virtue that ese.

  4. I bet that family came out from under rocks miles away when they heard lawsuit. They all had love for Georgia from that day on.

  5. MAN’S WORLD ??
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    Our world resembles a ruthless game
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  6. The family got so rich and famous after his death, they wouldn’t change a thing for that drug addict. Guaranteed! %

    1. Isaiah 64:6
      King James Version
      6 But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

  7. Someday the public will wake up and realize the divisive media is what is destroying our country, politicaly and socially. Hopefully it will not be too late by then or perhaps it’s already too late.

    1. @Marcy Clay just so i understand what you are referring to: The Washington Post’s sad attempt to detract attention from the Hunter Biden laptop and shady dealings and Joe Biden’s bailing him out?

      First – despite the US intelligence community claims Russian Bounties are low risk – I am not surprised and actually fairly certain it’s common. After all the US had bounties on Bin Laden. To the Russian leadership the US threat to their “way of life” in maintaining communism.

      Second – It’s really foolish for Biden (or Trump) to publicly call out another World super power based on loose evidence of shady/backroom deals. I doesn’t surprise me he will hide behind the CIA assessment of low probability.

      Third – it’s really inconsequential. The Taliban wants to kill US soldiers regardless of bounty.

      Fourth – Again, it’s inconsequential since the US and it’s allies mission is to create and environment of peace in the region. Removing the radical terrorist threat.

      What are your thoughts on Russian Bounties?

  8. Помогите России озвучьте все протесты что сейчас происходят

  9. So glad this has brought you at least a little bit of happiness. Sad and scary to think most people didn’t know for sure how the verdict would go simply because of the color of ones skin.

  10. Do we hear the sound of a million dollar suit being filed?? Could they be looking for a big payday?

  11. My sister is a dog groomer.

    Her customers hire her AND her customers can discriminate against her. If she came out as gay or transitioned to a man… she can not sue them for discrimination.

    But if she discriminated in hiring another dog groomer they can sue her?


  12. Bless you all, such a relief to see justice for George. Thank you all for your huge efforts in keeping this so public. Love to you all from Australia xx

  13. When a government treats a criminal as a hero, you can imagine what kind of government it is. You can also imagine how safe this country is! I firmly believed anything could happen in this country including humanity termination with such ridiculous Government

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