1. Fatty couldn’t even kneel with the rest of the pandering democrats, and Nancy said, Help me, I’m pandering and l can’t get up.

    1. Ahhh….. George “Fentanyl” Floyd. Career criminal and known drug addict. Just recently finished serving a 5 year sentence involving an incident where he held a pregnant woman at gun point. ANTIFA and BLM use the scum of the earth as their poster child. Never to mention real issues of black on black violence. Look at Chicago memorial day weekend murder numbers. They Martyr a scum bag and dont even mention the name of Retired Black Police officer David Dorn of the St. Louis PD who was gunned down by the “peaceful protesters” looters. BLM is a JOKE. ANTIFA is a JOKE. The MSM had been a joke for a while. The Democrat party motto: Offended by everything, ashamed by nothing. You guys are in a
      F A N T A S Y W O R L D.

    2. George floyd drugs we saw him dropping the steroids stash in the video of arrest when he sits on pavement.

    1. rwest1833_MGTOW – Patrick Underwoods sister testified today, and the media didn’t say one word about it……

    2. david dorn was a pig,working for satan=zionist jew luciferian,fascists=government.always got his paycheck from satan

    3. I’m going to act like I didn’t see that comment, until someone can show me otherwise Dorn was a good man you should watch the video of his death and the cowards running away

    1. Brian Baff is it possible for him to have changed? Not that it mattered? But for the sake of argument. Is it possible for him to have been a gentle giant too? You seem to be soooo focused on him not being a good person. Again, are you a good person because you don’t commit crimes? Where is your logic? NO ONE is saying he shouldn’t have died because he was a good person except for the people that were close to him. The rest of the world is simply protesting brutality of such magnitude toward a human being. Get your facts right!!! I am pretty sure you have a few relatives or maybe you yourself may have a questionable criminal record. Do you love them less???? If you do then we go back to the point of you not having a heart.

    2. @Christine Taylor Drugs in system, driving around with someone with multiple felony warrants, using counterfeit money does not sound changed to me.
      Yes I have had some criminals in my life that I liked and I would feel the same, they would not have deserved to die, but I would not make them out to be a saint and burn down buildings if they were murdered. I sure as hell would not go out and murder others while rioting in their name.

  1. How come when 2 blacks attacked my friend and knifed him to death right in front of me there wasn’t any looting, no riots, and certainly no talk about fixing the ghetto?

    1. That is what these beasts do. But they’re supposed to get a pass because dey po’ and did it because rasiss!

    2. @TheZeyart Or maybe he just allowed the criminal justice system to run its course, as anyone who’s part of a civil society should.

    1. @Bodhi Sattva let’s take it to the next level column kunta kintepelosi will change her name to Maxine Waters

  2. if the fake news can turn a criminal into a saint, can they also make sodomy seem normal, and trump to be a boogeyman?

    1. @Jonothan Doezer sorry but based on some comments I guess not.
      I have seen so many serious ones serious, anyway sorry, take care out there.

    2. @Brian Baff Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. If you look out your window you can see the top of Brian Baffs head.

    3. @Brian Baff I wasn’t sure about the comment either, and for exactly the reason that you mentioned.
      It’s not a good time to be using subtle sarcasm, there are too many non-sarcastic comments that appear to be sarcastic, due to the recent reversal of common-sense in the world.

    1. @hillary ilinsky yep. The fascists pigs literally vandalized our national park monuments and they think that’s okay.
      They being pelosi and her fascist pig party.
      Pray people vote in November.
      No mail ballots.

    2. @H Pn party rhetoric is what has made both sides toxic. You have your commies of the left, and the imperial fascists on the right. Dems put a soft spin on everything while anything trump dosent agree with be in CNN or Fox is labeled fake news. Dig deeper my friend. Both sides count on diehards like you to keep them in their corrupt seats of power. Branch out and listen to opinions and outlets that you abhor. It may solidify you beliefs and more power to you but dig brother. The people need strong willed people like you to be informed and educated because when you are there is no stopping true liberty and freedom form enveloping our nation truly making it great again.

    3. @Isaac Jaurequi I don’t see it that way.
      The Dems are the fascist pigs.
      Trump is a capitalist.
      Republicans are milk toast politicians who just go with the flow as long as their lifestyles aren’t checked.
      The media is the Dem socialist party tool.
      It was very clear on first day after election.
      They all wore fascist uniform white, George bush was passing out candy and the media cried…then started the fake reports starting with mall attendance during inauguration.

      Trump is a threat to all… because he’s actually focused on US. No special interest group like before.

    4. @H Pn you had me till the Trump and special interest groups. Like word for word except were opposite on trump so. . . Good as ima get. Good on ya mate. God bless and stay safe out there in these crazy times.

    5. @Isaac Jaurequi it’s all about special interest group.
      That’s why the Dems are fighting Trump.
      The globalists don’t like him either.
      China wants him outta there.

    1. why does it have to be about democrats and republicans? people are people this man was a criminal and just happen that a cop killed him,or so they say,some say he had a heart atack wile on the ground, but still,what that cop did was wrong,but that man was no saint.

  3. We now know his entire family is racist.
    In fact, anyone supporting this criminal is a racist.

    1. @Christine Taylor this entire thing was not about race. People like you make it about race, therefore you are racist because you want it to be about race.

    2. @Commentator Theyre all useful idiots forthe democratic party. This is the only way they stay in power

    3. @2NDARY B18C1 Based off your comment you desperately need some english grammar and spelling courses.

    4. @Greg p. Based on your reply, you need anti hate courses. Extensive once,with physical punishment for any failure.

  4. Wow…where’s the outrage and media coverage for innocent children in Chicago..who die needlessly while criminals are committing their crimes..or the hundreds of adults killed or injured in Chicago every weekend..by criminal violence.The democrat politicians running that city…have done NOTHING about this issue. Where’s the outrage over the thousands of adults and children physically assaulted and/or sexually assaulted by illegal immigrants ? The media, journalists and Democrat politicians..keep quite about this! The thousands that are affected by all the above circumstances..doesn’t fit the political agenda of the democrat politicians and their crony lying liberal media pals. Wake-up sheeple people…..Stop listening to CNN/MSNBC and the many media’s who do NOT report about these facts or actual news in general. They present you with much disinformation and propaganda..to form your mindset and beliefs….to their political agenda.

  5. If this guy wasn’t killed this week, he crime spree would led him to the devil’s waiting room in no time! Just read the comments! No memory honored here!

  6. it’s time for our government to stop sponsoring other people’s conflicts, better improve the lives of your citizens with this money

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