George Floyd’s death started more conversations about racial inequality: Nadia Brown

Nadia Brown, Purdue University African American studies professor, says events last year started more conversations about inequality.

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    1. @Rome bro I literally said it is human history month that means all races and cultures and everything and yet you continue to not look at the facts

    1. @Cheryl Ross no of course not, but no one is glorifying the cop that did that. Nor should they, that was a disgusting act.

  1. Can we have a ginger freckles history month too? Systematic ginger hatred is rampant!!!
    We want reparations, a toony for every freckle

    1. Yeah 8 minutes of having someone kneel on your neck after co operating with them is simply chalked up as the end of the story, because he had weed in his system

  2. Take responsibility for your lawlessness , stop resisting arrest and assaulting cops and maybe things won’t happen.

    1. Did you see the same video’s I did? He was NOT assaulting the police from my perspective. The cop was the aggressor, and they all need better training on how to control any situation. They are way to quick to pull out their guns, and shoot someone in the back.
      That cop was on an ego trip.

    2. @Cheryl Ross Are we talking about the George Floyd video? He spent 40 minutes resisting arrest and fighting police. They were trying to put him into the back of a cop car and he kept screaming I can’t breathe and fighting.

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