George Floyd’s Family Speaks Out As Outrage Over His Death Grows | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

George Floyd's Family Speaks Out As Outrage Over His Death Grows | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1


  1. If you are not angered by what happened to that man, YOU are part of the problem with America.
    RIP Mr Floyd. 🙌
    Much love to your family. 🙏

    1. @tracey omoruyi is that your argument? lol… how about you try telling me what you disagree with me on exactly? If you can’t articulate that then it’s pretty obvious you’re the stupid one here

    1. @Tele Free I would love to see their faces right now. They must feel so ashame and sorry they got caught for their stupidity.

    2. This world is so messed up, we are all equal, it doesn’t matter what your skin colour is we all feel pain, we all have feelings and we all deserve justice, sat here crying this is heartbreaking, I can’t believe we live in a world like this breaks my heart knowing this still happens 😔 them cops deserve more then a jail sentence

    1. @Astroyed they should be locked up in a hot and dark prison and the only drink that will be given to them should be George’s brother’s ball sweat. The food should be their own balls. They should do that until they die.
      Btw I’m joking. Not even Kim Jong un deserve that haha

    2. His loved ones endured watching him suffer til his last breath was TAKEN from him so vile. What exactly do you think these cops deserve…..?

    1. @Ronnie2K I watched it, obviously. I know he ended up dying and I know that was wrong, but we really don’t know if the officer intended on KILLING him. He could have been trying to render him unconscious which is something that officers sometimes do, although based on the footage I’ve seen, i do not believe that was necessary.. it seems like it was negligent on the cop’s part but we still do not know the whole story. Another video that shows before he was on the ground shows George fall on the ground… he wasn’t pushed… so what if he dropped himself to the ground and refused to be taken into the car? We don’t know all of the details is my point.

    2. @J You see what you see in the video, do you really need more evidence? you dont need to know who pushed him or if he threw himself on the ground. This is why it is a murder committed by both officers. You said manslaughter at worst, that is not in anyway just.

    3. @J One comment you said it was not murder but manslaughter at worst (which is dumb by any means cause this is manslaughter at the bare minimum).
      Next comment you say we don’t know.
      Which one is it buddy?

    4. @Yuval Ski I said we don’t know all the details yet about what happened before he was on the ground lol pay attention.. it was probably manslaughter because the cop shouldn’t have used such force, but there is no indication yet that the cop WANTED the man to die. You don’t know that, so don’t pretend that you do.

  2. Look at this poor family 💔
    This was a hate crime!
    Firing those murderers is the LEAST that should be done!

    1. I havent heard on them being arrested yet but i have heard they were immediately fired and the FBI was brought in.

  3. George Floyd’s killers need to be found guilty or Minneapolis streets will be filled with rioters.

    1. I will go from florida if their is no conviction with many many other people that will join me

    1. Pete Puebla

      No no no no no, don’t let him get away from life that quickly, he deserves a lot more torturing!

  4. The simple fact that these cops have not been arrested yet tells you everything you need to know about US society.

    1. @olrik parlez they should be in jail while this is done, come on in how many countries other than the U.S do you get to murder someone in the streets on camera and still get to walk around, this only happens in the U.S, I travelled to some messed up 3rd world countries and police don’t carry on like this even in those places

    2. The mayor of Minneapolis stated that he got in contact with the FBI to investigate the officers especially the man with his knee on his neck and wanted them to charge them for murder

    1. @Matt lol.. a pedant is someone concerned with small details… these are not small details, friend… These details are pieces to the vital truth about the intent behind the actions leading up to George’s death. He should NOT have died, but to call someone a murderer is a serious charge. I have a lot of compassion, I just don’t let emotions get in the way of my rational judgement.

    2. @J Very well said sir. This whole routine is beyond ridiculous this point, there’s no nuance in the way they think. They think with the emotions of their single moms.

    3. J Oh dear. Please remove yourself from this erroneous, moral superiority. It’s perfectly reasonable for people to express their emotions over the available footage because we are not jurors or counsel residing over this case.

      Its quite clear to anyone that has viewed the footage of his demise on YouTube, with the rational brain that you claim to have, that at the very least, the officer applying great force to his trachea with their knee, despite George’s pleas, had no real regard for his safety, or indeed life.

      Considering this, obsessing over legal technicalities and due process in a YouTube comment section is exactly what I described — pedantic.

    4. ​@Matt I never said I was morally superior to anyone… I’m just saying that YOU aren’t either lol. It’s reasonable for people to express their emotions, but it’s not reasonable to draw conclusions based solely on your emotional responses to situations where all of the facts aren’t available. You clearly want to be an intellectual but it doesn’t really work out for you when you say I shouldn’t “obsess over legal technicalities and due process” lol that’s how you get to the truth of things. You clearly aren’t in the pursuit of truth here I take it.

    5. J Taking my words out of context I see. I said it’s pedantic to obsess over those things in a ‘YouTube comment section’. Save that for the people involved in the investigation.

      Further, things are not as black and white as you claim; due process can be used as a way to whitewash what actually happened. There are already signs of this since the officers’ initial report claims he physically resisted them when CCTV footage of him being apprehended appears to show otherwise. This has happened before both in the USA and all over the world, therefore, it’s no stretch to say that these people may well try the same thing.

      The same thing goes for legal technicalities, which are, again, often used to escape justice through legal grey areas.

      This innocent man was killed in the street like a dog, and with countless examples of similar deaths, I’m not quite sure how you can even be trying to take the side of rational judgment.

  5. Heartbroken for his family and all the others. So much for all that sensitivity training and body cams.

  6. How the reporter should have begun: “Let me start with my condolences for the public murder of your brother George Floyd. Share somethings about Mr. Floyd.”…

    1. I agree. I was surprised that he didn’t start by offering his sympathies to the family

  7. I’m not black, but I see you.
    I’m not black, but I hear you.
    I’m not black, but I mourn with you.
    Black lives matter, this has to stop.

    1. @David Haleu honestly need to start seeing things differently the reason they are called African american is because our heritage is still important to us

    2. Thank you Amy. Please call your government officials and let them know that you stand with us. Every baby is worthy no matter what color.

    3. Thank you. This made me cry. I wish everyone felt like you. We need the human race to stand with us to help protect and save us.

    1. @Victorious Sage You’re not paying attention… you’re just making assumptions about me… “as if it justifies this man being suffocated to death”…. I never said he should have died, that’s not what the argument is… the argument is to wait for all the facts so we can know for sure if the officer INTENDED on the man dying, what happened before he was on the ground, was he still resisting arrest, etc. Also why are you assuming I don’t wait for the facts in every case, those involving whites too? I do… You’re the one making assumptions about this case lol… I’m only saying we should wait and see.

    2. J nobody one planet earth deserves to go out like that unless they are a mass murderer, he probably had some drugs in his car thats it

  8. PEOPLE OF COLOR MATTER✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿nobody should ever get treated this way because of their skin color .

    1. @On code She’s not saying that white people don’t matter shes calling attention to the fact that in this country people most definitely discriminate against people of color, saying black lives matter isn’t also saying white lives don’t matter, and I think that it’s rather ignorant that so many white people think that black lives matter, a movement fighting to be treated equally in a caucasian dominated country, is somehow racist against them, the world doesn’t revolve around you sweetie

    2. @On code oh crap sorry I didn’t mean to reply to you I meant to reply to the football person under you, sorry!

    3. Listen, I can tell you this from self experience…..I am brown and proud. Ever since the Treyvon Martin murder I have been dedicated to bringing communities and law enforcement together. 100% reality is that the police have ZERO INTEREST in a relationship with the public. ZERO. But we try. We continue our work. Learn it. Know it. Accept it. Cops, they don’t care about people, only their own.

    4. @M Tio My question to you is if you kno that police have zero interest in coming together with the community,why are you fighting for community relations ? Foundational Black Americans have zero interest in community relations.We only care about punishment for race soldiers.

    1. Olabimpe Akintunde dude, he obviously murder the dude cold blood in daylight. I’m saying that department will try and call it a accident to defend themselves.

  9. If that’s not a stright up murder charge then what planet am hi living on absolutely disgusting and sick 😡

    1. No bro it ain’t murder when a white cop kills someone, it’s called the law.

      But when a black man is walking on the street he’s automatically a criminal and he’s broken multiple laws.

      How can this be allowed to happen? How comes they aren’t charged on the same day?

    2. How comes this happens all the time to innocent black people who literally just want to live their lives. I know someone will say “America” but this can’t go on.

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