George Floyd's Girlfriend Reacts To Chauvin's Guilty Verdict | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1

George Floyd’s Girlfriend Reacts To Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


George Floyd's girlfriend Courteney Ross reacts to Chauvin's guilty verdict, telling MSNBC's Shaquille Brewster "there's going to be change in the future" and that "we need to hold people accountable." Aired on 04/20/2021.
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George Floyd's Girlfriend Reacts To Chauvin's Guilty Verdict | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. @Yeti W I said “Isn’t it a good thing Maxine Waters gave him a golden ticket when it comes to the appeal”

      You said “lol. No, she did not, genius.”

      The judge presiding over the case said “I’ll give it to you Congresswoman Waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned”

    2. @Luke_SkyWanker I think all police are feeling targeted, even when they do what they were trained to do, if the public suddenly disapproves of the tactics, the individual officer suffers the consequences. Police Departments will respond by trying to limit the engagements with problematic communities, the byproduct of this imo is that cashiers in high risk areas will just be expected to pay for stolen goods out of their own pocket.

  1. What happened to the other 2 Accomplices thier want be any changes until all are held accountable for thier actions

    1. @Nataly D
      Who told you that she is looking for money? She would have loved to have her boyfriend still alive today. Nataly Dickhead, You are a horrible person.

    2. @Pierro Jules That’s what your mama said to you too let me go take some fentanyl, would that make you think of me as a hero? She cared so much about his livelihood they were getting high together? Boy, bye.

    1. @Jason C prove it you liar, the numbers speaks fo it self , you just mad that all the red states have the highest infection and that too is dirty trumps numbers.

    2. @Jason C hey stupid , you don’t get it ,dirty trump admitted that New York was doing better then all the red states and that says a lot CHECKMATE!!!

  2. Ohhh God… we now made it through you. It is done now. Chauvin will spend his whole life behind the bars. The system will now apply justice to anyone who stands against the law in America

    1. @Mika hart I don’t know if he was handling because of race. But he definitly proved to be a narcissist. He didn’t care then and he doesn’t care now what he has done with another man’s life. I’m happy with the guilty verdict but I’m afraid that he won’t spent the time in prison that he deserves… He probably will get the minimum amount of jailtime

    2. I really hope its true not a show to quiet us down. Checked this out everybody he might be out in no time.

  3. Stats say that for every 1600+ police shootings, 3% get charged and only 1% get convicted. This was a step in the right direction of a long journey ahead

    1. @bornaorange You’re right.
      Progressive Humanist and the original comment are ignoring that in more than 90% of those cases the perpetrator was armed.

    2. @I.P Freely also I don’t understand why people cry about someone getting killed when they rush a police officer with a knife like wtf do you think is gonna happen the officer I just gonna stand there as he gets stabbed?

    3. Most police shooting are justified though. it is definitely less than 97% but the vast majority still are.

  4. Justice ty for your courage sorry for your loss. continue to fight for justice against rotten policing

    1. @Zelda Adlez I am so happy about guilty guilty guilty, but please know there’s a blue line. It’s a good start but there’s much work ahead
      Time to truly come together with eyes open.

  5. Am I the only one disturbed that our nation can now breathe easier, because George Floyd couldn’t breathe at all… ?
    Rest easy now George Floyd. Peace be with you.

  6. Everyone has a purpose in life ..sorry that Mr. Floyd had to died .. but his name is always going to be remembered .. this was his propuse make a change

    1. @Terri Larsen
      In less than 10 hours of deliberation, the jury agreed with the prosecution that George Floyd didn’t die from an OPIOID overdose, as suggested by defense attorney Eric Nelson. They agreed that he was tortured to death on the side of the road by Derek Chauvin and his three accomplice cops.

    2. @Has Sole
      Don The Con, the fomenter of the January 6 attempted on our democracy, will be running for office in 2024 from prison.

    3. @Pierro Jules Yes today is a good beginning lots to do ahead. I am not a person of color but I do believe we’re all created equal period. These people who call themselves Christians and are racist really make me sick. Yes today was a good day and will go down in history! I broke my rule the best response to a fool is silence. Of course not you has sole, strange. Stay safe and well.

  7. She was solid in this speech, I actually for a second felt like this was real and things are going to change. Her voice was very calm when she said it’s time and excited when she said change is coming watch out.

    1. I only believe in a change when America is monitored 24/7 down to the last corner. I’m even sure if I look at the percentage of cops convicted in relation to 1.5k police shootings. As far as I remember it doesnt even reach 1%

      PS: I don’t wanna sound like a party killer

  8. Chauvin looked like a sociopath to the end, no emotions, he needs to be locked away in order for others to stay safe.

  9. I was too scared to watch the trial I feared another murderer wouldn’t be held accountable for murdering a human being. There may be hope yet.

  10. Now when will we have justice for Breanna Taylor. And there better be justice for Daunte Wright.

    1. Much depends on We the People raising the Voice of the People. I believe this is the beginning of genuine police reforms and more appropriate community services, IF we all speak up.

  11. It was a good day for Justice. I was in knots waiting for the verdict; can’t imagine his loved ones. Rest In Power Mr. Floyd.

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