George Floyd’s memorial service held in Minneapolis | USA TODAY

Reverend Al Sharpton is delivering the eulogy at George Floyd's memorial service at North Central University in Minneapolis.
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Along with family and friends, celebrities, civil rights leaders and politicians are expected to attend the memorial service for Floyd.

Ten days after Floyd's death, the nation is still reeling from the blatant injustice the viral video of the confrontation appears to show. Floyd died on Memorial Day after Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes while Floyd pleaded that he could not breathe. Protests across the U.S. remained large but were more subdued Wednesday night.

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    1. Which is why cannot let George’s death go to waste! It was Donald Trump and his racist 1994 Crime Bill that killed George. It was Trump who murdered George Floyd. We need to do better. We need to choose real leaders with ACTUAL HISTORIES OF CHANGE like Joe Biden! He has been serving the American people for over 50 years!

    2. Even if he was a murderer, which he was not. Nobody has the right to sit on him and take his life. Period!!!!

  1. Sleep well Brother George, with Divine Love from Nigeria 🇳🇬 AFRICA _____ Till we meet again 💔✊🏼

    1. Sorry for your loss, you’ll always have that last time you saw him to remember him

    2. Only scum celebrates the life of a violent criminal who held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach.

    3. Yet Charlie sheens family will give hiM party of a lifetime. He’s more than his Crines. You Rib his daughter of her future it’s fair to say you’d rob Charlie sheens little boys of dad. Your response is he’s not that bad as he’s white and such. Forgive and forget. What makes you judge of assuming he’ll amount to not a thing?? Deciding his life is worth zero and when Charlie is criminal
      You give him a show. I’d get joy out of kneeing Charlie Sheen but it won’t happen because they outcries from Hollywood let alone his manly men who support his crony lifestyle wouldn’t allow it. He’s made famous the beer drinking non dad mentality. Aunt as fun when you don’t havent been blessed with riches. And given fame for doing nothing. He’s such a prick and everyone thinks he deserves grace. Maybe I’ll catch him Twenty and decide he doesn’t deserve redeeming.

    4. I wouldn’t celebrate that if my father did but I’m celebrating the boy his dad remembered. The kid who was on sports teams. Bet he wasn’t a criminal all his life.

  2. Rest well my brother it’s not good bye it’s c u later .

  3. George Floyd’s life along with many other’s for the fight against racial injustice and police brutality will be remembered on this day. Prayers and condolences for his family and friends.

    1. The stories painting ‘George Floyd’ in a bad light are designed to make you think he is real. He is a character played by a freemason and intelligence asset who, unlike his character, is still alive.

    2. @swag lad Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. martin Luther king Jr.

    3. @Ardy Etienne there is zero out cry for racism when a black cop kills a white person
      Yet when it’s the other way around
      It’s automatically racist
      That’s beyond pathetic
      Not every bad thing that happens to a minority race is to do with race
      Why can’t people just understand that?

    1. @dave buhmeier if you had any repect for yourself and George Floyd family you would keep that nasty comment to yourself.

    2. Jim King thank you, I guess people don’t believe a person can change their life around.

  4. We are All born for a different purpose in Life…In your daughter’s tone ..Daddy changed the world… You were born to free others. REST IN PEACE MR GEORGE FLYOD.🌷

    1. Let’s just go ahead and make this dope fiend criminal the face of black America, why not?

    2. so africans forgot their native culture and religion they have accepted Christ and western culture

  5. Praise team got me in a worship mood!!great singing, I extend sincere condolences to George Floyd’s FAM n friends,>

  6. This is really heart breaking ,may his soul rest in peace.we must fight until this discrimination collapses.from south africa

    1. You are right,we are one in him.he didn’t teach anyone to hate another as he eat and drank with sinners himself.this hate because of skin colour is created,we shouldn’t apart in the first place.

  7. R.I.P this hurts me to my soul. I can’t believe that some people think it is really okay to kill us like this

    1. They killed him. Unjustly. Are all white men who like this killed after arrest??? I mean outside of Charlie Sheen?? Who has 87 tines the record. You have very little room to talk if you allow Charlie Sheen. Keep saying this isn’t race relate. I Dare ya. And it isn’t about race it’s about accountability. A human dies you get charged period end of. And race isn’t a factor throw book at Charlie Sheen?? While you’re at it get Ben affleck. Sure there is a few others. Charlie jist is epitome of trash. He got a tv show to display his trash. No lost respect while George simply fought to be better. Talking democrats I bet Charlie will get a soire for a kingly human. So good to his kid. Ha! His dad raised his older daughter so even to say floyd was a non dad is lol. Look at white men dad track record. It’s abysmal.

    2. He was killed because the guy decided he was beyond redeeming. Therefore if Derek gets freedom I’ll extend same grace. Do you extend non grace the same to Charlie Sheen??? Would he have tried to kill Floyd if he was white?? Why not kill Charlie Sheen oh I forgot he’s a beloved man. No floyd wasn’t a saint but if we give Derek grace we give floyd the same.

    3. As we tar Floyd with a feather and esteem Charlie Sheen. As if he was a stand up dad to his older daughter.

    4. @Levi 1 No this what the individual who used to call himself president wants . Just the fact that he was elected twice goes to show you that systemic racism doesn’t exist anymore . Instead of fixing this “issue” he made it worst.

  8. In the words of George Floyds baby girl Gianna… “My daddy’s changed the world!” Rest easy George! This shouldve NEVER happened to you! Praying for everyone hurting in this moment! 🙏😭💔

    1. Rex2212 obvious sarcasm but I bet the dummies in this comment section like his comment because they have no idea 😂😂😂 if they replaced trump with joe Biden and Bill Clinton in 1994 and republican led to Democratic led they would get the facts and wouldn’t like his comment 😂😂😂

    2. @Finely Frost what an opportune time to try to get black people’s vote……nothing like people being so blind……biden is soooooo racist

    3. I don’t know. Ask Charlie Sheen about robberies guns drugs violence against women and children and immature tweets. He gets esteemed and Floyd gets drug through the mud. As long as he isn’t on welfare he’s a saint. Why hadn’t some cop thought to knee Charlie?? That is my joy to watch.

  9. So sad that a human needs to die to be recognized as a hero. May you rest in eternal peace brother. It is very sadden reality that during the time that you needed our help the most we’re not able to reach you but God is there to protect you forever, no more pain 😢😢😢

    1. Hero!? Wtf are you talking about. I get it’s sad he died but a hero?! You obviously have no idea who this man was. Long long long history of crime on his record.

  10. RIP my brother, …watching from Netherland, …i want to ask when is this evil is going to stop and bring the respect for us as human back. Lot of tears irrespective. Amen

  11. “To be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord.”
    2nd Corinthians 5:8 ✝️

    1. @Johnny A Loving father, Member in the community and also appearently george floyd had weed, meth, coronavirus and a heart attack wow people making a story for the cops

    2. @Any One Jesus said, “You’ll know them by their fruit.” Just play stupid like he was a man of God.

    3. @Jeremy Lee You cannot judge anothers soul.Look after your OWN soul.Now,shush,and don’t be the false one.

  12. Rip my black brother . We want justice.
    We stand with you guys from South Africa 🇿🇦

  13. Whenever a people’s spirit has been touched & hearts broken, no virus, no curfew, no wall, no riot gear, rubber bullets, or tear gas can stop them – no matter what race you are. The injustice has gone too far. That murderous, heartless cop was one sick f@$#!

    1. Do you mourn David Dorn? The black cop killed by protestors? Or any other black business owner who has been looted and vandalized?

    1. PureAqua RB What the hell is wrong with you? You’re gonna reply to a comment and say this man doesn’t deserve any blessings, and he got killed from a stupid cop who was part of law enforcement, who was putting his knee on top of his neck! This makes me sick…

    1. The only way to affect change is to change the leader who caused this! After Trump colluded coordinated and conspired with the Russians to steal the election from Hilary Clinton in 2016 George’s fate was sealed. We can’t make the same mistake this time. To truly honor and memorialize Floyd we need to VOTE DEMOCRAT VOTE JOE BIDEN! Black people need real leaders not old white people like Trump. We need leaders who have a history of Change like Biden.

    2. @John Wishbone huh?!?! With a comment like that at the memorial service your parents must’ve not trained you well either!!!

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